Name: dghaessig

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Good speed and fair maneuverability. It has a small keyhole cockpit which is difficult to get inyo

Good kayak that cuts through the water well and tracks very straight. It will turn well if put on edge.

The perception expression is a fairly good boat. It doesn't quite have the rocker or turning ability of the dagger Stratos but it does have a much better price point. The drop-down Scag works very well to prevent weather cocking even while out on Lake Superior and quartering Winds.

I have been kayaking for 16 years and Seal is the only brand I will use. I just wish the neoprene skirts would stand up to Chlorine from swimming pools better.

I am on my third season with this boat. I bought it for mostly overnight trips on Ozark streams. It handles that duty well. I also use for teaching beginner kayaking classes as it is good for re-entries (after replacing the seat back with a back band). It turns well when put on edge. The only complaints are the original seat back and that it tends to oilcan easily.

I would have scored it much higher, but the boat has not held up well with age. I bought a first generation Super Hero. I am 6'3" with size 14 feet so finding a boat that I could fir in was a priority and this did meet the need. Over the years though the boat has wore in places very fast. The back band cover and the back band only lasted 3 years. I do like the system that uses cords to adjust the back band and front bulkhead, but the cord did wear causing it to let got when you pus hard on the bulk head, such as when needing to roll up.(ouch)

This boat is described as having the ability to paddle on all kinds of environments, which actually means it does handle any paddling environment very well. It turn very easily and has a skeg in the back which helps it track fair, but you have to get out of the kayak to unscrew the skeg to turn it around to use it. The skeg also deploys by unscrewing it. the bolt is covered with a plastic knob that has stripped out after two years making the skeg worthless. The boat is good is small streams because of its turning ability and has a foam pillar which should prevent it collapsing on your legs in a pin. I find that the pillar does not stay in place. It only has a back bulkhead which limits use on open water and its carrying capacity.

I have have my Big Stack now for 2 1/2 years. I have been very happy. They allow me to stack up to 6 boats on top of my Subaru Legacy Wagon. I have only one complaint. The bolt that holds the stacker to mounting bracket broke recently and was working its way out. Luckily I saw that it was broker and was able to replace it before it worked its way all the way out which would have cause the stacker to fall out.

I bought this boat used on Craiglist. The ad said the boat had a keel guard added to it. When I got the boat, a previous owner had drilled 18 holes into the bottom of the boat and bolted a 3" by 1" black plastic strip to the entire bottom. Luckily Prijon sells their plastic in rods that fit into glue gun. I removed the keel and filled all the holes.

The boat tracks well, but tends to weather cock a little in strong winds. It is a large volume boat and you would expect it to be affected by the wind. The seat will adjust a little back and forth and the seat back will adjust a little. The seat is comfortable but could provide some more thigh support. The original neoprene hatch covers did not last long, but the replacement covers from wild water were much better than the original Prijon covers.

I bought this boat because the deck seemed well decked out with lines and extra straps on the hard hatch covers. I find the seat very disappointing. It can not be adjusted and it provides very poor thigh support. It does track well and turn well when put on edge. I am also disappointed with the quality of the plastic. I will oil can every time I tie it onto my roof rack.