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Name: djluedtke

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Great for open water and big lakes. Glides through the water even when it may be a little rough. Used it on Lake superior. plenty of room and storage. comfortable for a bigger person

Great comfortable kayak. This was used many times on Lake Superior by the Apostle Islands and by Upper State Michigan on the Hiawatha water trail. Due to Lake Superior changing in minutes, you need a sleek long kayak. It is very quick and maneuverable. I must say I am very comfortable with this kayak while paddling. I can easily store by gear for camping. But you still have limited space. Most of my items will fit in a hiking pack and weigh about 22lbs.
Easy Fix

Boréal’s skeg has a Spectra cord string to pull it up. A shock cord pulls it down when you release the string. The shock cord isn’t very powerful, so the skeg jams easily, but at least you won’t kink a cable trying to force it own. The skeg box fully unscrews for easy field repair.


The thermoformed, padded bucket seat and snug, low thigh braces are super comfortable. The aluminum foot pegs fit a max 34-inch inseam. Many paddler love the non-traditional skeg dial with numbered settings; its knobs are easy to grip, but a bit painful when you bang your knuckles on them.

Soft and Dry

Boréal’s hatches are so supple and easy to get on and off, they feel like the soft rubber bulb on an eyedropper. But behold they are also bone dry after a good chundering. The bow recess accepts an optional Brunton 70p compass.