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Name: johnc_3001

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Great kayak lock. Can also be used in your yard to secure kayak to any fixed object (fencepost, etc). Only complaint I have is that the cosmetic pieces of plastic that surround the combo lock keep sliding off. But this does not effect the locks performance.

They work great for carrying 2 kayaks on a vehicle, but it is hard work getting even a 45 lb. kayak up on these j-hooks, on top of a small SUV. We have almost had the kayaks fall off while loading. Also, racks are very noisy when no kayak is strapped in.

I would opt for a lower profile kayak rack if I only needed to carry one kayak.

Adopted a Translucent Mid Swift when i purchased a used kayak locally. Love the paddle. Lightweight and strong. Definitely has helped my carpal tunnel.

There has to be a more user friendly kayak cart on the market. If so, I have not found it.
This is the second kayak cart i have purchased in the past year. (Previously had the Stern Sport Cart).
Loading the cart is almost impossible without 2 people. I followed the instructions exactly and even ended up calling the manufacturer for assistance. They were no help.
The kick-stand that is supposed to keep the cart in an upright position while loading is useless. The cart wants to keep collapsing. Once the kayak is loaded and strapped down on the cart, there are no problems. The cart is of fine construction (aluminum frame and heavy duty wheels). The kayak stays on the cart and wheels great.
If I had not purchased this item off of E-bay, I would have returned it to the store I purchased it from.

Did ok for short distances on flat surfaces (pavement/concrete). Did terrible for longer distances on grass. Fit my Pungo 120, would not stay on my Necky Manitou 13.

Had to retrofit axle with screws so straps and bungee cords would not rub against the wheels.
Would not recommend. Sold it at a loss.

Great kayak. Highly recommend. Lightweight. Tracks great. Very fast. Comfortable seat. Fits like a glove.

Only feature I do not like about the kayak is the neoprene cover on the hatch. It is impossible to put on. Even the sales rep could not get it on without my help. I cut my own rubber gasket and glued it to the inside of the hatch and do not use the neoprene cover.
Necky needs to address this issue and redesign.