Name: LAShull

Most Recent Reviews

This was the first kayak that I have owned. The seat is comfortable enough when adjusted properly and I love that there is a second higher position it can be set that gives you a higher vantage and better for casting. The four rod holders in the back are great as well the large compartment for storing gear in the back. It is a very stable kayak and you can even stand and cast if you've got good balance. It also sits pretty high in the water and not a lot comes up through the scupper hokes. The only cons I have are the weight it's a bit heavy when you have to portage and I'd add better handles than the molded in ones. I'd recommend a cart if your going on your own. Also the front dry well storage can be a bit tricky to open and close and anything small you put in there will slide all the way to the back. Also it doesn't track as good as some. Overall though it's a great fishing kayak and I'd recommend it to anyone.

I picked this kayak up at Dicks. It is a great kayak for the beginning kayak angler. My only real complaint is with the seat it's ok for short trips but if your going to be in for extended periods I'd recommend getting another one. The kayak tracks well. I also enjoy the added rod leashes that will keep you from losing a rod if you tip. I would also recommend adding a second forward Scott rod holder the supplied one is a bit far to reach. Overall I'd recommend this kayak to anyone can't beat it for the price point especially if you get it during sale.