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Before I purchased an Eddyline Skylark, I checked online to find out what kayaking "experts" had to say. The Skylark was going to be my first hard-shell kayak. The "experts" said that the Skylark had excellent maneuverability and tracking for a boat of its relatively small length (12') . One would have to purchase a kayak of substantially greater length and price to find comparable features. Once I owned the kayak, I agreed entirely! My Skylark was an "original" model, weighing in at only 38 lbs. Basically, I, as a woman, can practically carry the boat with one hand. What I did see with my own eyes on the day of purchase was an upturned (Greenland) bow and a shaped bottom keel. The bow plows through waves on a lake and sends the spray flinging to the side like water-wings. The bottom keel is what makes for great tracking without a rudder or skeg found on longer craft. Hard chines provide stability. It's true, no single kayak performs all outdoor-functions: the Skylark is a lake-oriented craft. That being said, the Skylark can provide hours and days of enjoyment on a lake or a Class I river. The newer model (since about 2010) has a closed front bulkhead with a small storage compartment.