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Vizcaya Reviews

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This is a great kayak if you…

Submitted by: spiritboat on 4/29/2016
This is a great kayak if you can pick one up on the "pre-owned" market. Is it comparable to high-end, expedition oriented sea kayaks? No. Is it a fine intermediate-level poly boat for day touring, multi-day camping trips, etc.(and far superior to your average one/or no bulkhead at all rec kayak of similar beam?)--YES. There is not a huge volume of bow storage in the front hatch area, but with what's there and with the bigger stern, you can hold plenty of gear and supplies for a good week's worth of adventure(just pack judiciously and don't take a bunch of non-useful crap with you.) I disagree with a previous reviewer about the plastic--It's Made in the USA tough. If you store and maintain a roto molded poly boat correctly, you should never have any issues with oil canning. The seat is plenty comfy on the butt for the long haul. The foot pedals adjust to size nicely for any adult from 5'8" to 6'2" tall, and you should probably be under 220 lbs...For a 16' boat, I found it turn s easily on twisty rivers and rides ocean surf waves just fine. Easy to roll. If you are transitioning from shorter, wider rec or ww kayaks(like I was)it is a good choice before ponying-up any big bucks on a new boat to figure out whether or not you want to go further in the sport...It will also pay for itself over and over again, as just a nice addition to your fleet or as a fun guest boat.

I bought this boat because…

Submitted by: dghaessig on 7/19/2013
I bought this boat because the deck seemed well decked out with lines and extra straps on the hard hatch covers. I find the seat very disappointing. It can not be adjusted and it provides very poor thigh support. It does track well and turn well when put on edge. I am also disappointed with the quality of the plastic. I will oil can every time I tie it onto my roof rack.

I have had my Vizcaya for six…

Submitted by: paddler231554 on 5/9/2006
I have had my Vizcaya for six yers now. I take six or seven three to seven-day trips per year in this boat. The storage compartments and available deck space allow me to travel in style. I have no problem taking a tent enough food for ten days (in the event I become weather stranded), sleeping bag, full-size Eddie Baur matress, water and cooking utensils. I am able to be very comfortable when out, and after 20 years of Army service, I am not looking for a rough trip most times. I have had the boat out in very heavy chop and high winds, and found it to be extremely stable, and tracks well. The speed is very good for a boat with a lot of supplies. I really recommend this boat if you are interested in multi-day trips, and want to really enjoy your food with a bottle of good wine.

I purchased this boat several…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/2/2005
I purchased this boat several years ago, and have paddled it in many conditions, and it performed well in all of them.

I'm 5'9 and weigh between 160-180lbs. I have adjusted the seat all the way forward to accommodate my height, and have my thighs fit the thigh braces correctly. I would not recommend this boat for paddlers under 5'9".

I have only truly needed the rudder on a handful of occasions in high wind or strong tide flow situations. All boats weathercock a rudder is NOT substitute for good paddling technique.

I took my boat for a 4 day solo camping trip to Assateague MD. I had plenty of room for my gear for 4 days which included sleeping bag, tent, sleep pad (stowed in a dry bag on rear deck) and enough fresh water for 4 days (close to 2 gal per day, no fresh water in remote area), several Duraflame logs (limited wood on island) and other standard camping gear. On a side note the boat does track much truer under heavy loads, but it sacrifices the maneuverability of this nimble boat.

In large chop it is a wet ride but, kayaking is a "water sport".

I have paddled this boat in comparison with larger and smaller boats. It keeps up speed with the big boys (18') and maneuvers as well as many of the smaller boats (14'). I can easily turn this boat in its own length.

Stability is solid, for both primary and secondary. I can say now that I have several years in this boat I would trade some primary stability for a little more ease in edging this boat on some days. I do also fish (sometimes with a fly rod) from this boat and on those days I appreciate the primary stability.

The seat is the most comfortable I have found and reduces the fatigue I have felt on long trips in other boats.

