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A Kayaker’s Spring Checklist

I remember the anticipation of the spring thaw when I could finally get out on the water again after a long, c…

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On Water Kayak Repair

There will be a time, sooner or later, you or your partner will have to fix something on one of your kayaks wh…

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Quick Fix Repairs for Rotomolded Kayaks

Short of actually plastic welding, there are a few quick fixes that will keep a rotomolded hull from getting t…

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There's A Hole In My Boat (Part 2)

Last month we discussed how to detect and patch (not "repair") a leak on a typical roto-molded kayak while out…

Tags: Kayak

There's A Hole In My Boat (Part 1)

Any captain, regardless of the tonnage of his vessel, is concerned with taking on water. Kayaking, and kayak f…

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Smart Storage Keeps Boats Healthy

For some of us, storing our canoe or kayak is as simple as dropping it off alongside the garage or outbuilding…

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Keeping Your Kayak Hull in Tip-top Condition

In a perfect world, your new kayak would glide through the years without a scratch or dent on its smooth polye…

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Building A Kayak Repair Kit

"The major difference between a thing that might go wrongand a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is thatwhen…

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Basic Home Paddle Repair

I can still see myself thrusting the tip of my fiberglass paddle into the murky water as I initiated a very un…

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