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It is a very comfortable…

Submitted by: FrancoBCN on 7/21/2021

It is a very comfortable Kayak. I got a good Seat. Though getting replacement Parts is impossible from Mfg. Strong Hull. Tracks nicely. Holds lot's of Cargo


Love it! Had it out about 5…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/25/2020
Love it! Had it out about 5 times now on a few local lakes.

Great kayak for the money…

Submitted by: paddler770170 on 5/3/2020
Great kayak for the money will be buys other for my wife

I just bought it yesterday…

Submitted by: paddler545906 on 2/7/2020

I just bought it yesterday at Dick's, it did not come with the back mesh, the anchor, or the rod holder and it's leaking water like crazy, I had to drain like 10 gallons out before I could lift it. Also the seat is crazy uncomfortable. I love the camo color and it does paddle and maneuver well. Ultimately I think I'll be taking it back.


I have had my Eagle Talon…

Submitted by: paddler510789 on 5/31/2019

I have had my Eagle Talon for about 2 weeks now, Got it on sale for 399.98. I've had it on the water 2 times now, Fished both time, I had to upgrade the seat, I also built a new rod holder out of pvc. I have it 4 stars because of the seat. I did a stability test but did not stand up, I am 5ft 9in and weigh just under 200, I leaned from side to side and the kayak has a stopping point. It's tracks awesome, moves fast in the water, Maneuvers great, anchor system works great, dry storage area with mesh bag is awesome stays very dry. All in all I love this kayak. I would highly recommend any to buy one, For the price it in awesome.


I love this kayak. It is my…

Submitted by: paddler478082 on 11/27/2018

I love this kayak. It is my first one. I did a lot of research before deciding. This one had a great sale price and had the features I wanted. Very stable and has a ton of storage space if you are going to be kayak camping. We did a camping trip where we paddled to a platform to camp on and had plenty of room for our gear and I was able to easily pull an inner tube with more gear behind me as well. This is a heavy kayak and is definitely meant for fishing. You aren't going to be winning any races in it but it tracks well and is great to fish from.

3 issues that still do not make me want to take off a star: 1) The first day I took it out the clip on the back of one of the foot pegs popped off (wasnt secured) and fell through the scupper hole and was gone. It took some effort on my part but I did get them to send me a replacement part. 2) The seat it came with was garbage. I upgraded it to a Seairsports Pacific Angler Kayak Seat and it is perfect. 3) The large hatch cover is kind of a pain to get on and off. I definitely already tore the handle off but I don't use it enough to care too much.

All in all a great kayak especially for someone just getting into kayak fishing like me. My boyfriend actually waited for it to go on sale again and got one as well because we liked mine so much.


Me and my wife love our…

Submitted by: paddler443394 on 6/18/2018

Me and my wife love our kayaks! Every place we go we get "good looking kayak"!


I have had my kayak since…

Submitted by: paddler405395 on 11/14/2017

I have had my kayak since about June of this year. I spend most of my time on the river. Because of the dam we may have 6 inches of water in places and we have lots of rocks. I am 6 feet tall and weigh 245.

For the money you can not beat this boat. Hands down it has been wonderful to me. I bought it as my first kayak because I wanted to be sure I like it before I dropped double to triple the price on a kayak.

It is very stable when paddeling. The matching field and stream paddle is very nice and is a good compliment. Where the stability is a little shaky is when you have to reach behind you or are drifting and bump a rock. It can toss you a little.

With that said I have loaded it down the a tent, sleeping bag, cooler, camping pad, food, wood and fishing gear and she did great. Keep in mind the higher you pack the less stable it will be.

She tracks straight and glides through the water with ease.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars is I have had a few issis with it. I have contacted Field and Stream and they said they would send the items out, but I have never gotten them. I will be calling again. My handles fell off the second week of owning it. (Those are the parts I am waiting for) I checked and all the screws on the boat were about a half turn loose.

The other thing is the center cubby hole leakes. I have taken it off and siliconed it and it still leaks so it has to be the seal.

This just happen this week- the foot pedals are failing. They won’t stay in the holes. I will be contacting Field and stream.

The last issue is the seat. HORRIBLE! I replaced it with a Manta Ray, back support is wonderful, seat bottom is less a little hard.

So I put a few negatives in there, but do not let they sway you to a different boat. This kayak is wonderful. I have used it more in the few moths that I have owned it than most people do in a lifetime. It is also very durable. I do use a cart to move it around. So I do not have to carry or lift it more than necessary.

The question is would I buy it again? Yes! I am kicking myself for not getting one for my wife at the same time. A side note. A full size crate will NOT fit in the back. However, if you cut the corners of the crate it will fit just fine.