Overall I love this boat, and I was disappointed that perception discontinued this great boat. If you are in the market for a quick, maneuverable, sea kayak capable of handling a wide range of water from rivers to lakes and out into bays and coastal ocean conditions this is a good choice for the medium to large paddler. Now that the boat is out of production you will probably be able to find a good deal on this boat on the used market.


I've owned my vizcaya for…

Submitted by: jonsprag1 on 4/21/2003
I've owned my vizcaya for three years now and have paddled most places along the Penobscot Bay -Frenchmen's Bay regions, as well as some of the larger lakes, in the state of Maine, including Moosehead, the largest. The boat tracks extremely well going into the wind and even goes well with the wind abeam(from the side). Down wind it does have a tendency to weather cock if the rudder isn't used, but then so do most boats. The answer is either to use proper paddling technique(ie be ready to correct the move before it happens) or put your rudder down. As far as self rescue goes, I can roll the boat fairly easily and because of the large cockpit and fairly wide beam(24 inches) can usually do a paddle float rescue without much trouble(in the event I blow the roll.) I'm a little suprised that BigJockBob, at 6'4" and 210 lbs finds the boat too heavy at 65 lbs to paddle when it is loaded or to lift on top of his car(hint unless he goes to kevelar or fiberglass it is unlikly that he would find any boat of equal length that is any less heavy) I'm 5'11" and 173 lbs and have no trouble either loading it or paddling it either empty or loaded. I do find the front compartment somewhat small because of the design of the bow. Also the boat can be somewhat wet when going through waves 3' or higher, for the same reason. I've paddled this boat as far out as Isle au Haut as well as doing a circumnavigation of Islesboro and had no significant problems--it handles chop up to 4' with relative ease. On one memerable trip in East Penobscot Bay in the Pond Island--Eggemogin Reach area I paddled for at least 2 miles in beam seas of 3-4'and 20+knot winds without putting the rudder down and did fine. I also spent a 4 day camping trip on Moosehead Lake(40 miles long--8 miles wide) without having to resupply. In all I'm quite satisfied with the vizcaya--she has taken me where I want to go at a good price $750 fully expedition equipped for a one year old boat. I'm sure that a more expensive boat $2500 or so would be better, but for the money, I got good value.

I own several kayaks and the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/4/2003
I own several kayaks and the flag carriers are the three Viskayas that dominate my fleet. I am 6 feet tall, and at 280 Lbs. The Viskaya fits me just fine. I have noticed some people complaining about the tracking, wend-steering, and turning radius. The Viskaya is a touring kayak and is not intended for tight maneuvering. With the rudder it works well in heavy current and wends. I have had my boat in 25 knot wends and 3 foot breaking chop. It cut threw like a knife with no problems. It is my experience that too small of people try these boats and have problems that they can't deal with. If you are not at least 5'8'' 210Lbs buy another boat. If you have one that you wish to sell contact me.

Having owned and paddled the…

Submitted by: BigJockJoe on 2/5/2003
Having owned and paddled the Perception Vizcaya I must now update my earlier review. I finally purchased a Perception Vizcaya in 2000 and sold it in 2002. I think the major reason I didn't keep this kayak was its weight. At 65 lbs empty, it was very cumbersome to lift (especially alone!) and even with help it was awkward. I also didn't appreciate the smallish front and rear cargo areas, or the loose fitting day hatch much either. I am a larger paddler, at 6'4" and 210#, and this kayak was one of a very few that I could actually fit into and still have some room. Actually, as it turns out, it had TOO MUCH room! Trying to pad it out as I may, it still didn't provide me with a secure enough fit for edging and bracing that I wanted. The materials and workmanship however, were top-notch. I especially liked all of the deck rigging! The seat was nice too, but the seatback was lacking in support. The rudder was almost impossible to deploy, and very hard to bring up and get into that slot on top of the deck. This kayak is very hard to turn in wind! Without the rudder to help, you will build massive muscles trying to turn the Vizcaya in winds over 20 mph.

