Name: Spickus

Most Recent Reviews

Great boat for the price and fast for a twelve footer. The inexpensive price means that it only comes with one bulkhead in the rear leaving it to the user to install float bags in the front. High initial and secondary stability make it pleasure to paddle but the tracking makes me want a rudder that the hull has no place to attach.

The Swiftwater 12 was a very good deal when it was being produced but lack features found in more expensive kayaks. It's a good beginner boat but will make you want a larger more expensive kayak.

Terrific kayak. Stable, paddles well, all the features you need to fish from the factory. Like other posters, I can't understand why they discontinued this model. I picked mine up barely used for $300 and it's our favorite boat. The seat bottom needs more padding. I have to sit on towel or trips of more than an hour become uncomfortable.

After paddling kayaks for a couple years I had the opportunity to pick up a Coleman 15.5' canoe for $100. I had hopes of using the Coleman's high capacity for family camping trips and fishing with my dog. But while the boat is well built and virtually indestructible, It weighs 84 pounds making it a bear to move and load. Furthermore it paddles like a barge. For the $100 I paid I shouldn't complain because the way it's built it will last me a lifetime, sitting there in the yard mocking me.

Decent small child's kayak. Not as well built as an adult kayak but it only costs $100 new with paddle. It's great for getting them on the water to paddle in circles but not much more. Towing them behind you after they tire is not an option as it plows through the water like a brick.