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Adventurer Sprayskirt

by  Seals

Adventurer Sprayskirt Description

This general-purpose Seals Adventurer 1.4 Spray Skirt great for moderate paddling conditions and helps keep water out of your kayak cockpit while protecting your legs from harsh sunlight.

Adventurer Sprayskirt Reviews


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Adventurer Sprayskirt Reviews

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I have been kayaking for 16…

Submitted by: dghaessig on 7/13/2016
I have been kayaking for 16 years and Seal is the only brand I will use. I just wish the neoprene skirts would stand up to Chlorine from swimming pools better.

Tropical Seals 1.7 Spray Skirt (Blue) Fits my 17' Perception Essence snug and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/1/2013
Tropical Seals 1.7 Spray Skirt (Blue)
Fits my 17' Perception Essence snug and tight. Putting the skirt on is quick but not the easiest. The shock cord lining is strong and thick but that is exactly how I want it. This skirt will not come off accidentally although with a quick pull on the big yellow release handle, it pops off very fast and easy should you need a wet water exit. It drys quick, has a top front webbed pocket for small items. The zipper on the pocket is sturdy and of good design. A sewed-in arched piece keeps the skirt up off your legs and helps alleviate water runoff from ocean spray and waves. The cockpit doesn't get too hot, when summer Florida temperature is unbearable. This skirt is well constructed, well sewed and thoughtfully designed for longevity.

I couldn't ask for anything better for my needs. Why a 9 and not a 10, well it's had 8 months of use and still looks brand new but I need at least a year or two under the belt to give it the full 10.


I have a Jackson 4 Fun kayak…

Submitted by: Kayakwoman on 7/29/2013
I have a Jackson 4 Fun kayak and had to order an XL Seals spray skirt to fit my cockpit. I ordered a pink sprayskirt that has a lower tunnel and is made to fit female bodies. It took some work getting it on the first time, but it works wonderful. I will be using it on an Ottawa River kayaking instruction course for 3 days in Sept 2013. Brenna Kelly is giving us an awesome 3 day, 4 night kayaking instruction course for women. Super stoked.

I purchased a Seals Sneak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2013
I purchased a Seals Sneak Spray Skirt for use with my Old Town Vapor 10 kayak. I needed protection to keep my kayak from filling with water as well as the ability to keep warm in colder water and weather. The Sneak is perfect! The front zipper allows me to easily get in and out of the skirt and in warmer weather with no rapids in sight I can unzip the skirt and cool off a bit.
I see little use for the two zippered mesh pockets, but I suppose they will be nice to have at some point in the future.

I've owned and used a Seals…

Submitted by: jkraz on 7/26/2013
I've owned and used a Seals Surf Sprayskirt for 6 years now, and I've been very happy with it's performance and durability. I'm only 5'2", and ordered my skirt with a low fit (shortened) tunnel. The skirt is very comfortable and easy to wear. It fits my Wilderness Tempest 165 combing securely but is easy to pull free in case a wet exit is necessary.

Last year, my skirt was damaged when it got caught under the agitator in my washing machine...(yes, I wash it in the machine). I contacted the company and was delighted with the superb customer service I received. My skirt was beautifully repaired and returned to me within a week, all for a surprisingly reasonable charge.

This year, when I put on a few pounds, I sent my skirt in for a larger-sized tunnel. Again, my skirt was returned to me very quickly, and again, the modification was done for a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend this skirt, but more importantly, I highly recommend the Seals company, for customer service that is second-to-none!


We really like our Seals…

Submitted by: Jdwait on 7/25/2013
We really like our Seals Tropical Tour spray skirts. The recommended size for our kayaks fit the boats perfect, are easy to get in place around the cockpit notwithstanding the tight fit, and keep us dry. And the cockpit covers for traveling are just as well made and indispensable.

The Seals site recommended…

Submitted by: Wavespinner on 3/12/2012
The Seals site recommended the 2.2 size for my Liquidlogic XP10, so I bought that. I found it impossible to seat without assistance, so I put it on (without me) and left it on for a few days to "adapt." That didn't help, nor did subsequent usage. I've used skirts frequently for 10 years, so am not unfamiliar with the usage. Subsequent to this, I noticed a number of outfitters recommend the larger size for this boat which, I assume is based on their experience and feedback from customer.

Aside from the fit (not insignificant), the construction and materials appear adequate.


Seals "Rental" spray skirt A great touring skirt for those with leak issues…

Submitted by: rtw73 on 6/25/2010
Seals "Rental" spray skirt
A great touring skirt for those with leak issues it's made from the same rubber as standard dry bags with an adjustable nylon tunnel that is high enough that pooling water does not have any effect it also has suspenders to help with that. also a neat little feature is the grab loop which has a bungee looped through it that keeps it up on the deck and never flops down in the way while putting it on. Overall I give it a ten because it does its job and keeps the water out. quite a nice looking price too; paid 120.00

I own two Seals spray skirts,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/2/2009
I own two Seals spray skirts, a Tropical Tour and an Extreme Tour.
The Extreme Tour gets the most use. The neoprene deck fits my Romany cockpit well and the skirt does a good job of keeping water out. However if my torso is getting into the water I get water leaking down between the tunnel and my torso. Also, the nylon used in the tunnel is a little noisy as it moves back and forth with torso rotation - slightly annoying on a very quite day.

