Name: bl83

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I purchased this kayak a little over a year ago. It is very stable for it's size. Good customer service. The seat is nice and comfortable. I have 2 other kayaks, and this one paddles better than the others. The tracks on this kayak are where you need them to be, but you have are a little rough to get things in because of the depth of these tracks. Also my other kayak is listed as 70lbs. and this feels quite a bit heavier.

It paddles easy and holds it's line pretty well. Not the most stable kayak I've been in, but I was never afraid of it tipping. The kayak claims to be 30 inches, but it measures closer to 28. I would have liked to had more deck room for a fishing box. The seat is awful and I replaced it before I ever took it out. The two rear rod holders are nice, but the one in the middle is about useless. It cannot hold a milk crate in the back so I bought a cooler and put it there. Most of the time this sells for $ 549 but I got a nice buy on this for $ 399. Before I would but this for $ 549 I would look at other options, because by the time you pay another $ 100 for a nice seat you might as well look at the 12 foot bass pro model.

This is a very stable kayak. It has a lot of room to store your fishing stuff. The two pockets on each side next to the seat really come in handy. I bought this mainly for fishing. This doesn't glide through the water like the smaller kayaks, but it paddles o.k. for small lakes and shorter river trips. The standard seat is better than most.

We were on vacation,and were lucky enough to have the use of 2. It tracks nicely, was pretty stable, but it was a little hard to get in and out of. Over all a nice kayak though.