by Jeff Moag

When a 17-year-old paddleboarder was swept out to sea, his survival depended on his cell phone and the voice on the other end of the line.

When on the water, you need to do three basic things in your boat: go forward in a straight line, stop or go backwards, and turn. There's a stroke for all three!

Just in time for summer, the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE sale is back and includes every single shirt- short sleeve, long sleeve, wicking, and new designs!

From inflatables to hard boards, the gamut of All-Around Paddle Boards being offered in 2021 is remarkably complete. But how do you evaluate all of these SUPs and select the right choice for you, your experience, and planned paddling? Fortunately, your paddling friends have been hard at work. Here's the best all-around SUPs as paddled, tested, and reviewed by you!

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I bought the Old Town Loon 120 yesterday and took it out today to a very quiet, still river. The kayak constantly veers to the right, especially when I pick up any speed at all... Am I doing something really wrong or is my boat warped?

Trip Spotlight

by Spirit of the West Adventures

[Johnstone Strait, Vancouver Island BC] - 6 days of unforgettable paddling. Escape the crowds and explore the stunning whale and wildlife rich zones of the Johnstone Strait and Broughton Archipelago. 6 spots left! Canadian bookings only. Departs July 11th!

Product Review Spotlights

Coming from a paddle kayak and recently diagnosed with RA the Impulse 120 has been a game changer. Sucker is so comfortable I often refer to it as…

Explorer (S16)

SOAR Inflatables
Had the 16’ Explorer for several years. Have done class IV with huge drops. The bow paddler completely disappeared in some giant waves and we…

SMART PRO Single Expedition

Neris Folding Kayaks
I recently become the new owner of a Neris Smart Pro Kayak; I will be using this inflatable kayak for my next Adventure in the Amazon river. I…

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by Tom Watson
Kayak building processes can be broken down by the different types of construction materials used to form the boat. Here’s a brief overview of each of these materials/construction methods and the pros/cons of each type.

Paddlers often say that we're all "between swims." Flipping is always a possibility. Do you know what to do? Take the quiz and find out.

Stand-up paddling has become a popular sport, but paddle boards have been around for over 3,000 years. Contemporary boards rely on modern materials to make light and reliable paddle boards suited for leisure, as well as for competition. Watch the process of a fiberglass SUP being made.

Photo of the Week

Dee Rom - Mcdonald River, Abbotsford, B.C.

Each week a winning photo will be selected from the many pictures that have been submitted by paddlers around the world!

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by Paul Barnard

On March 02, 2021, at 1:45 a.m., 60 year old Alejandro (Alex) Ochoa was holding the hand of his wife Genevieve as she drew her last breath of life. She had succumbed to a long, brutal battle with cancer. In the late afternoon of April 14, 2021, Alex was staring down death himself as he clung tenaciously to his kayak in the turgid waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

After your PFD, your kayak paddle is the most important tool in your kit. It has to fit you and it has to suit both your boat and the kind of kayaking you want to do. Here are 11 of the best kayak paddles for 2021.

by Jerry White

This is one of my favorite lures to throw and, up until I saw a human hook accident on a fishing show, I never thought twice about slinging this thing by my head, time after time. Since I fish saltwater, rust happens, so I thought I'd do a writeup on replacing those old rusty hooks.

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As a newbie I am curious how you transport your paddle. We invested a good bit and was wondering if many of you use something like the NRS paddle bag. Or do you just throw it in the back of your Wagon or SUV? Do I just have too much time on my hands as I wait for my kayak to be delivered?
I’m planning my first expedition and I’m wondering… are the blue barrels worth it? They seem expensive. So do Portage packs. What is a cheaper alternative or are they worth it enough for me to get them for the full price point?
If one is going to be paddling all day long, what should you be eating during the paddle? I’m thinking you mainly want to replenish whatever gets depleted and at the same time don’t want to eat anything that requires much in the way of digestive effort as that draws resources away from your trunk and arms to support the activities of your digestive system.

Featured Articles

by Cliff Jacobson

In 1971, I outfitted and guided three wealthy Chicago men on a five day canoe trip into the Boundary Waters Canoe Area of Minnesota. By the first portage, I saw the golden opportunity to teach these men some "wilderness values".

The difficulty in selecting a touring kayak in 2021 is narrowing it down to just one. You need to be careful in selecting a touring kayak that suits your size, planned distances, water types, and experience. From 12'6" all the way up to 18', here are 12 of the top-rated touring kayaks to check out.

Paddle boards come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and it's important to choose the right one, because not only will it let you get the most enjoyment for your time out on the water, but having the right board can also impact your safety on the water. That being said, narrowing down your options is actually pretty easy.

Product Review Spotlights

I purchased a Tango for my wife as a present. She looked at me like I had a hole in my head for spending a few hundred on a paddle when she already…
My wife and I have had 2 Bic Scapas for over 10 years and they have hundreds of miles on them. The manufacturers description is 100% accurate. I use…

S16 G2

Stellar Kayaks and Surfskis
Absolutely stunning kayak! I've had my new Stellar S16 G2 a few weeks and adjusted the seat and steering to get the perfect trim over several ocean…

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The Paddling Perks membership program is back for 2021 and the new version has better benefits and is much easier to use. Get instant access to valuable savings like you always have, but we've made the membership program even easier to use. You can view all of your membership info and redeem your Perks benefits right from your profile!

To build a jet engine canoe, you need two things:

A jet. And a canoe.

I've got the jet engine, but one is not enough, so let's do two!

Answer 4 questions about water type, water temperature, air temperature, and weather forecast to instantly check what you should wear before going paddling!