Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak, founded in 2003, has long been the household name for whitewater kayaks and fishing kayaks alike. Check out all current Jackson Kayak models below such as the Tupelo 12.5, Coosa HD, Coosa FD, Traverse 10, and many more.

We've also compiled the most popular whitewater kayaks by Jackson Kayak as well as the most popular fishing kayaks by Jackson Kayak. Be sure to read Jackson Kayak reviews as submitted by your fellow paddlers or compare models and purchase options.

Most Popular Whitewater Kayaks by Jackson Kayak

Jackson Whitewater Kayak
Dane Jackson, part of the Jackson Kayak Family, doing what Dane Jackson does.

The latest and most popular whitewater kayaks made by Jackson Kayak are:

  1. Traverse 10
  2. Karma RG
  3. Karma L
  4. AntiX Large
  5. Nirvana Large

But there are many other Jackson Whitewater Kayaks to choose from, so be sure to filter them down to what you need in a whitewater boat. Be sure to read reviews for everything and leave a review if you've paddled Jackson before!

Most Popular Fishing Kayaks by Jackson Kayak

Jackson Fishing Kayak
The Coosa HD Fishing Kayak in action

The latest and most popular fishing kayaks made by Jackson Kayak are:

  1. Tupelo 12.5
  2. Coosa HD
  3. Coosa FD
  4. Traverse 10
  5. Mayfly
  6. Coosa
  7. Tupelo 12
  8. Karma RG

Be sure to read reviews for everything and leave a review if you've paddled and fished Jackson before!

History of Jackson Kayak

Eric Jackson, Jackson Kayak
Eric Jackson, professional kayaker and founder of Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak was founded in 2003 by Eric Jackson and Tony Lunt. Currently located in Sparta, Tennessee, near the Caney Fork River, Jackson Kayak designs, builds, and manufactures leading whitewater, fishing and exploration paddlesports products. With the moto “Build it like it’s your own”, all of their products are Made in the USA in growing support of the local Tennessee economy. Market leaders in whitewater, kayak fishing, kayak manufacturing and strong in the exploration sector, Jackson Kayak continues to introduce new product lines each year. Jackson Kayak’s success is largely due to delivering high quality products through paddlesports specialty shops globally; all supported by regional, national and international team members who are engaged to promote the paddling lifestyle.