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Name: fleatx

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I bought this product because I am very small and short and even though I can handle the weight of my sit-on-top kayak it is awkward for me to carry. The strap is easy to put on and take off and it does make it easier to carry but I only gave it a 7 because it slips around very easily and sometimes I have to stop and readjust it. Very annoying when you are carrying a kayak down a steep flight of concrete stairs getting down to the water. I am going to attach some adhesive Velcro to my kayak and to the strap to remedy the problem and then I think it will work great for me.

We have 3 of these vests. My husband and I each have one and I just got one for my grandson this weekend. They are very reasonable priced. I like the fact that they have zippered pockets so I have someplace to put my truck keys while I am kayaking. We went kayaking yesterday and my grandson really liked his. He said it was way cooler than his old life vest that he had outgrown. He spent as much time in the river with it on as he did in his kayak which is something he wouldn't do in his old life vest. I would definitely buy this vest again.

Very inexpensive paddle. Great for the recreational kayaking that we do. Light-weight, easy to take apart and put back together so I can put them behind the seat in my truck, and easy to handle in the water. I like to cushioned grips too.

We were looking for a kayak for my husband who is a big tall guy so we were looking for a bigger kayak. A friend knew someone who had a used Mini-X for sale and thought we should go look at it. Long story short it's now ours and we love it. It is very stable and surprisingly comfortable for my husbands big frame with the added bonus of being light enough for me to carry ( I am only 5'2" and 112 lbs). It also fits right in the back of our truck with my kayak so super easy to haul to the river, lake, or whatever. We haven't done any fishing with it yet but the previous owner used it for bay fishing and said it was awesome. He was also a big guy. All said...We Love It!

We got this kayak because the price was right and we wanted a spare kayak for friends and family. It is perfect for that purpose. It is light and easy to manage and short enough to fit in the back of my pickup truck. It does not track as well as my other kayaks and it is not the most comfortable ride but I still think it is worth the price we paid. Newbies like it because it is very wide and stable so it is easy to get on and off and there is not a lot of rocking in the water. Overall a good kayak if you are just looking for a spare or if you are only planning on short trips on calm water. I would buy it again for the same purpose.

This was my first kayak and it is still one of my favorites. It's nice and light which is important since I am small and kayak a lot by myself. It is very easy to handle in the water and it is always the kayak that my friends fall in love with when I loan it out. I have only used it for river and lake kayaking so don't know how it would do in the surf. It doesn't have a lot of dry storage but for the recreational kayaker that I am it is enough. My grandson learned to kayak sitting in front of me and it was comfortable enough to go for hours even with the two of us and he had no problem handling it even with my added weight.
I would definitely buy this kayak again!

We got this little kayak for my 8 year old grandson. He loves it! It's very stable and NO it doesn't track like an expensive kayak but it's great for a beginner. He has no problem getting it to go exactly where he wants to go. He does have some previous experience paddling my kayak as a passenger. He loves the fact that he can get off and swim and then easily slide back on from the back. He can even stand up and use it as a paddle board which is "super cool" because his 23 year old cousin paddleboards. I really can't find much fault in this little kayak considering what they cost.