by Gordon Brown

One of the most important things we have to be able to do is to get back into the kayak. I'm just going to show you a way to do that using the heel hook, a fundamental rescue move worth practicing until it's second nature.

Portable kayaks represent some of the greatest innovations in kayak technology. And not just because the creativity behind them will blow your sprayskirt off. Between modular, folding, and inflatable kayaks, they continue to make kayaking more accessible to more paddlers. Here's a look at the best portable kayaks as rated by you!

by Tom Watson

For some of us, storing our canoe or kayak is as simple as dropping it off alongside the garage or cradling it on a couple of saw horses. While that is basically all you really need to do, it may be more prudent to take a bit more time to think out optimum ways to store your single or fleet of boats. My suggestion is to consider using the five "S" method when devising a storage arrangement.

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Hi there! I’m getting back into kayaking in a big way and my 10 year old extrasport lifejacket finally died. I’m looking for a new PFD, but given the state of the world right now will have to shop online. Any advice on what...

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[Moab, UT] - Join OARS on a 2 or 3-day guided rafting and catered camping adventure on the Colorado River in Westwater Canyon—named “The West’s Best Short Whitewater Trip” by Nat Geo! Book now and save 20%.

Product Review Spotlights

Swing I

This is an excellent kayak! Absolutely nothing to complain about. Quick pumping up and assembly, light to carry and she tracks really well. Quick…

The Catch 100

Pelican International
This is a great fishing kayak. I had a FeelFree Lure 11.5 a fine kayak, but a beast to haul and paddle in choppy conditions. The Catch has more than…

Stellar 14' Touring Kayak (S14)

Stellar Kayaks and Surfskis
Most of my kayaking is done on protected saltwater bays in Southeastern Massachusetts and Southern Rhode Island, although I do like to put my kayak…

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by Cliff Jacobson

Most paddlers prefer quiet, easy routes without death-defying rapids and troublesome bears. So, as a nod to all, I offer these eight routes. Some will keep your blood on boil; others rank just above a lazy float.

by Mike Aronoff

One of the very best self-rescues is called the re-enter and roll. Let's take a look at how to practice this self-rescue technique to make your paddling safe and more enjoyable.

by Anne Desjardins

I've been busy lately rearranging my cooking essentials: the little tools that I can't do without. The camp kitchen essentials that I'm talking about are little pieces of luxury: my autonomy or my security won't be jeopardized if I forget them at home, but they make my cook's life much more enjoyable.

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Tony Tesoriero - Braden River, Bradenton, Florida

Each week a winning photo will be selected from the many pictures that have been submitted by paddlers around the world!

Featured Articles

by Tom Watson

Even in an age of satellite tracking, GPS technology, and other advances, having basic compass skills should be part of every paddler’s overall skills resume.

Equipping yourself for cold-weather paddling will depend on your local conditions and season, but you need to consider more than just your basic apparel. Here are 7 cold-weather products to consider purchasing or, at least, inspire your own research and list of cold-weather gear.

Even if the promise of travel seems to have gone awry, the pull towards a warm, tropical paddle intensifies and brings a thawing grin to our otherwise frosty faces. Here are a few trips to bolster some excitement for what lies ahead!

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I’m currently using J-hooks on the factory rack, but that won’t work with a larger/heavier boat… Spam me with all your thoughts and experiences on a '19 Subaru Outback, please!
So now my question, Nylon or Neoprene spray skirts. I am torn understanding that nylon will be cooler on hot summer days, but the neoprene will give a much better seal. Do a lot of you have both? Will the nylon work well keeping the boat dry while edging and moderate waves like I will find on the bay?
Let’s get all the negativity out of our systems with one long rant of the things that you’d fix in other people’s paddling lives…

Fishing Articles

by Jerry White

I wrote an article some (okay, many) years back explaining why I fish from a kayak. The modern sport was still in its infancy. Guess what? After all these years, the reasons are STILL the same. Kayak fishing is not a fad, it's here to stay.

by Chad Hoover

In under a minute, Chad demonstrates how to tie the best topwater lure knot for kayak fishing. This knot also works really well on any lure that you would like to swing or articulate to get more action when fishing.

I was cleaning my fish on the end of the week, back at the incline and diverting the fish stays from the back of the boat out into the tide. Had a person in a vessel by me say " I would not do that". Said back, not very impolitely, “That is the place they originated from” and continued doing what I was doing.

Product Review Spotlights

393rl RazorLite™ Kayak

Sea Eagle Inflatables
Did a lot of research re inflatables, and decided to buy this new product. It is really very different than any other inflatable, and I have to say…

Pioneer 100XR

Pelican International
This is my second kayak. I love this one. It has a great seat I can take with me on the beaches and a waterproof bag storage compartment. Tracks…

Gemini ST

Valley Sea Kayaks
Well, firstly, this is actually a review of the Gemini ST, which is a composite boat & it does not come in a plastic version, which makes sense to…

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Featured Articles

In 2020 we had big plans. But that all came to a halt. But, as sea kayakers, we are used to being resilient. We chose adventure over comfort. We chose the unexpected. We chose fear. Giving up our privileges for a certain time. It is a question of perspective!

by Anna Levesque

If you're a kayaker you already have the paddle strokes you need to successfully maneuver a paddleboard. The challenge for kayakers is getting proficient standing up and moving around on the board. Here are the steps on how to start moving around your SUP with ease.

by Michael Gray

In challenging weather and water conditions, most people make a good decision to wear their PFD. There are other times when their judgement may not be so clear. Let's examine a scenario that's all too common.