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I borrowed the Baffin 1 for one day on a very windy rough day on Lake Michigan. It handled beautifully. This is the dream expedition kayak that sets the standard for all touring kayaks.

The Baffin 2 was the first touring kayak of this type that I ever had the chance to test. Up to then, I had only paddled kayaks more suitable for white water paddling in the mountains of Arkansas & as well as a fishing kayak that I use for birding in the swamps & lakes in the eastern part of the state. I had no idea what to expect. At first look, it's length seemed to overwhelm me. However when I got it launched it took off with the speed & ease of one of my white water kayaks. I was paddling on a large freshwater reservoir on a rather windy day. It had the stability of my fishing kayak. It's a beautifully handling & stable kayak that I would like to use for extended float trips. I would definitely buy the Baffin 2.

I used a Baffin 3 for one day on Lake Michigan.

This is a fantastic kayak. I can't recommend it highly enough.