I guess my biggest gripe is the weight. I loved the shape and look of this kayak, but at 65 pounds, and my 210 pounds, and 60 pounds of cargo, you are paddling in excess of 335 pounds. Try pushing that around in a shopping cart! So, I bought a smaller, much lighter kayak (29 lbs!) and will give my impressions of that one later this summmer. The Vizcaya is a comfortable, stable kayak for inland lakes and rivers, and is a good beginners kayak, but just be young and strong enough to lug it around and just pray that you don't have to paddle it into the wind or far from your put-in after your arms are worn out.


Have used this boat for two…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/18/2002
Have used this boat for two seasons now, so I feel qualified to opine. People either seem to love or hate this model, while my feelings are more ambivalent. I have only paddled in a limited number of sea kayaks, but I can definitely say that this indeed a true big water boat, rather than a rec boat wannabe as the previous reviewer stated. The primary stability is indeed a bit lively, but secondary is very solid. The seat mine came with is the closest thing to orthopedically correct that I have seen in any yak, and will adjust (with some swearing) to snug your thighs right up under the braces. You need to have this boat sideways to some waves to fully appreciate the semi-hard chines, as they will hug the face of a wave without much effort on your part. I have found it very easy to roll, and I feel that with a little more practice, a sculling brace is definitely attainable. Rear deck bungees are ideally suited for a paddle float rig. Storage space should be adequate for at least a week for someone with a backpacker mentallity. As someone earlier said, this is a good first boat. It is not the fasted thing in the water, but cruises much better than its width to length ratio would suggest. It does tend to submarine a bit in following waves, and will broach when surfing down the face of a steep wave. weathercocking is noticeable, though not any worse than some "true" sea kayaks that I have used. The rudder mount does suck, as it is very difficult to secure when underway. I chose not to use the rudder for the most part, as tracking is very good. In fact,almost the only time I engage the rudder is when paddling upstream in a river, or in a very stiff crosswind, (in which case the waves will cause almost any boat to vear off course). At 65+ pounds, it is a heavy carry, but will also take quite a beating.

Those without a bit of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/13/2002
Those without a bit of experience might like it as their first or second boat because, hey, at least it gets you out on the water, right? But compared to other boats in the same size and price range, the Vizcaya is sorely lacking. Weathercocks like mad, slow to turn, rudder dependent, when it doesn't broach it purls, extremely wet ride, cheap materials, shoddy construction, stupid seat back, no rocker, too wide for its length like it's a recreational boat that's trying to be a sea kayak. On the up-side: it's not extremely heavy. Compare before you buy!

Got my first kayak, a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/3/2002
Got my first kayak, a Vizcaya, last month. Have been out about 8 times in it. I wanted a boat that I could grow into and that had reasonable storage. I am in my mid-50s (6'1"/185#), slightly above average fitness-level, very outdoor focused - hike and climb in the Cascades, teach cross country skiing every winter, etc.

I paddled about 30 boats at a local 'demo days' and tried a few others afterward. Had planned to get a Wilderness Systems Cape Horn 17, but was a quite worried about it's 'oil-canning' reputation. The fit and seat was great. Wrote the factory to get a copy of the warranty, but was told that it was not available at that time. Decided to look elsewhere.

Thought that the Prijorn had the best quality plastic and hardware in a boat in my price range, but couldn't find one that had the right combination of storage and stability for my rookie ability. Also tried a Current Design Storm. Liked the look and stability of this boat, but had enough room for a co-pilot in the cockpit - way too big for me.

Anyway, got a good deal at REI on a closeout Perception Vizcaya. Have paddled small and large rivers and lakes so far. Calm water sometimes, swells up over a foot occasionally. The boat is feeling better and better for me. It rides the waves well, but was a bit squirrelly when I first used it. I have learned to trust the secondary stability and I feel better about it. Have done my wet exit and assisted re-entry drills now and know the boat a lot better. I like it.

