Name: Presschecker

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Very nice kayak for recreational paddling - lightweight, straight tracking, and fairly quick. The only downsides are cost and availability.

Great PFD! It is comfortable while paddling. The pockets are handy for small gear and my iPhone. It easily kept me afloat when I needed it.

Pros: Roomy cockpit, easy to get in and out of, tracks fairly well for a 10 foot kayak, fun to paddle, relatively inexpensive, durable hull. The adjustable foot rests are easy to adjust when on the water. The seat back adjustment system works better than I expected. It has a wide range of adjustment and stays where I put it. The seat comfort is adequate. I like the fore and aft carrying handles. ThIs kayak is also fairly light at about 47 pounds. I can easily load it by myself in my short bed pickup truck with the tailgate down and I don’t feel like too much of it is hanging out the back. (Be sure to use a safety flag.) Cons: Roomy cockpit holds a lot of water when capsized. (Ask me how I know.) The styrofoam inserts in the bow and stern keep it from sinking to the bottom, but you are not going to get back in it and float while in the water. The only option is to take it to shore to dump out the water, so it’s best not to go out any further than you are willing/able to swim (wear a PFD). The stability is OK, but the reviewer who said he can stand up in it to cast must be a professional tight rope walker. It isn’t nearly that stable for most normal people. The high hull is sensitive to the wind. It is slow. No dry storage