This video shows an example of why you should never drink and paddle.

by Allyson Saunders

The word portage loosely translates to “carrying heavy sh*t” and it is a time when most of us grit our teeth, lather ourselves in bug spray, and pray that we only have to carry one load. But when push comes to shove, you cannot get to the beautiful, isolated spots without a little blood, sweat and tears. It’s worth it, and to make it a little bit easier, here are 5 Tips for Becoming a Keener Portager.

Body Glove

Our Expert's Review

This is about as thick a wetsuit as we’d want for paddling. Everything but the arms is lined in the namesake Red Cell thermal insulation, including the hood. It’s like snuggling into a microfleece blanket, and really helps getting it on and off. We looked hard for defects and didn’t find any. There’s good reinforcement in high-stress areas, like the corner of the hood attachment. If you’re expecting to be in cold water a lot—surfing, portaging, running rapids, or exposed to spray—we’d choose this wetsuit!

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I’m getting into kayak camping and need advice for dry bags. I’ll be using them for sea, lake, maybe CL2 rivers with possibly a quick CL3 section at most. Mostly weekends but some longer trips.

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Purchased the Pungo 125 new in 2022 (ouch on the price - usually buy used). My fourth Pungo (a 100 and 3 120's) -- all sold over the years. Maiden…

Explorer 380x

Sea Eagle Inflatables
We bought this 5 years ago to use primarily around the anchorages when sailing. We have now used it a fair amount and will write a review. We have…


Gearlab Outdoors
After borrowing my instructors’ Akiak paddle once I immediately purchases one to go with my new kayak. This paddle is so much less fatiguing than a…

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Like flat water? Try a morning paddle on Long Island Sound. If river trips pique your interest, be sure to paddle some (or all!) of the Connecticut River Paddler's Trail! Find canoeing trips in Connecticut for every level of canoeist.

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If you go to the box store for paper towels and end up with a kayak, make sure you also pick up a life jacket.

In the 30-odd years that the phrase has been in widespread use, "Leave No Trace" has emerged as the mantra for a generation of outdoor recreation fans. But aren't the principles of Leave No Trace geared primarily toward the land-based camping and hiking set? What does this have to do with paddling? In this article, you'll find the seven principles of Leave No Trace, and how to apply this on your outdoor adventures.

Paddling is a fun and safe activity, especially if you pay attention to these common-sense rules -- always wear a life jacket, don't paddle alone, dress for water temperature and don't mix alcohol and paddling.

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Hedy Chen - Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Of all the gear that we paddlers and water sports enthusiasts rely on regularly, sunglasses are among the most overlooked. For all the hours and days we spend researching kayaks, canoes and paddle boards, we hardly even give a second thought to what we’re wearing on our faces. That’s a big mistake; visibility counts for an awful lot when you’re on the water...

Unlikely hero credits kayak safety training for rescue of two non-swimmers from South Carolina Lake. Allen Hutto was having one of those days. The wind was whipping when he finally got to the boat launch at Lake Murray near Columbia, South Carolina, and most of the boat traffic had already called it a day....

So, you are finally out on the water and itching to spend more time outdoors – maybe go a bit further and explore, maybe spend a weekend at a spot that can only be reached by water. Whatever the plan, kayaks can help you pack and carry camping gear, and depending on the type of kayak you use, your carrying capacity may range from ultralight to super glamper. This article will hopefully have some tips and things to consider as you prepare to camp out with your kayak.

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What recommendation for shirt and shorts?.. Right now use non cotton shorts and cotton shirt. Suggestion appreciated.
In the past, what gear have you loaned out or borrowed at a launch thanks to forgetting stuff at home?
This summer I am kayaking in Nunavik, northern QC for three weeks and wanted to kick around some clothing approaches. I’ll be in a number of situations, from Hudson Bay to inland lakes and ponds to large fast rivers... The question is, should I take a paddling jacket as well? I’m wondering if it adds anything to the mix, or justifies bringing the extra item.

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Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Sometimes you forget things, things break or you’re out longer than you anticipated. Sometimes the weather is different than you expected. Sometimes someone gets hurt or lost. With the ten essentials below, some resourcefulness and creativity, there’s a good chance you can ensure your basic needs are covered even when the unexpected happens.

Body Glove

Our Expert's Review

This was just right for an early spring day, on a moderate to vigorous inshore paddle, with 45-60°F air temperature and 40-60°F water temperature... Because it’s on the thinner side, the Variant 3/2 has great range of motion and is easy to wear all day. It’s light and dries fast, which would make it a great choice for multi-day trips.

by Luke Rovner (Kayak Hipster)

After lots of research, maybe some classes, maybe some demo days, or maybe after finding the right sale or used opportunity, you finally have your kayak at home and are ready to go. Now what? How do you move it around? How do you get it on your vehicle and transport it safely? Here’s some tips that might help.

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THIS IS A FUN BOAT! I have to admit I was a bit bias before getting into my first inflatable kayak but launching from a beach into a sheltered bay…
Love how this vest fits and feels. The mesh back and adjustable straps help to create a perfect fit without it being too restrictive when paddling.…
This lifejacket is a game changer. I have a variety of lifejackets (some would say too many), including excellent jackets like an NRS Ninja. But this…

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by Adrian Meissner

As paddlers, we depend on pristine natural environments to enjoy our sport, and many paddlers fancy themselves environmentalists or at least environmentally conscious individuals. It is ironic that our beloved sport requires large amounts of gear, usually transported on a large vehicle, often to far off wilderness destinations. As paddlers, we should take a pause and think about what we can do to keep our waterways pristine and rehabilitate them, as well as minimize our overall ecological footprint.

Paddlers often say that we're all "between swims." Flipping is always a possibility. Do you know what to do? Take the quiz and find out.

The best inflatable SUP for you is going to be different than the next paddler, and that's okay. You have to factor in everything from your experience, planned water types, durations, budget, and preferences. So use this list as a starting point to get some ideas and read some reviews of our top picks for inflatable SUPs.

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The word portage loosely translates to “carrying heavy sh*t” and it is a time when most of us grit our…

This video shows an example of why you should never drink and paddle.

The key to tandem canoeing is to understand your role at whichever end of the boat you are paddling in.…

In this video, Ken Whiting of PaddleTV shares some tips on how to NOT flip your kayak. Whether you are…