Wave 60 Youth Kayak

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Wave 60 Youth Kayak Description

The Wave 60 Youth Kayak is a kayak brought to you by Lifetime Products. Read Wave 60 Youth Kayak reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Wave 60 Youth Kayak Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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Wave 60 Youth Kayak Reviews

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We bought this kayak early…

Submitted by: AlishaWV on 8/28/2016
We bought this kayak early this summer on sale for our 11 year old. We paid $99 for it. We go kayaking at the lake quite often and she has no problem tracking right along with the adults. The weight limit says 130 lbs but I got on it and it did very well (I am 175 lbs). I would say my daughter has about another year on it until she could become too tall for it but we will just pass it down to our 4 year old!

I bought one of these little…

Submitted by: mattmartin1082 on 6/12/2016
I bought one of these little kayaks for my 7 year old son to go kayaking with me on the local lake. He loves it! His only complaints are that it doesn't have a seat back which I'm planning to get him one soon and that he can't keep up with me. This is by no means a fast kayak, but it is incredibly stable and cheap. He can stand on it and use it like a paddle board and at only 18 lb he can carry it himself.

This is a great kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler236834 on 6/6/2016
This is a great kayak for kids. My seven-year-old son used his for the very first time today. He had never paddled a day in his life other than riding in a kayak with me. He took to the water like a fish. After only a few minutes of trial and error he was able to effectively maneuver around the lake. He had a great time and was grinning from ear to ear. He wants to go kayaking again already. This is a great way to introduce kids to kayaking.

Couldn't be happier with our…

Submitted by: paddlebro on 6/6/2016
Couldn't be happier with our purchase! These are best used in warm weather/water and plan on getting more than a little wet. I rated 9 due to the fact that the kids will get wet, both from paddling drippage and the drain ports in the kayak allow a little water to be present in the lowest areas of the "cockpit". My kids paddled and paddled and couldn't get enough. The kayaks are easy to learn and VERY stable. We had a couple of times where the kids needed a little snack break and would come enter our canoe, snack, and head back out. No tipping, easy to use. Thanks Lifetime, for a great product.

We got this little kayak for…

Submitted by: fleatx on 8/18/2015
We got this little kayak for my 8 year old grandson. He loves it! It's very stable and NO it doesn't track like an expensive kayak but it's great for a beginner. He has no problem getting it to go exactly where he wants to go. He does have some previous experience paddling my kayak as a passenger. He loves the fact that he can get off and swim and then easily slide back on from the back. He can even stand up and use it as a paddle board which is "super cool" because his 23 year old cousin paddleboards. I really can't find much fault in this little kayak considering what they cost.

Don't think age, think size!…

Submitted by: coachtmbsc on 7/9/2015
Don't think age, think size! It doesn't matter that someone is 10 years old if they weigh 165# (too much for this boat) and it doesn't matter if they are 40 years old if they only weigh 100# -- this is a light capacity (<130#) wide-bottom SoT. I'd hazard that it's even better at <100# because at max capacity it takes on a lot of water of the top and sits very low.

For very small paddlers (5-8 year old), with close supervision, it's a good and very inexpensive introduction to kayaking but there are some better options out there if you're serious about teaching them. It's cheap enough to buy several though and that's a big plus. They weigh next to nothing!

At 34" and only 6' long - it's a particularly stable boat that will only flip if you're overloading it. And, the design is such that it's pretty easy to remount if they happen to fall over the side. As a real paddler, it handles sloppily. It wants to go straight once it's moving and it becomes really hard to change direction. The assumption being, I assume, that little paddlers need the stability over the maneuverability. They won't be able to make this boat keep up in a group.

Overall, not a bad buy but don't think you can push the capacity too much and end up with a short and wide 'yak for an adult much over 100#. The quality of construction is minimal to match the price but it holds up in lake/river just fine and is a great little wave rider for the younger ones.


Costco has these youth kayaks…

Submitted by: paddler236307 on 7/1/2015
Costco has these youth kayaks for 99.00 I bought this thing to travel with because it fits inside my car. And since it rates for 135 pounds I thought it might work for me at 120 lb

It works very well for my weight. I'm heavier than intended so its a little yo paddle meaning I get a better work out. I like this boat because you can take it any were easy transport so I'm not limited the perfect boat for someone who just wants to exercise and splash around a bit great for youth because it is not tipsy at all


We purchased one of these…

Submitted by: Zipidydooda on 7/1/2015
We purchased one of these last summer for our then 5 year old, now 6 son, from Walmart for $100. It included a 2 piece paddle whose blades can be offset and a clip-on back rest pad. We wanted something small and light to introduce our son to paddling, this was an excellent purchase. Last year we only let him use it in the pond to have him practice getting off and on in the water and to get used to steering. He recently had his first trip down a small river for a couple of hours, he and the boat performed well, although I would not take it into rapids. My only real complaint would be the back rest. It is only attached on the sides via clips, and not at the base. There is no way to keep it in place for comfort.

Great for kids up to around…

Submitted by: paddler236031 on 10/10/2014
Great for kids up to around 90 lbs. They can carry more weight but become less stable beyond that limit. My kids (ages 5-10) loved them. They are stable, light and durable.

Decent small child's kayak.…

Submitted by: Spickus on 7/12/2014
Decent small child's kayak. Not as well built as an adult kayak but it only costs $100 new with paddle. It's great for getting them on the water to paddle in circles but not much more. Towing them behind you after they tire is not an option as it plows through the water like a brick.

Bought a Wave after we bought…

Submitted by: krees67 on 8/21/2013
Bought a Wave after we bought our Kokanee. The g-kids love it. Easy to learn, easy to paddle. We have even used it to tow behind the bigger boat. Will be purchasing a couple more...

Great little 'yak for the…

Submitted by: 24tesla on 7/25/2013
Great little 'yak for the little one to go out and enjoy with the older paddlers. Boat is easy to use and paddle even for the smallest of kayakers. It is perfect for slow and calm water. If there is a current and you paddle against it, the boat is very slow.