Baffin P3

17' 8"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Baffin P3 Description

The Baffin series was built to endure the challenges of rough seas. Their distinctive hull design offers paddlers a lively yet stable experience, distinguishing it from other Greenland-style kayaks. The series is comprised of three rotomolded plastic models, catering to a diverse range of paddlers seeking immediate control and predictability. The Baffin is equipped with a full complement of deck rigging and a comfortably outfitted cockpit. Reflective deck lines are a standard safety feature on all our kayaks, visible in low light and night-time conditions.

Baffin P3 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

Boreal Design
Baffin P3 Reviews

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This kayak is super fun. It…

Submitted by: paddler551410 on 9/4/2019

This kayak is super fun. It is responsive yet stable in the big water. I also find it very comfy to paddle all day with convenient storage options


The Baffin has a…

Submitted by: paddler534557 on 7/29/2019

The Baffin has a multi-chined hull which gives it good secondary as well as primary stability. It also has enough rocker which almost enables it to turn on a dime. Yet, with the skeg lowered, it tracks straighter than I expected. The one I tried had a knob to raise and lower the skeg. It works great when new, but with age and salt, the cord unspools off the knob when attempting to lower the skeg. The manufacturer is aware of this and has hopefully gone to a more traditional slider type design. The back band allows freedom of movement for advanced skills. This is a Greenland style kayak with a low back deck. So, it's ideal for laid back Greenland style rolls. The P1, P2, and P3 designations refer to deck volume. At 5'10", I found the deck of the P2 to be a little tight, and the P3 was comfortable. The sliding tracks for the foot pegs adjust with a levers on the ends. This makes them easier to adjust without having to get out of the boat. The thigh braces seem to wrap around your knees and helps keep them where they ought to be. This seems like a great sea kayak for the surf and rivers. And with the skeg lowered, it's a nice touring kayak too. The only down side I found with the boat I tried was the adjustment knob for the skeg.


This boat is designed for…

Submitted by: g.a.anaya64 on 7/9/2019

This boat is designed for the larger paddler - 200-300 lbs, and you can tell. Plenty of room for a larger person but with the length and lines to be fast and fairly agile. The slight rocker makes it easy to turn, and the adjustable, retractable skeg lets you fine-tune for the wind. Comfortable seating and knee pads, with tons of space for gear in the three hatches. Excellent deck rigging and a spot for your on-deck compass round out a very nice package for the paddler who needs space for themselves and gear.


I used a Baffin 3 for one…

Submitted by: paddler464946 on 9/10/2018

I used a Baffin 3 for one day on Lake Michigan.

This is a fantastic kayak. I can't recommend it highly enough.


We bought the Baffin 3 for…

Submitted by: Amystw77 on 7/16/2018

We bought the Baffin 3 for my husband. He is a large man, 6' and 260 pounds. He loves the Baffin 3. He is very comfortable while paddling this kayak. We live in Florida and there are many places to use the Baffin 3 and as others have said, "It slices through everything." Great maneuverability. Not too heavy. He loves it.


I'm a larger woman and I…

Submitted by: paddler450771 on 7/9/2018

I'm a larger woman and I like the lite weight, easier to carry design. It cuts through the water like glass and handles my weight well. It's perfect for the larger more active ppl. I cant wait to experience another trip on the water!


Excellent Kayak! great…

Submitted by: Tiny89031 on 6/25/2018

Excellent Kayak! great balance and very durable. Not real heavy, easy to transport.


Great kayak, maneuverable…

Submitted by: kay8kr on 6/19/2018

Great kayak, maneuverable yet stable. Plenty of room.


Great kayak, maneuverable…

Submitted by: kay8kr on 6/19/2018

Great kayak, maneuverable yet stable. Plenty of room.


What a kayak! The solid…

Submitted by: paddler442906 on 6/18/2018

What a kayak! The solid design and multiple storage compartments allows for weeks of traveling down any body of water, with little ease as it glides through the water. I am very impressed on stability of the kayak as it does not feel like it wants to role over though rough waters. Definitely recommend this kayak to any one looking for a lifetime kayak.