Love, love, love this kayak


While there are tons of…

Submitted by: Robkonowitch on 11/5/2016
While there are tons of kayaks on the market, I purchased a used Eagle Talon. The factory seat is so bad that I had to make one that would work.

At 68 lbs, it is not too heavy but still odd to lift. Floats well, and I can fish easily out of it.


For the price the Eagle Talon…

Submitted by: paddler237152 on 9/26/2016
For the price the Eagle Talon is money. I bought 2 on sale and applied for a dicks credit card for an extra discount. The seat it comes with sucks but the kayak is made to upgrade unlike other kayaks in its price range that have a factory specific seat which you can't change. I put the ACK Gone Fishing kayak seat on it which is pricey at $140 but well worth it. I've had mine for almost 2 years and fished in 4 states.

You can fit 4 rods in the cavity of the boat, life jacket, paddle, hog trough, dry box for the anchor so it doesn't slide around and a dry bag. I can stand on it but its shaky, don't try to stand and pee off the side.

Ripped one of the rubber lids on the front. Called field and stream customer service and they sent me a new one within 3 days, no questions asked. You can't beat this yak for the price if you're looking for a fishing kayak.


I researched the heck out of…

Submitted by: WBCCPA on 8/11/2016
I researched the heck out of this and finally bought it on looks (blue camo). This is my first kayak. It is heavy, slow, and a handful(12 ft)but it is great for fishing. I haul it in my pickup. Original seat is useless. Buy or make a good one. Don't go on trip with touring kayaks you'll be left behind. Remember this is a fishing kayak. If you want to relax in the water or be comfortable while you carry everything including the kitchen sink with you to fish you will be hard pressed to beat this one. It is constructed of much thicker material compared to others in its price range. I am 6'1" 235 lbs 68 years old. Look for it on sale.

The eagle talon by Field and…

Submitted by: rhopkins92 on 8/10/2016
The eagle talon by Field and Stream is my first kayak. It is easy to paddle and very stable. The price was great and I find it a very good platform from which to fish!

This is a $599 list price…

Submitted by: biglenr on 7/21/2016

This is a $599 list price boat, that is frequently on sale for $500 or less, so it's not quite fair to compare this to kayaks more than double or triple the price.

FOR it's price, and in the sub $750 kayak world, this is a pretty good SOT.

The weight rating is 400 lbs. I weigh 290, and it floated me, although I did have to plug the scupper holes. It's a bit narrow for a big guy like me, but many of you like that.

I found it fairly stable, with decent primary stability, and I'd have to work a bit to flip it... which I never tried.

It's lightweight, no trouble carrying by the side handle.

Tracked pretty well, not super speedy, but it's a fishing kayak, not a touring model.

It sounds like it should be a 10 star for the price (again, not in the absolute world, but for the price)... But the seat is miserable. No padding. No back support. You NEED to plug the scuppers under the seat unless you like a wet butt.

There are plenty of aftermarket seats you can put on this. but the fact that you need to do this costs this kayak 2 stars.

You can do a LOT worse for the money. If you're looking for an entry level kayak for fishing or seeing if the sport is for you, this would be a good one to choose. But save some money to replace the seat quickly.

My Talon is now the property of my 14 year old son, who is able to walk it to the lake several days a week, and he enjoys the heck out of it (this is his 3rd different kayak).


I live on a lake and I just…

Submitted by: paddler236963 on 7/20/2016
I live on a lake and I just wanted something easy to launch. I am a female - 5'7" and I wanted to be able to get it in and out of the water without help. The pros are that it is light and easy for me to handle. It goes through the water easily, maneuvers easily and the price was great. However, it does have some cons and I am already shopping for a new kayak and I'll just keep this one for guests to use. The seat is definitely weak. It's ok for short trips but it lacks comfort. The foot rests broke on my maiden voyage, as they are very poorly made. They were also placed too far forward. Anyone shorter than me will have a problem with the placement of the pedals. I wrote to Dick's to ask for replacement of the pedals (the snapped off and flung into the water) but I have not heard back from them, beyond the first automated response. Now when I use the kayak I sit cross-legged and the seat clips dig into my knees, so comfort is definitely not this kayak's strongpoint.

I've had this kayak for a…

Submitted by: msfulcher77 on 7/7/2016

I've had this kayak for a little over a month and I've used it 3 times. Got one of Dick's great kayak sale deals. While it's not the perfect kayak, I think it's a great value for what I paid. It tracks well in open water while paddling, but does drift a bit as it slows down, more so than my previous kayak. It actually did well in a local river through some riffles and Class I and II's. That's not my normal use. I've stood up on it in a local lake and while I can stand in it (I'm 5'-11 and 195) I did not feel comfortable or stable. Maybe it will be better after some practice, but I didn't have any gear with me when I did that...

