Sit-Inside Fishing Kayaks

For those who prefer to paddle a greater distance while kayak fishing, a sit in fishing kayak is often the craft of choice. The cockpit is smaller and will look and feel more like a traditional sea kayak or touring kayak, but it still has enough width and stability to store your gear and fish comfortably.

Guide to Sit In Fishing Kayaks

Most kayak anglers and beginners are going to choose a SOT fishing kayak, so when would you choose a sit in fishing kayak? There are actually a number of factors and scenarios when a sit in makes more sense. To begin with, it's important to note that a sit inside fishing kayak often has a larger cockpit opening than a traditional sit inside kayak, so they are still spacious and easy enough to get in and out of. If you are fishing cold water, you might opt for a drier experience, so you'd choose a sit inside over a sit on top (because a SOT offers very little water protection).

Sit In Fishing Kayak Reviews

Be sure to check out all the above sit in fishing kayaks on the market today or browse the top sit in fishing kayak brands below. Regardless of how you narrow down your search, you've got access to decades of sit inside fishing kayak reviews as submitted by your fellow kayak anglers and paddlers. Always pay attention to what type of water and fishing they used that boat in to draw wisdom for yourself. And when you've found your prized boat and gotten to take it out, be sure to submit a review to help the next aspiring angler!