The Tropical Tour is my back up skirt. It doesn't fit the cockpit rim as well and edging the rim under water will cause water to leak into the boat. It is certainly not as dry as the the Extreme Tour.

Seals Customer service is 1st-rate! I broke the implosion bar on the Tropical Tour and Seals fixed it quickly at no charge.


Would like to upgrade my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/4/2008
Would like to upgrade my previous review to an overall 7. Contacted the factory and they agreed to fix the sprayskirt bungee free of charge if I shipped it to them. Waiting on the repairs...

Bought the Seals skirt (Adventurer 2.2) last winter. This is the second…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/30/2008
Bought the Seals skirt (Adventurer 2.2) last winter.
This is the second winter I've used it and the internal bungee cord has already lost its elasticity. I've had to make makeshift repairs to get the sprayskirt to seal around the cockpit opening. Kind of disappointed with this aspect of the product. The skirt does a good job of shedding water. I probably would buy a different brand next time.

Bought this skirt (Adventurer…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/5/2007
Bought this skirt (Adventurer 2.2) for lake use when the wind kicks up to keep me a little drier and warmer in my Carolina. The fit and workmanship are great. The reason I gave it a 9 is the tunnel barely goes around my 42" beer belly, but it does fit. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another, but would consider a breathable fabric or one with zips so I could vent a little.

I have an extreme tour skirt.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/11/2006
I have an extreme tour skirt. it has a lot of nice features but only does a fair job of keeping out water. As this is by far it's primary purpose, I'm wouldn't recommend it to anyone, and certianly not for the $. Unfortunatly, the non-neoprene breathable material with codura reinforcement around the cockpit rim area breathes water. $135 later, I'm looking for another spray skirt.

Seals Extreme Tour. I have…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/9/2006
Seals Extreme Tour. I have only owned three spray skirts, a cheap nylon, a medium priced neoprene/nylon, and the Extreme Tour. You get what you pay for, the quallity of this is so obvious that never having tried it or any seals product I spent the $135 and went boating. Excellent seal, taught flat deck, and a breathable tunnel. Unfortunately for me I am selling my Tahsis Kevlar and building a Pygmy so I have to get a new spray skirt. This company makes an excellent product and I'm buying another.

"Mariner" model. Non-neoprene breathable material with codura reinforcement around the cockpit rim area…

Submitted by: Wayne_Smith on 5/24/2005
"Mariner" model.

Non-neoprene breathable material with codura reinforcement around the cockpit rim area on top & a rubberized coating on the inside of the rim. This skirt features an implosion bar, large mesh pocket on top, adjustable bungees over the pocket, reflective stripe, and at least 10 attachment loops to clip things like VHF's, or a GPS to.

The forward tip of the inside of the skirt is reinforced with nylon webbing that is part of the grab loop. The grab loop itself has a large rubber handle on it, and is tethered to the bungees, which hold the handle in the same position at all times - a feature I really like, because it makes it all but impossible to attach the skirt to the coaming with the grab loop inside the boat. It also assures you that the handle will always be in the same place no matter what your situation.

There is a paddle park clip near the tunnel on the deck. A bit over the top, IMO, but useful on a windy day if you don't have sufficient deck rigging to park your paddle otherwise. It also takes a bit of learning to use efficiently, but it is secure when closed around a paddle shaft. The tunnel itself is tapered & allows excellent range of motion for rolling and for differing seat positions in various boats. The tunnel also has a rubberized rim and velcro waist adjustment. Heavier paddlers may find it a bit snug, as it took very little adjustment to conform to my 34" waist. Suspenders are included with the skirt, but I found no need for them.

With the skirt mated to a drytop, I found no appreciable leakage after about 10 rolls.

A bit pricey compared to neoprene, but worth it. The utility of the pocket and attachment loops is obvious --- you can keep your radio and emergency gear on your sprayskirt in case of a wet exit, even if you don't have a lot of storage in your PFD. Overall, I like the skirt a lot.


I have a 'Mariner' model, and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/27/2005
I have a 'Mariner' model, and it is great! Has a nice paddle park, and deck lines. The grab loop is tied into to its deck bungee lines, so it always right where it needs to be, all in all worth every cent.

I use the Seals Sprayskirt…

Submitted by: paddler228455 on 2/17/2000
I use the Seals Sprayskirt for sea kayaking (kev. Meridian). They make an adjustable waist skirt for those of us who are claustrophobic, and I learned to roll my Piedra using this same skirt! It works well in both river and sea kayaking, keeping water out of the boat and me in my mind. They have a website,, and are the only company I know of where I can get a Scots plaid skirt or a Hawaiian print on my skirt, or match the color of my boat and not lose any of the quality I want. I've used the skirt for three years now, and it looks new. I loan it out for demos because it fits everyone! I love it!

These sprayskirts are very…

Submitted by: paddler228175 on 7/12/1999
These sprayskirts are very fine. If you own new whitewater kayak and are tired getting a workout just putting your Perception LC1 rubber rand skirt on your boat, this is the skirt for you. I am not sure whether you can find one around in a store anymore (they might have gone out of business). But, a good alternative is a Snap Dragon skirt. Basically the same idea - a sprayskirt that is meant to fit on your boat and does so much easier than the LC1.