I love that it comes well geared with an anchor trolley (partial length), rod holders up front and in the back, paddle holders on both sides. The seat needs an upgrade soon after purchasing it for longer trips. The back storage area won't hold a milk crate, but that isn't a big deal for me.

I'll be taking it to the Keys in November and I hope to have some more trips under my belt. I'm really looking forward to using it more.


I bought the Eagle Talon…

Submitted by: ajole on 7/5/2016

I bought the Eagle Talon because I wanted a sit on top for fishing and snorkeling, I needed more than 300 lbs of capacity, and the price was right at a sale at Dicks.

The Talon says it has a 400 lb capacity...I think that's optimistic. It may float with 400 lbs in it, but with my 300 lbs in it, the scuppers are all below the water line. I don't mind being wet, that's why I got a sit on top...but this kayak sits very low in the water, minor chop breaks over the bow, and the scuppers can never drain all the water.

The seat is OK, strong and adjustable, not much padding, and too low for any real back support. I'm replacing it.

The good news is, it tracks well, though it isn't a white water, turn on a dime type 'yak, it does go where you point it, and doesn't require any J-strokes or special techniques to stay straight. Stability is decent, it's narrower than many recreational 'yaks, but that's good, if it were much wider it would be a barge, and require a lot of work to move it.

I think you can do better in the capacity area, or better in the maneuverability, or in the stability...but I'm not sure you can do all three at this price. It's a decent compromise for all 3, but if you have a single specific thing that is a priority for you, I'd suggest some other boat. For instance, I'm now wondering about the Eagle sit-in Eagle Run with a 500 lb capacity....


I am a new kayak angler, and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2016
I am a new kayak angler, and I started shopping a few weeks ago so I could get started in small lakes near me. I've always enjoyed fishing but ran out of friends' lakes to go to.

After looking around for a while and trying some out in the stores, I kept migrating back to the Field and Stream Eagle Talon sit on fishing kayak. Reviews were good, and the price was fairly low for a 12' kayak.

I waited until Field and Stream in Asheville, NC had a sale, marking it down to $399.98, and after signing up for the 15% email coupon, I was able to buy it for around $330. Not bad for this much kayak!

I've taken it out on Lake Cunningham and Lake Greenwood here in South Carolina, and I am pretty impressed. It is pretty heavy - around 70 pounds, but I'm 6'-6"" and in decent shape, so I can move it around well enough. I just drop it in my Leonard 5' x 8' utility trailer, putting a pad in the front so it doesn't damage the nose, and I leave the back on top of the tailgate, hanging over about 2 feet or so.

After tying it up securely, I've been down Interstates with no problem whatsoever, but I can tell the difference in gas mileage dragging the trailer and kayak around.

As far as the kayak performance, it's stable, and it seems to track pretty well. I had a little trouble staying in a straight line yesterday for some reason, but I haven't had that happen since. Since it is so heavy, don't expect to win any races with it, but plain and simple, it gets the job done.

I plan on mountihng a Lowrance Elite 4 HDI fish finder in it soon, and I bought the GCI Seatracker seat The seat in the Eagle Talon is pathetic, so be sure to get some other kind of seat or else your rear will go number and you will be extremely uncomfortable.

Shop around and get inexpensive additions to it, and you can get some good inexpensive ideas from the Kayak Hacks channel on YouTube. One was getting one of the kids' water splashers at Dollar Tree for $1 so you can bail any excess water out, plus a $1 sponge works wonders, too. I haven't had a lot of water in mine, but I plugged the scupper holes under the seat so I wouldn't get that water in.

I give the Talon a 9 only because the seat is trash. Everything else has been great for my first kayak!


Bought it at dicks on sale…

Submitted by: paddler236800 on 5/26/2016
Bought it at dicks on sale 399$. Read enough complaints that I picked up a stadium seat at dicks and replaced factory kayak seat with it. This was my first kayak for fishing. Tried it last night. Shaky at first but got he hang of it and even caught a nice fish. I'm 6'1" 260. And I felt comfortable in it. The front rod holder is little far forward as others have stated. Went well in water, paddles nice. Can't wait to go out again. Would have no problem recommending it to a friend.

I picked this kayak up at…

Submitted by: LAShull on 5/26/2016
I picked this kayak up at Dicks. It is a great kayak for the beginning kayak angler. My only real complaint is with the seat it's ok for short trips but if your going to be in for extended periods I'd recommend getting another one. The kayak tracks well. I also enjoy the added rod leashes that will keep you from losing a rod if you tip. I would also recommend adding a second forward Scott rod holder the supplied one is a bit far to reach. Overall I'd recommend this kayak to anyone can't beat it for the price point especially if you get it during sale.

