Pedal-Drive Fishing Kayaks

Pedal Drive Kayaks

One of the latest innovations in kayak technology, a pedal drive kayak has a pedal system that allows you to pedal like a bicycle to glide through the water! Allowing you hands-free propulsion, now you've got both hands available to fish. With new models and innovations from the best kayak fishing brands, there's a number of pedal drive kayaks to choose from.

A Fishing Kayak With Pedals?

That's right- a fishing kayak with pedals. These kayaks have quickly risen to the to the top as the ultimate kayak fishing vessels. Every year, these things improve in performance and feature set. They are wide and stable yet stealthy and maneuverable. Thanks to the pedal-propulsion, you can spend less (or no) time paddling and more time fishing. The seats are designed for comfort to let our long days of pedaling and fishing abound.

Pedal Drive Kayak Innovation

For any kayaker or angler checking out a pedal drive kayak, you will inevitably be blown away when you begin to realize the advancement and innovation behind all of these pedal drive kayak options. If the pedal-drive propulsion system alone wasn't enough, maybe you first discover that these things have forward/reverse capability or even complete 360 degree drive. Or you realize that you'd never have thought of incorporating non-slip pedals, hatches that open in either direction, rod protection, motor mounts, and so much more. These boats offer the greatest versatility, innovation, and overall kayak fishing experience that you can get.

Pedal Drive Kayak Reviews

As you shop and compare pedal drive kayaks, be sure to look at the feature set of each boat. They are all magnificent, but each will have its own unique twist. And, as always, read through the pedal drive kayak reviews to get a sense for each paddler's experience and what features they valued most.

Pedal drive kayaks may be one of the newer innovations in recent years, but we've been collecting product reviews from the paddling community since their inception. Browse and compare all pedal drive kayaks above or select one of the pedal drive fishing kayak brands below. Be sure to read pedal fishing kayak reviews to see what your fellow paddlers think!