Name: ajole

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I bought the Eagle Talon because I wanted a sit on top for fishing and snorkeling, I needed more than 300 lbs of capacity, and the price was right at a sale at Dicks.

The Talon says it has a 400 lb capacity...I think that's optimistic. It may float with 400 lbs in it, but with my 300 lbs in it, the scuppers are all below the water line. I don't mind being wet, that's why I got a sit on top...but this kayak sits very low in the water, minor chop breaks over the bow, and the scuppers can never drain all the water.

The seat is OK, strong and adjustable, not much padding, and too low for any real back support. I'm replacing it.

The good news is, it tracks well, though it isn't a white water, turn on a dime type 'yak, it does go where you point it, and doesn't require any J-strokes or special techniques to stay straight. Stability is decent, it's narrower than many recreational 'yaks, but that's good, if it were much wider it would be a barge, and require a lot of work to move it.

I think you can do better in the capacity area, or better in the maneuverability, or in the stability...but I'm not sure you can do all three at this price. It's a decent compromise for all 3, but if you have a single specific thing that is a priority for you, I'd suggest some other boat. For instance, I'm now wondering about the Eagle sit-in Eagle Run with a 500 lb capacity....