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This was meant to be my upgrade from a lower-end fishing Kayak I purchased a few years ago. At one point I was looking at the 130 model but finally settled on the 110.

What can I say. I've been in love with this kayak from day one. Having one craft up North I use a ton on fresh water rivers and lakes, I didn't want to haul it to Florida every year, so we bought this Sea Ghost 110 for my fishing on the SW coast of Florida.

I'm an avid Spotted Sea Trout fisherman and amongst that species, I also do a ton of snook and red fish fishing, along with Amber jack and anything else I can get on the line.

So I believe I made the right choice here. While I do more touring on salt water in touring kayaks, they tend to be a little less appropriate for my salt water fishing. This Kayak meets my needs perfectly.

First if all, its comfortable. All day long. I enjoy being able to stand, but also the seat is extremely comfortable, so sitting all day isn't impossible. Especially on rougher waters. Although very stable when you stand, I do however like to sit on heavier chop.

The storage is great and so far, without hindering my time, I've found my gear easy to access and tackle quickly put to use. So when I hit a good spot, In not wasting time reaching for tackle in poorly placed storage. Which is one of my major dislikes about my fishing Kayak I keep up north. Although there's plenty of storage space, getting to it is a hassle in that kayak, in this one, everything is at my fingertips.

So far, I've really loved my last 4 outings and did great nailing some spotted trout. All in all, this Kayak is worth the money. No disappointment whatsoever. Just a great investment.

After several attempts at buying this model from a friend who rarely ever took his out, I finally managed to get it from him for 500.00, which was a steal. Having owned Boreal Kayaks, and knowing their quality, you can't blame me for bugging him until he folded.

My son uses this one more than I do. Simply because it fit him a bit better, we've both taken out the Baffins we own. I use a Baffin 3 and he has taken to the Baffin 2, but we do switch off and I have taken his on a few runs.

I would state that in one 2 day outing in Cape Cod, I traveled due North and covered 25 miles of coastline in this without any issue. If you know those waters, you can imagine the run I had.

It proved to operate flawlessly and comfortably, without any issue.

Storage is ample and adequate. Plenty of space for longer excursions.

Now that my son has taken it to Florida, I expect he's enjoying his outings. Its a great kayak and well worth every dime. Luckily I got off the hook on spending the full amount on a barely used one. Still, if I had to buy one brand-new, I would. Great quality and a dependable worthwhile investment.

Wakes? Waves? Wild Currents? Passes and shifting winds? Pssssh... With this baby, you cut through it all like a hot knife through butter. Fast. Quick response. Edges clean and flawless. Handles everything the ocean throws at you, even crazy black snub-nose dolfins who chase me in it give up. Lol!

Really, in my opinion, Boreal makes the best ocean going Kayaks. I've really enjoyed mine. I would recommend the Baffin series to anyone who wants to have a successful run with a great kayak on open seas, gulf, lakes, shores and anywhere where speed and confidence in your Kayak are paramount.

As an avid Kayaking enthusiast, from kayak fishing lakes and rivers in one Kayak, to enjoying multi-mile long runs on the coast in another, I own several to be honest. Some second hand purchases, some brand new, but mostly various models for different needs. Not to mention having 5 kids and a said, we own a few.

Now I love leisurely kayaking coastal runs, mainly because I enjoy hitting the waves and cruising about, without much concern about fishing or river currents like I do inland. Also because I do these mostly alone.

I purchased the Baffin 3 Last April and I've taken it out on shore runs off NC, FLA and GA. It has become one of my three favorite kayaks that we own as a family. Simply because of how well it handles. IT SLICES THROUGH EVERYTHING!! I even go looking for waves to attack. I absolutely love it. Quick acceleration. Low drag. Great turning. Adequate storage. Perfect pitch. 10 out of 10 stars.

I think anyone from a beginner to an expert would love this kayak. I highly recommend it.


A few short years ago I started Kayaking in S.W. Florida. My main interests were mainly for fishing in salt water marshes and areas I normally only fished from the shorelines but also for touring and paddling around beaches and coves.

My first Kayak was actually a yard sale find and a promotional Kayak for a brand of Orange Soda. It suited me well but lacked functionality and wasn't very good for waves and shoreline tracking, let alone fishing.

Then I found Riot's Edge 14.5' after researching through a multitude of manufacturers. I wanted something sleek and capable of handling shoreline waves, boat wakes and getting where I wanted to be as quick as possible.

I was able to have all that and more in this Kayak. I could easily cut through incoming waves and eakes without an issue. It tracks like a dream and handles very well. I have taken it on 20mile treks following shorelines and beaches. I've fished with my ultralight rod and reels for saltwater trout and redfish from it without and issue.

Overall. I am rating this kayak 5 stars for many reasons. The quality is impressive and if you love fishing or touring salt water, this baby has everything you need as far as comfort and longevity. This is a highly durable and well made kayak that I would recommend to anyone.

So far, its been a great experience. Bought mine as a floor model at a local Wal-Mart. Reduced price because of missing cat bags. Contacted Third Coast and for free they shipped the replacements.

I've taken my kayak out on a few fishing expeditions so far. It tracks really well. Very good maneuverability. Pretty stable and durable.

Ample Storage. No leaks. Zero water in chamber at the end of the day. Just a drop or two from getting in and out via lids in the rain. So no real issues as far as waterproofing. Happy so far.

Been enjoyable and I think it does a great job. You hear a lot of people saying not to buy these Wal-Mart brand Kayaks. I disagree. This has been a great purchase so far. The company was extremely helpful. The quality is great. No complaints. So when people talk about spending 1,200.00 on a fishing Kayak, I look at my floor model from Third Coast and think... Man your dumb. $1,200.00!?!?!?!

Lol. Seriously. Very happy. Thanks 3rd Coast.