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How To Repair Dings on Stand Up Paddleboards

One thing you'll want to do is inspect your board after each use to make sure there's no dings or dents in t…

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A Kayaker’s Spring Checklist

I remember the anticipation of the spring thaw when I could finally get out on the water again after a long, c…

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On Water Kayak Repair

There will be a time, sooner or later, you or your partner will have to fix something on one of your kayaks wh…

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SUP Care & Maintenance

In general, there's not a lot you need to do when it comes to the care and maintenance of your BIC stand up pa…

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Quick Fix Repairs for Rotomolded Kayaks

Short of actually plastic welding, there are a few quick fixes that will keep a rotomolded hull from getting t…

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There's A Hole In My Boat (Part 2)

Last month we discussed how to detect and patch (not "repair") a leak on a typical roto-molded kayak while out…

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There's A Hole In My Boat (Part 1)

Any captain, regardless of the tonnage of his vessel, is concerned with taking on water. Kayaking, and kayak f…

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Smart Storage Keeps Boats Healthy

For some of us, storing our canoe or kayak is as simple as dropping it off alongside the garage or outbuilding…

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Keeping Your Kayak Hull in Tip-top Condition

In a perfect world, your new kayak would glide through the years without a scratch or dent on its smooth polye…

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