The adjustable seat is good and comfortable. Plenty of room for an even longer-legged person. Like the cockpit padding. The hatches and especially the day hatch are nice. The only slight down side is storage. I know that at 16'2", it would not be as big as my friends' 17s, but the Vizcaya's bow and stern shape, do rob you of usable storage. I do plan to do a 5-day river trip with friends. That, I expect will be crowding the boat, but 1-2 day trips should be fine. And as a day tourer, this boat is perfect.

For the price this is a wonderful boat. It was the right choice for me.


Perfect first sea kayak and a…

Submitted by: paddler229696 on 5/17/2002
Perfect first sea kayak and a good value. Drawbacks are few: a stupid position for the rudder cord, directly to the side of your right hip. You will lose skin to this poor design and it always happens when your hands are cold. The folks who designed this flaw into the boat must never have paddled. It weathercocks in the slightest wind and is a wet ride in any waves. The rudder needs a channel to sit in that can be found without looking back. I rolls easily and has good initial stability (almost too good for edging). Still, you can't hurt it, it does look good and carries a ton of stuff. Just don't ever ride a glass or kevlar boat and you will enjoy your experience.

I'm not a little guy tipping…

Submitted by: paddler229518 on 11/8/2001
I'm not a little guy tipping the scales at 230. I love this boat. We all know every boat is a compromise, but this boat limits them. Low profile gives a damper ride in heavier seas but catches less wind. Lower volume than some others in its class, but a little quicker. Excellent tracking,rigging,and comfort my favorite boat. The day hatch is so nice I dont need my deck bag. It would be exceptionally nice in if it were available in glass or kevlar, But plastic takes alot of abuse.

I've owned my Vizcaya since…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/2/2001
I've owned my Vizcaya since April, purchased from Time Out sport and ski in Charleston, SC. I'm a beginner, and worried that this particular boat would be a little too advanced for me. I was wrong. After paddling between 9-12 boats, I settled on the Vizcaya. Here's why: features, price and overall paddling comfort.

The Vizcaya tracks extremely well. My boat came with the rudder installed, and I have to admit, it's an addictive component. With the rudder down (pedal activated) the boat is quick, and effortless to move. With the rudder up she is stable and nimble at the same time. For a beginner, it seems a little unsteady at first, but the secondary stability is great...and you'll get used to it within the first couple of trips.

The boat has a wonderful day hatch feature, and incredibly comfortable seat and the largest cockpit of the boats I tried. It also has full deck rigging and is, well, just beautiful. So far I've paddled it in several locations and I am simply enamored with this kayak. I can't imagine a better purchase!


After reading several reviews…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/28/2001
After reading several reviews I decided to go out and give the Perception Viscaya, Shadow, Eclips and a couple of Dagger models a test try. I narrowed it down between the Eclips and Viscays since the Shadow was just a little tight in the thigh brace area. I'm by no means big in the thigh. I'm 5'8" tall. I took a week to think over my choices, then went back and tried another test paddle and came up with the Viscaya. I really liked the Eclips due to it's choice in colors (yellow fade into red) and its storage space. But I found the Viscaya was more stable and tracked so much better, plus the thigh braces fit me great. I saved a little money as well.

I recently took my Vizcaya…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/14/2001
I recently took my Vizcaya out to Annapolis, Maryland on a gorgeous sunny day. I have been paddling for awhile but this is my first kayak. The boat is awesome. It felt a bit tippy at first, but whithin half an hour I was comfortable with it and ventured out further into the bay past the Naval Academy. I learned how fast the boat was by quickly getting out of the way of several LARGE ships. Even on very choppy water it tracked very well. I do not think I will consider buying the rudder for it anymore. The day storage bin is very convenient and the other dry storage areas have tons of cargo capacity. The seat is extremely comfortable and the cockpit fits me very well. I am 5'11" and 190lbs with plenty of leg room. I will be buying a skirt for it before I venture out in choppy water again. Ohh yeah and the carrying handles are great, they are non slip rubber, comfortable and make it easy to carry the thing.