Great comfortable kayak.…

Submitted by: djluedtke on 6/4/2018

Great comfortable kayak. This was used many times on Lake Superior by the Apostle Islands and by Upper State Michigan on the Hiawatha water trail. Due to Lake Superior changing in minutes, you need a sleek long kayak. It is very quick and maneuverable. I must say I am very comfortable with this kayak while paddling. I can easily store by gear for camping. But you still have limited space. Most of my items will fit in a hiking pack and weigh about 22lbs.
Easy Fix

Boréal’s skeg has a Spectra cord string to pull it up. A shock cord pulls it down when you release the string. The shock cord isn’t very powerful, so the skeg jams easily, but at least you won’t kink a cable trying to force it own. The skeg box fully unscrews for easy field repair.


The thermoformed, padded bucket seat and snug, low thigh braces are super comfortable. The aluminum foot pegs fit a max 34-inch inseam. Many paddler love the non-traditional skeg dial with numbered settings; its knobs are easy to grip, but a bit painful when you bang your knuckles on them.

Soft and Dry

Boréal’s hatches are so supple and easy to get on and off, they feel like the soft rubber bulb on an eyedropper. But behold they are also bone dry after a good chundering. The bow recess accepts an optional Brunton 70p compass.


As an avid Kayaking…

Submitted by: NCKayakian on 6/4/2018

As an avid Kayaking enthusiast, from kayak fishing lakes and rivers in one Kayak, to enjoying multi-mile long runs on the coast in another, I own several to be honest. Some second hand purchases, some brand new, but mostly various models for different needs. Not to mention having 5 kids and a said, we own a few.

Now I love leisurely kayaking coastal runs, mainly because I enjoy hitting the waves and cruising about, without much concern about fishing or river currents like I do inland. Also because I do these mostly alone.

I purchased the Baffin 3 Last April and I've taken it out on shore runs off NC, FLA and GA. It has become one of my three favorite kayaks that we own as a family. Simply because of how well it handles. IT SLICES THROUGH EVERYTHING!! I even go looking for waves to attack. I absolutely love it. Quick acceleration. Low drag. Great turning. Adequate storage. Perfect pitch. 10 out of 10 stars.

I think anyone from a beginner to an expert would love this kayak. I highly recommend it.



I test floated this craft…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2018

I test floated this craft for a weekend outing. The craft is fast and slim lined. It does not turn fast but then nothing large does. And compared to other craft of its type it is very stable. The craft had ample equipment space for the weekend and in my opinion could last on a longer excursion. If your a bigger person like myself at 6' 4" 280 # then the cockpit is a bit small, but of no fault on the design. In this case size does matter for a paddler. I give it a 5 star as the craft is well made. I would recommend this craft to anyone doing long weekends or long excursions.


I've been paddling my Baffin…

Submitted by: boogie on 9/25/2015
I've been paddling my Baffin P3 for two seasons now and feel I can write a concise review. As a 6', 250lb paddler it was hard to find a boat that I truly felt comfortable in. After having numerous sub 200 pounders tell me what boat I should have, and being disappointed with the results, I decided to do some research on "Big Boy Boats".

The final result was the Baffin P3. I really love my boat. The cockpit is roomy but is snug enough to give me control over the boat. The toes of my size 12 neoprene boots just touch the top deck. The seat and back band are comfortable and the cockpit opening is large enough for me to fold my legs in after my butt is in the seat.

The back deck is very low, so the boat rolls easily and if my legs and back need a stretch I can lay back on the deck without issue. The low rear deck also makes a cowboy re-entry easy.

The boat edges and turns nicely. There can be a little hesitation after the sweep stroke, but as soon as the boat bites it responds well. The boat surfs well and is great fun rock hopping. Primary and secondary stability seem to be good. The boat does weathercock, but the skeg cures that issue. The boat will also lug a lot of gear for touring. Manoeuvrability suffers some with a big load. Stability however goes up.

I do love my boat and have much more paddling confidence because it fits me. My skill level has improved because of the Baffin P3 and I see myself paddling it for years to come. I rated it an 8 because I don't think any boat is a 10.