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Name: metsker

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I bought this kayak after moving from the Southwest to the Southeast. I had a cheap Pelican in the Southwest because there was basically no water there. Now, there are rivers and coastlines to explore so I upgraded to the beautiful Eddyline Skylark. It's been a wonderful ride during the last several months. As a 62 year old woman with considerable paddling experience that goes well beyond poking about in a Pelican, it is relatively easy to slide up on my car top racks using the bath mat method. Another review posted it as 49 pounds but it is only 41 pounds. It tracks well and is responsive. I'm happy with my purchase.

That said, a few issues, especially at this price point: the hull is delicate and you can't bang about in rivers with rocks or carelessly launch from a concrete landing, etc. I mean, you have to think about the hull *all of the time". Sure, you can rub out the scratches and some will say you need to enjoy the boat and not worry about a few scars, but who wants to worry about that? I am one that likes to pay more for good toys and then I take good care of them so they last a long time.

A few additional minor complaints: no cupholder, no paddle holder.

I got the DRIFT off of Amazon after only paddle boarding one time. I didn't want to put a lot of money into it until I knew it was something I would enjoy. The DRIFT is fine performance wise. It's stable, but you won't win any races on it.

What I'm less than happy about:

There are some lines for stashing personal items under but no hooks for additional accessories/seat/tie downs.

After little use, the graphics at the front of the deck are scratched already.

I damaged the large fin and after contacting BOTE they claimed there is only one fin for the DRIFT. The DRIFT replacement fin I ordered from Amazon doesn't find my board so I'm not really sure what's going on there.

There is some bubbling/delamination on the bottom of the board.

For a board that's only a few months old, it's not impressed me. I'll likely be buying a better quality hard board next summer.