Moved to a Vizcaya from a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/11/2001
Moved to a Vizcaya from a Shadow. I'm not a big paddler and felt more secure with the larger cockpit when the occasion arises for self rescue. It's 10 times easier to back into than the Shadow, ecspeacially if you are wearing a wetsuit. I actually cut the thighbrace down in the Shadow for this reason. A side note on perception thighbraces! "the little sticker they have on the thighbrace telling the would be consumer that additional thighbraces of various sizes can be purchased aftermarket is a bunch of bull" I called Perception was told they only have one single mold for each boat. I think I can sum up the Vizcaya in saying that it is a dream to paddle. I love the dayhatch. The seat is very very comfortable. I think tracking with this boat is very dependant on your paddle angle. If you are shorter or paddle with a paddle that is slightly too long you will notice a reduction in tracking. If you have a steeper angle she'll track like a dream. Any cyclists out there or those with longer or bigger legs will appreciate the higher deck during long trips. I noticed that compared to the shadow this boat will tend to get a bit more bow lift from waves whereas the shadow seemed to pierce them better. All in all, I think the trade off between all boats stability -vs- speed and the Vizcaya is the perfect blend for me.

The only reason to give this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/16/2001
The only reason to give this boat a 9 and not a 10 is some inexperience on my part, and I am a hard judge of things. I will do research on everything I buy. PADDLE BEFORE YOU BUY! My comments are meant to be a guide from my test paddles, and my new paddling experiences over the last Year. I started off looking for a large cockpit, Flat bottom VERY initially stable. (IE: Old town LOON series). I later realized very good flat water boat but I spend enough time at the shore I may want to go to the bay. Not the boat for me.

Second test boat Dagger Savanah. test paddled 3 times, I loved this boat. I listened to a friend and we discussed realities/ fantasies of paddling he was looking for a longer faster open water boat. I tried the Carolina (same basics as the Savanah) nice fit very stable, functional boat... NOT a speed demon. Not the Open water boat I was looking for even though it was a Great fit!! I was looking for a Better fit for more open water with expedition qualities.

My first solo paddle: 4 hour out in Egg Harbor NJ (around OC) Wilderness Solutions Sealution. (16'6" long 22 1/2" wide if memory serves.) the bay was choppy at best (2' 1'2" swells), & that day had a nasty head wind and no experience! the boat was great. but I was looking for a bit more capacity, for the long run... I was SOLD on at least a 16' boat! Now I sat in my Vizcaya(factory specs 16'3" length 23 1 1/2" wide 400lb payload)! I'm 163lbs 5'9" (when I test paddled I was 170) a shorter paddler may have problems with the thigh braces. I need the seat all the way forward. On the Maiden test paddle I felt the speed difference over the 14' and the 16' boats I had paddled that day. (and previous test paddles). I've paddled my Vizcaya in Lakes, Canals (with and against current) and In the egg harbor bay again a series of 12 paddles in just over 3 months! I have NEVER NEEDED to deploy the rudder! She tracks well, for me and, Is very responsive to a lean (I've had her on her edge and found a sweet shelf point that lets the water just nip the coaming). I have no problems with this boat tracking well, or turning well, just watch your seat position in relation to height & weight!

Let me stress she is a great boat for the beginner to the more advanced paddler ( I have spoken to the guys at the Jersey paddler and all of them I have talked to like the speed and agility of this boat!) No I don't work for the Jersey Paddler but if you are a new paddler in the area please talk to them they will help you!

I miss my BO-oat she's in dry storage right now in my buddies garage all alone... let's get together for a paddle in the spring!


