Original Lasso Cable

Original Lasso Cable Description

Easy to use, integrated combination lock that allows any four digit combination code that can be easily set. Lock is covered in high impact protective plastic that keeps vehicles and kayaks from being scratched. The smaller vinyl coated cable and lighter lock make the original Lasso supple and easy to work with. Easy to store lock and cable.

Original Lasso Cable Specs and Features

  • Material Description: 3/8" thick vinyl galvanized steel aircraft cable

Additional Attributes

  • Weight 3.25 lbs
  • Overall length is roughly 16'
  • Loop size is approximately 47"
  • Tail length with lock is approximately 75"

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Original Lasso Cable Reviews

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simply great. simple.…

Submitted by: cj70005 on 5/31/2016
simply great. simple. effective. clever concept. Okay, so I've only used the lock once, so if the combo fails, I'll update this. But I'm very happy with this lock.

I use these for a spare kayak…

Submitted by: lfhobbs on 9/8/2014
I use these for a spare kayak on my 2-boat trailer when I'm out with the kayak of choice. Easy to use and I feel confident in it's security to leave the boat on the trailer.

Great kayak lock. Can also be…

Submitted by: johnc_3001 on 6/12/2008
Great kayak lock. Can also be used in your yard to secure kayak to any fixed object (fencepost, etc). Only complaint I have is that the cosmetic pieces of plastic that surround the combo lock keep sliding off. But this does not effect the locks performance.

This is exactly what you…

Submitted by: Ayornamut on 8/21/2007
This is exactly what you need! The heavier cable and coating gives both a visual and tactile extra measure of comfort, while providing excellent protection for your boat's hull and cartop paint. It's easy and quick to use, plenty long to wrap around boat, carrier and your car's factory rack. The combination lock is easy to set, big enough so you don't fumble with it, and has the key back up "just in case". I got the touring model for a composite kayak, but it also works fine on a Tarpon 160 SOT. While no system is foolproof, this cable reduces worry when staying overnight at a hotel/motel, stopping for dinner and shopping while traveling, and especially when scouting a pier, beach or trail when some miscreant may see an unlocked boat as a convenient opportunity.

The Lasso Lock with standard…

Submitted by: CD1 on 5/14/2007
The Lasso Lock with standard keyless lock is a Godsend for feeling safe in leaving your boat protected during shuttles and when parking in high traffic areas. Although no security system is foolproof, the Lasso Lock provides the most sound locking system available. I researched similar systems by other brands, but found the cable diameter to be smaller (and thus inferior) compared to the Lasso brand. I feel confident leaving my boat secured to the lock at all times. I have deducted one point for the fact that this lock, in my opinion, should be available in more than one length. For instance, locking from a high rack on my pickup truck to the bed, requires all of the cable, whereas locking a boat to a cartop carrier would require less cable. The Lasso Lock is a winner, however, with its pickless lock and sturdy plastic coated cable. I have read many reviews of locks, and have yet to find a negative one about this product. It is worth your investment.

I have the older style Lasso,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/11/2007
I have the older style Lasso, with a keyed lock. The newer combination lock is a nice idea. The Lasso is easy to use, fits into any size hatch, is lightweight, and gives excellent protection for your kayak surface (mine is Carbonlite). It should be considered "essential equipment" for the serious kayaker.

Very nice locking method. Two…

Submitted by: carldelo on 7/11/2006
Very nice locking method. Two piece cable has a loop on each piece to go over the ends of the kayak - then you snake the rest of the cables around your rack and plug the halves of the combination lock together. The cable is very flexible and has a soft vinyl coating - hasn't marred my wood boat yet. Coils up fairly small (8-10") and goes in its own stuff sack, very nice. Combination lock looks fairly secure, and is easy to use with cold wet hands. I also like the idea of a fail-safe line on my really nice boat. IMO better than other methods I've seen.

Just took delivery of my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/18/2005
Just took delivery of my Lasso Security Cables with combination lock. This is the best kayak locking system I have found. 1/4 inch vinyl covered cable is of excellent quality. I will feel much more confident that my boat will not grow legs.