I have used the kayak a…

Submitted by: TheBikeRat on 5/25/2016
I have used the kayak a number of times. I needed to replace the seat. The one that comes with it is not high enough for my bad back. I added a mount for a rod holder on the forward side of the kayak for trolling. It seems pretty stable. I can also cover a lot of distance paddling it. You really cannot beat it for the price I paid for it.

A good fishing kayak for the…

Submitted by: gheeres on 5/19/2016
A good fishing kayak for the first timer. It is stable on inland lakes and will even survive Class I and II rapids on the local river. The features included will get you started quickly and easily. The hull stays dry and the manufacturing of this kayak is solid. The only negative I have is the seat. It is a bit short and does not provide good support for extended periods on the water. That is easily fixed by other vendors seats.

I bought this kayak on sale…

Submitted by: paddler236733 on 4/29/2016
I bought this kayak on sale at Dick's last year. it is a very nice kayak for fishing out of for beginners. it comes with rod holders up front storage a small round storage area in front of the seat and a molded in storage section behind the seat. it has two rod holders behind the seat and one in the front that is unfortunately too far forward so I installed 2 Scotty rod holders one on each side nearer to the seat. it comes with an anchor trolley already installed and a metal anchor with rope.the seat is horrible. and I plan to replace it soon.I have taken it out to several small lakes near me and had no problems paddling it around. the only time I had trouble was in a high wind situation where I could have used better anchors.for the price you can't get a better sit on top fishing starter kayak.

It paddles easy and holds…

Submitted by: bl83 on 4/28/2016
It paddles easy and holds it's line pretty well. Not the most stable kayak I've been in, but I was never afraid of it tipping. The kayak claims to be 30 inches, but it measures closer to 28. I would have liked to had more deck room for a fishing box. The seat is awful and I replaced it before I ever took it out. The two rear rod holders are nice, but the one in the middle is about useless. It cannot hold a milk crate in the back so I bought a cooler and put it there. Most of the time this sells for $ 549 but I got a nice buy on this for $ 399. Before I would but this for $ 549 I would look at other options, because by the time you pay another $ 100 for a nice seat you might as well look at the 12 foot bass pro model.

I purchased this kayak about…

Submitted by: paddler236708 on 4/26/2016
I purchased this kayak about a year ago and have been pretty pleased with it for the most part. The only recommendations I would make to this kayak would be to improve the seat that comes with the kayak and possibly moving the rod holder that is located in front to make it easier to get to your fishing rod a little easier. While fishing (usually only do lake fishing) the kayak is easy to get in and out of my truck and in the water, and seems to track well.

It's not a top tier kayak,…

Submitted by: joejarman on 7/8/2015
It's not a top tier kayak, but by all means its a good kayak. (especially for the price)

price - it's hard to beat when on sale
basics - it has all the basics for fishing and can handle decent waves and currents.
build - its not real heavy and balanced well

comfort - the seat is horrible and a must replace
center console - not a lot of uses adaptability

With all this said, it is a great starter for yak fishin, good ride and cheap. There are better, but there are definitely worse.


This is a great kayak for…

Submitted by: Leopard21 on 7/1/2015
This is a great kayak for just starting out. It paddles through the water nicely and it was easy to fish out of. It's fairly lightweight. The seat is not very comfortable though. And I haven't found a suitable replacement for the seat that makes it more comfortable. That's my only complaint about the yak. Hence the 7 out of 10 review.

I bought a blue camo Eagle…

Submitted by: crroy09 on 1/8/2015
I bought a blue camo Eagle Talon on Sept 9th from Dick's. This is my 3rd kayak. I also own a Wilderness System Pungo 120 and an older 10' Wilderness Systems Mallard(10 ft). They are both great kayaks but I wanted to do some serious fishing so I was in the market for a SOT. I looked around and combed through ebay and Craigslist every day for months. Since I am on a tight budget price was definitely a factor for me. After having experience modifying both of the sit inside kayaks for fishing I was well versed in the installation of rod holders, Scotty mounts, bungee systems, hatches and anchor trolleys. The point being, I wasn't afraid to buy a base model and modify it for fishing. I finally settled on the Eagle Talon after reading the reviews and seeing the new blue camo color for 2014. It is the exact same paint scheme as the Feel Free Moken 12 , which I liked.