I moved up to a Vizcaya from…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/29/2000
I moved up to a Vizcaya from a Carolina. Wanted a longer, faster boat. The Vizcaya has good stability, though of course not quite as stable as the Carolina (2 inches less beam). This boat is fast and felt like a rocket compared to the Carolina. Unfortunately the fore and aft trim is way off. The foredeck is practically awash with nothing in the bow hatch compartment (I even stopped to check to see if it had inadvertantly gotten water in it). Because of this the bow digs way too deep in the water and makes the boat directionally unstable (will not track at all). In other words, you can't paddle at all without using the rudder. Directionally, you have to constantly control the boat with a combination of sweep strokes and when you stop paddling to coast the boat will diverge imediately to one side or the other. Tracking was adequate with the rudder down, but a good yak should track reasonably well without it in no wind situations (which was what I had the day I tried it)!

Anyway, I was so disgusted with the boat's tracking (or complete lack thereof) that I returned it and I am still looking for my next yak.


Fairly nimble boat, but not…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/2/2000
Fairly nimble boat, but not good for heavy loads. Even though I could fit my 275-lb frame into the cockpit fairly comfortably, I was sitting LOW in the water. 6" waves broke over the bow. Probably a fine boat for a max load under 200 lb.

I just bought the V2.0…

Submitted by: paddler228735 on 7/10/2000
I just bought the V2.0 Vizcaya (they've recently remolded it). I've paddled the V1.0 and V2.0 boats, and numerous other plastics from Necky, Perception, Wilderness, Eddyline, Current Designs. 2.0 is now 24" beam and 16.0 long. Here's how I see it:

Value: 10 of 10. You probably won't need to add rigging, backbands, thigh brace pads, or other customizations.
Ergonmics: - 10 of 10. Great for larger people. Huge cockpit opening (for butt first launches from shore), good thigh braces, excellent and adjustable one piece seat. Recessed deck rigging won't scrape your knuckles. Soft grab handles won't bite your hands. No stupid, heavy hull stiffening steel bar down the middle (unlike the Eclipse).
Handling: 8 of 10: The narrow, low volume bow makes for a wet ride. The boat tends to plow through wakes and waves instead of riding over them. Wind waves get sliced by the narrow bow and splashed back into your face if you are going straight upwind. The boat turns on a dime (with or without rudder) and is very responsive to trimming. I'd rate hull speed a 7 out of 10, and tracking an 8 out of 10 (generally good for a 16 foot kayak, and 9 of 10 when rudder is down. Good initial stability and good secondary. Very stable when hit with moderate beam waves. Holds speed reasonably well for a 16, and can keep a good pace with little effort and a big paddle (Werner San Juan). No noticeable weathervaning in light winds (unlike Eclipse).
Looks: - 10 of 10. Most "shapely" plastic on the water.
Cargo hauling: 7 of 10. The narrow bow and stern look great, but will limit capacity. You can't stuff a tent or sleeping mat all the way into either end of the boat (too narrow). It does have a neat day hatch, which is separated by a mesh divider, which can be removed. It also has a second "tie down" strap over the rear hatch cover for extra gear.
Materials: 9 of 10. Hull is made of stronger plastic than some other boats (e.g. CD boats), and has molded in keel line to keep shape and resist oil canning. Seat is new tech, one-piece foam covered plastic, and is very comfortable and strong. Seatback will not fall out and get in the way (or get broken) like CD or Necky boats.

That said, the "professional" magazine reviewers will probably pan it (loose handling). Other boats are faster (CD Storm, Eclipse, Looksha IV - all 17s), or track better (Storm, Eclipse, Narpa, Zoar, Looksha), or have more precise turning (chined Looksha IV).

The other boats have seats that break (Storm/Squall), or are heavier (Eclipse, Storm/Squall, all Neckys) or are slower (Narpa, Zoar). The others do have more cargo room, and the Neckys will probably last another 5 years longer. So its a question of what you want.

If you want a fun, comfortable, lively and well thought out 16, try it out.


Tried numerous boats....just…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/6/2000
Tried numerous boats....just bought one of these. Had it in the water for a shakedown cruise last weekend and love it so far! I'm 5'10" and about 170# and find it very comfortable for me. This boat has exactly the bells and whistles I was looking for without the higher price tag of many boats that had similar features.

