Motorized Fishing Kayaks

Motorized Fishing Kayak Buyers Guide

Find the latest fishing kayaks with motors from top manufacturers like Hobie, Native, Riot Kayaks, and more. Find a fishing kayak with trolling motor for you or even a 2 person fishing kayak with motor. Be sure to read reviews written by your fellow yak anglers!

Guide to Motorized Kayaks

For many, especially long-time boat owners, a motorized kayak is the best of both worlds. You get the maneuverability and flexibility of a kayak with the ease of cruising in a motorized fishing boat. One of the greatest benefits is the increased range that you get- rather than paddle all the way and all the way back, you fire up the kayak motor and cruise effortlessly. The motor, battery, and throttle box don't add a ton of weight to your kayak and operating the motor is easier than casting a rod.

When you're shopping for a motorized kayak, be sure to check and see if the kayak comes equipped with the motor or if it's motor-ready and the motor needs to be purchased separately.