I love this kayak but I never tried it "out of the box" without some slight modifying. After reading tons of reviews I installed scupper plugs under the seat, Changed the seat to a really nice Feel Free kingfisher, and removed the standard scotty mount in the front and installed a Scotty flush mount with a rubber stopper. There are too many reviews that say things like "this would be a great kayak if.... so I changed them from the get go. The result? This is a great kayak. I am 6'3, 240 lbs and I stood up in it with no problem (in my pool) I doubt I will try this on the water because I'd probably go swimming but it wasn't hard to stand. Here are the trials I have put it through so far:

I've used it in open water fishing several miles of the Gulf off crystal river Florida. Not just the flats but out in the fast currents, open water and some island hopping. It handles choppy water fine although I did get a bit wet from the sea spray and small waves. I had to go out and tow my Dad (70 yrs old) back into the harbor who was in my Pungo 120 when he got sucked out between the sandbars far out to sea from the low tide currents. he wasn't a strong enough paddler to come back in on his own. It was a great tow boat. I've been out to the Gulf 6 times this month already (Dad is fine and he stays in the flats now lol.) I have used it to tow my kids when they need assistance or just tethered for safety (line in hand)

I've fished Rodman reservoir (Lake Ocklawaha) and the barge canal bass fishing. The boat was comfy and stable, I wish I brought extra sandwiches. I fished Lake Weir as well as some more Gulf Coast trips to Yankeetown, ft. Island and the Ozello kays, FL. I list these to let you know that I have been getting to know this boat well.

This Kayak is not slow nor is it a wide turning boat. With the proper strokes I can 360 this yak just as easily as the Pungo. Take a few minutes to learn your paddling strokes. The reason it is not as slow as you would assume is probably because it is not 12 feet long, it is 12' 6" which makes a difference. Also, the Talon is not 30 inches wide but an honest 29" at its widest point. I can barely measure out the beam at 29 inches using straight 90 degree reference points pressed to the hull for accuracy, 30 inches is simply not true. The good news is that while it is slightly thinner and longer than reported, it is still a quite stable yet efficient SOT hull design. I just think that marketing believes fishermen want to see nothing less than 30 inches for a beam width.

The crate problem:
If you've read reviews by now then you know a typical milk crate doesn't just slide in behind the seat. I did find a great alternative that needs no modification (but I did anyway.) At Lowes I picked up the Brute Double Bucket by Rubbermaid for around $11 (came in red only) so I painted it, added some rod holders and canopy ties which fasten it directly to the bungee grommets that are already installed for the cargo net. It fits perfectly and was easily accessible.

The front hatch:
Having detailed expensive cars in South Florida in my youth, I knew a little trick to soften black rubber and moisten it while not leaving the rubber shiny and greasy. Use baby oil. Rub it on the hatch cover, both sides and under the lip. It absorbs into the rubber hatch cover leaving it soft and supple and very easy to lift off and put on. Apply each time before your trip for easy access and the added protection against the water. It does not make your hatch greasy , keeps it from drying out and it actually smells quite nice.

As far as the seat goes, like I said. I splurged on an expensive seat but it was worth it. How valuable is your comfort for the day? That is a personal decision. I felt I made the right one by dropping an extra $120 at ack.com for the Feel Free Kingfisher seat. Feel Free has a video which shows you how to properly install the seat on YouTube, it’s worth the three minutes of your life.

That weird little pre-molded hole behind the seat:
It fits the Plano 3600 box perfectly, has a bungee installed to hold it in place AND holds a container of gulp underneath. It does not hold a Plano AND a small bait bucket as advertised. It’s either /or with regards to the bait bucket.

I haven't had any problems with my foot rests but I am a tall guy and they are on the longest setting.

Enjoy your kayak, spend some time, do your research, make the right modifications that make a difference to your preferences and you should have just as great as an experience as I am having with this boat.


Highly recommend. Very stable…

Submitted by: paddler236096 on 1/5/2015
Highly recommend. Very stable and comes with a lot of fishing related items. A lot of storage. One thing wrong, the scotty rod holder is to far forward, easy fix. I bought a rod extender now no problem. Also to seat is so so, I'm replacing it this year. For the money you can't beat it. The one regret I have about this yak is I only bought one. Looking for a second one now. I really love this boat.

This kayak is a great buy at…

Submitted by: paddler235728 on 7/8/2014
This kayak is a great buy at 400. All rigged for fishing. It has two flush mount rod holders one swivel mount rod holder. Also comes with anchor and anchor trolley as system. Mesh netting rear cargo area. Molded spot for bait bucket out tackle box. Large dry storage compartment up front.

This kayak tracks very well and comes complete with a padded seat also. Great fishing kayak for the price and it's rugged too.

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