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Name: boogie

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I've been paddling my Baffin P3 for two seasons now and feel I can write a concise review. As a 6', 250lb paddler it was hard to find a boat that I truly felt comfortable in. After having numerous sub 200 pounders tell me what boat I should have, and being disappointed with the results, I decided to do some research on "Big Boy Boats".

The final result was the Baffin P3. I really love my boat. The cockpit is roomy but is snug enough to give me control over the boat. The toes of my size 12 neoprene boots just touch the top deck. The seat and back band are comfortable and the cockpit opening is large enough for me to fold my legs in after my butt is in the seat.

The back deck is very low, so the boat rolls easily and if my legs and back need a stretch I can lay back on the deck without issue. The low rear deck also makes a cowboy re-entry easy.

The boat edges and turns nicely. There can be a little hesitation after the sweep stroke, but as soon as the boat bites it responds well. The boat surfs well and is great fun rock hopping. Primary and secondary stability seem to be good. The boat does weathercock, but the skeg cures that issue. The boat will also lug a lot of gear for touring. Manoeuvrability suffers some with a big load. Stability however goes up.

I do love my boat and have much more paddling confidence because it fits me. My skill level has improved because of the Baffin P3 and I see myself paddling it for years to come. I rated it an 8 because I don't think any boat is a 10.