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How To Fix Scratches and Gouges on Fishing Kayaks

In this video, Chad Hoover shows you how to quickly fix the hull of your fishing kayak. All you need is a spoon, a propane torch, and a glass of water to get rid of gouges and scratches on your kayak.


  • A spoon
  • A propane torch
  • A glass of water


Using the torch or a heat gun, heat up the scratch or gouge on your kayak. Lick the back of your spoon, and use the spoon to smooth the scratch or gouge. Keep doing this until the surface is smooth and the scratch has disappeared. Dip your spoon in water to cool it down before licking it.

Tips and Tricks

  • Saliva helps keep the spoon from sticking to the surface of your boat, which is why you have to lick the spoon.
  • Do not lick a hot spoon. Use the glass of water to cool the spoon down.
  • Check your kayak's manufacturer specifications, and make sure that the kayak is polyethylene. This will not work on polypropylene or thermoform kayaks.

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