I've been paddling a Chinook…

Submitted by: paddler228648 on 6/4/2000
I've been paddling a Chinook for about 5 years now, and I'm getting ready to buy a new boat. I narrowed my search down to the Atlantis, Eclipse, Epic, and the Vizcaya. For some reason, the Vizcaya does not get much respect with the people I've talked with, maybe due to it's shorter length, maybe because they've never paddled it.

I found the Vizcaya to be the most compfortable kayak that I've ever been in, which is important when you consider that you might paddle anywhere from 2 to 8 hours at a time. The boat tracked great, I never dropped the rudder. While it seemed a little tippy at first, I quickly adjusted to it especially once up to speed. The boat was surprising responsive to turning when rotating the hips. Because I did not have a spray skirt I was not able to try rolling the boat, but I was impressed with the comportable thigh braces which felt like they would be a great asset when rolling. I liked the day hatch, and again the seat was great. I can't end this review without saying that this boat is also great looking. Overall, I'm very impressed. I'm hoping to get one soon.


I am a large paddler 6'2…

Submitted by: paddler228633 on 5/24/2000
I am a large paddler 6'2 220lb. Finding a high performance boat that has a comfortable cockpit was not easy for me. The Vizcaya is easly the best fit I could find for someone my size. I have been renting kayaks for several years and this last year I've found myself requesting the Viscaya again and again. I'm no expert but I have paddled rivers to class 3 and bays with chop to 2'.The viscaya tracks so well it never needs a rudder and can be corrected easly by edging. Turns in tight creeks require a sweep stroke and a lean. This maybe a factor of my weight. As I've have just ordered a red viscaya I would rate it a 10 of 10. I would be very interested in feedback from anyone with large wave or surf experiance with this boat.

I test paddled the Perception…

Submitted by: BigJockJoe on 5/11/2000
I test paddled the Perception Viscaya last year and this year (2000) and still find this boat to be exceptional in every way. It is easy to get into and out of, a major consideration for someone who is over 6'3", and has one of the most comfortable seats on the market. The boat is made of a thick polypropylene plastic that stands up to anything you can throw at it. The Viscaya paddles with ease and turns and stops very well. The boat tracks remarkably well without the rudder, and even better with it's great steerable rudder system. This boat comes in some really cool colors too. I think I like the red or yellow the best. The hatch covers are flush-mounted, easy to open and close, and are for the most part water-tight, unless you paddle it upside down. I think the overall finish and quality is excellent and the rudder system and moveable seat are really great features the others should be copying! Storage is adequate for a 16 footer, and that day hatch is wonderful. All in all a great sea worthy boat full of features for a mere $1,375.00. I think the design of the boat is also unique, with it's long waterline aids in tracking. A great boat worth serious consideration!

The Vizcaya is my first…

Submitted by: paddler228424 on 1/20/2000
The Vizcaya is my first kayak, and I really love it. It was indeed a little tippy the first time out, but as the other review stated, that soon faded. I think this was the best boat I could have purchased for the money, and for a first kayak. Storage is just a little cramped for long trips, but I have a lot of junk! The boat handles extremely well, and turns are sharp and easy without the rudder. Still, get the rudder if you ever figure you will be dealing with any wind. I learned to roll all on my own with this boat, and on the many unsuccessful attempts, I did notice that both hatches do leak a little bit when the boat is flipped. The boat handles waves quite well too. Beyond all this, you have to admit that is a really cool looking boat, and it always turns heads with its distinctive design.

This is not a technical…

Submitted by: paddler228306 on 9/28/1999
This is not a technical review but a personal response. The Vizcaya taacks well and turns well. At first it seemed tippy but that feeling soon faded and I felt very comrortable in the wakes of the power boats on the lake. If you are in the market for a boat that you will not soon outgrow, this may be the boat for you. The seat is adjustable. It is well made and it just plain looks good. Of the eight boats I have tried so far this is the best. In fact I ordered one!