Tandem Fishing Kayaks

Tandem Fishing Kayak Buyers Guide

Browse and compare the latest tandem fishing kayaks from top brands like Hobie, Native Watercraft, Sea Eagle, and more! Find 2 person fishing kayaks with motor for trolling, 2 person fishing kayaks with pedals, and even some 3 person fishing kayaks!

Should You Buy a Tandem Fishing Kayak?

You're having the debate- do I buy a solo fishing kayak or go big and get a tandem fishing kayak? Here's a few tips for when it makes sense to get the tandem:

  • Sometimes fishing with a partner, spouse, child or buddy is a must. Tandems work well, especially pedal-drive, because one person can pedal and the other can cast or fish.
  • Many tandems have multiple seating configurations so you can both face forward, face each other, or switch to a solo altogether.
  • You can buy a tandem fishing kayak for less than buying two solo kayaks.
  • Storage space is maximized with a tandem as the cockpit is super open and canoe-like.

Types of Tandem Fishing Kayaks

There are several types of tandem fishing kayaks for you to consider: traditional tandem fishing kayaks (sit on tops or sit insides), tandem fishing kayaks with pedals, inflatable tandem fishing kayaks, and even some with motors. There's tons of features and rigging that you can elect for that will impact your price, so be sure to compare accordingly.

Tandem Fishing Kayak Reviews

With hundreds of tandem fishing kayak reviews from your fellow anglers, you're sure to learn a few things about tandem fishing kayaks. Many folks are concerned about the weight of a tandem, whether it's sized right for paddling with their spouse or child, whether the price is worth it, and more. Be sure to read these reviews to learn from their experience and then submit your own after you make a decision!