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Articles by Jerry White

Heroes On The Water

"A Veteran - whether active duty, retired, National Guard or reserve - is someone who at one point in his life…

Tags: Fishing, Kayak, Heroes On The Water

Organizing Your Fishing Kayak

I'm big on symbolism. You know, experiencing something and pondering, "what does that *really* mean?" Such an …

Tags: Kayak, Fishing, gear

Staying Put: Keeping Your Kayak Still

There you are, right where you want to be, within perfect casting distance of that honey hole. But the wind tu…

Tags: Kayak, Fishing, kayak fishing, anchors

Keeping Your Catch Fresh on a Kayak

Read about how to successfully keep your catch fresh while you're on your kayak out on the water in this artic…

Tags: Kayak, Fishing

Fall Fishing Techniques

This is by far my favorite time of year [in Florida] to be on the water. The water is still warm enough to hol…

Tags: Fishing, Kayak

Trolling from a Kayak

As a rule, I normally head out with just 2 rods. You've heard the expression about "Less Is More", but sometim…

Tags: Fishing, Kayak

What Seat is Best for You?

Now that I'm back on the water again, I'm a lot more conscious and protective of my back. And to be honest, up…

Tags: Kayak, Fishing

Mind - Body - Soul, and uh, Fishing.

Winter is supposed to be cold and wet, that's in winter's job description. But I live in Florida, the home of …

Tags: Fishing, Kayak

Finally - A Fishing Report

We've had conversations about my neck surgery. More slicings are probably on the distant horizon, but for now …

Tags: Fishing, Kayak

Angling For Employment

I get summoned in to my manager's office one morning (Late Feb) and am advised that today is my unlucky day. E…

Tags: Fishing, Kayak

Get Hooked!

I often get ideas for these articles by watching fishing shows on TV. Once in a great while, there will be a g…

Tags: Kayak, Fishing

Back With A Paddle Again

OK, I had the disc removed in mid-July. My doctor gave me the news I'd been waiting for in late August. That n…

Tags: Fishing, Kayak
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