Name: Robkonowitch

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While there are tons of kayaks on the market, I purchased a used Eagle Talon. The factory seat is so bad that I had to make one that would work.

At 68 lbs, it is not too heavy but still odd to lift. Floats well, and I can fish easily out of it.

I took the fs10 out and had a blast. Good quality…

I took the fs10 out and had a blast. Good quality at an even better price. Looking at the options, you get a tank of a kayak and don't have to pay top dollar.

I picked up the harmony kayak cart made for sit on top kayaks. Field an Stream had them for $79.99 so I figured why make one when I could get one already made.

It looks sturdy and easy to put together and take apart for storage. Because it is adjustable, I can use it with my new boat and maybe another if I want to upgrade.

While the Shadow Caster is a heavy kayak, it is not a bad thing. The seat is amazing, adjustable, and keeps you from wishing you were in a bass boat.

At 93 lbs, it is not for everyone but if you live to fish... The $750 price tag is worth it

If you are looking for an amazing kayak look no further. The price may be $750 but it works just like a $1000+ kayak. Fishing from it is a dream and you can't find a better value.

Fishing from a kayak is amazing. I caught 65 bass by floating. Did I lose a rod today? Yes. But... I replaced it with something better

Wow!!! Fish hate that I can float and catch them from this beauty. While it is on the heavy side, it is super stable and I love it.