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Delta 17 Description

The Delta 17 is a fast and versatile touring kayak, ideal for extended trips, comfortable cruising and play. It fills all these roles with satisfying grace and efficiency, and is a veritable champion on ocean swells and in rough conditions. The Delta 17’s V-shaped hull, pronounced chine and moderate rocker offer impressive tracking and a smooth transition to edge. It has plentiful storage for extended tours, and features a convenient front day hatch, Press-Lock hatches, multi-position Contour II Seat System, and choice of rudder or spring-loaded skeg.

Delta 17 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Intermediate, Advanced

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Delta 17 Reviews

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I have had my Delta 17 for…

Submitted by: ParkerDewey on 12/27/2023

I have had my Delta 17 for two years. I am very happy with it.
It is light enough (50 pounds as opposed to the 70 pounds of my Perception 17) that I can fairly easily get it on the roof rack. Not an easy task at 74.
Construction a finish are excellent. The hatch covers remain waterproof ( though require periodic lubrication with silicone spray to work easily) The bulkheads remain sealed and waterproof.
Cargo capacity is more than adequate for my four to five day camping trips.
It handles well both loaded as well as empty. It weathercocks (as expected considering the length) with wind more than +/- five mph. The rudder works well for tracking. The seat is comfortable and the adjustability (fore/aft) makes trim and handling better.
Two complaints. The clamp for the seat back adjuster cable doesn’t hold. A small cleat I installed resolved that. The cover over the rudder down haul frayed after one year. The inside cable is intact and not damaged. I’ll have to replace it In summary it’s a great boat and I am very happy with it.


I purchased my delta 17 at…

Submitted by: paddler2834800 on 12/27/2023

I purchased my delta 17 at the REI in Olympia Washington, put in at Budd Inlet, weaved in and out the inside passage to Dyea AK, carried it over Chilkoot Pass via the Chilkoot trail, paddled and portaged through the headwater lakes of the Yukon River, then paddled the entire Yukon River back to the Bering Sea over the course 4ish months.

The kayak took a beating, occasionally got dragged, occasionally got bashed up against rocks, but never required any major maintenance. I've always paddled fiberglass boats before the delta and I know for a fact that I would have had to be way more careful with a fiberglass boat than I was with the Delta.

The boat isn't the fastest but is perfect for big trips, you can really load this boat up. The large hatches are really nice for getting gear in and out. Very stable and can handle any conditions I've thrown it into. The rudder is a must have for long tours, all your effort can go into an efficient forward stroke. Also, while a little heavier than I'm used to, the kayak really isn't that heavy. I carried it everyday to get above the tide line and then eventually carried it over a fairly heinous mountain pass. I wouldn't do it again but I didn't die.


I ordered the Delta 17 & the…

Submitted by: paddler2124896 on 6/21/2022

I ordered the Delta 17 & the 15s for my wife. I'm giving them both a 5 star rating based on bang for the buck. This is a thermoformed high end touring kayak, thousands of $$ less than a composite. Build quality is top notch, rugged and beautiful. I dropped the 17'
nose first onto my drive way from the top of my SUV-- a 5 feet fall-- NO crack! Some minor surface damage that buffed out. Try that with a composite. Love the shape and proportions of the hall, as they suit a North American style of paddling. In my case the Great Lakes. This boat just pushes through the rough water and is rock solid at full load. There can be a tiny bit more flex than a composite but, I'm willing to trade that for a much superior impact resistant design. For the record I'm comparing this kayak to my 15' kevlar/fiberglass Current Designs. This is a better boat and it is a lot cheaper.

I squeezed into the 15s to give it a spin and it is an entirely different craft even though it has the identical hull design. The Delta 15s is deceptively fast as there is so much less wetted surface in the water. It is more nimble and more fun to paddle because I can overpower the craft. This boat is quite a bit smaller than the 17. Perfect for my 130lb wife as she doesn't have to work so hard to keep up with me.


I bought this boat from…

Submitted by: paddler1746908 on 10/5/2021

I bought this boat from Frontenac Outfitters in June 2021 with the skeg. I already had a 17' Formula Serenity Kevlar/glass sea kayak, but wanted a lighter, plastic boat I could scratch up on Georgian Bay rocks. Eric helped install the Delta hip pad kit, 2 foam pads on each side for more of a "whitewater" fit. I am 6'2" , 195 lbs.

This Delta 17 has harder chines, than my other sea kayak, so it is much more stable up on edge. Cockpit fit is better, with my hips I can precisely lean the the boat, to carve. Seat is comfortable, with adjustment fore and aft, and backrest up and down. Footpeg adjustment seated in cockpit works great. I did add a foam pad where my heels sit on the bottom of hull. Large hatch covers have been dry so far, though I haven't camped overnight with gear in the boat yet. Day hatch great for GPS, camera, sunscreen, though not dry. Open day hatch and it's useful as hand hold, to stand up in kayak for high docks too !

Easy to launch, alongside a dock, and finish seems to hold up well to small scratches. Really a nice tracking boat, with skeg up, or down. Most of the time I paddle it with skeg up unless taking pictures. I like the narrow waist on the boat, (22 inches) easy to use a more vertical paddle stroke, with a shorter paddle I like sometimes.

Seems to be ok paddling in say 2 foot waves, the largest I have paddled it in for now. Seals 1.7 neoprene skirt fits perfectly. Dry boat without the skirt too. Tight deck rigging, and flat deck behind cockpit work great to hold down a longer paddle blade (Werner Camano) for self rescue with paddle float. I haven't tried rolling it yet, though that should work with a sweep roll.

Minor complaints,

I wish it had a recess in front deck for mounting a Brunton 70P compass. Noticed a bit of water in my rear compartment, even with no rolling. May be leaking in from cockpit, or skeg housing ?

Skeg control is just a nylon cord, with jam cleat; hard to judge intermediate skeg positions but lighter. I am used to a tactile slider in a recessed slot; easy to see control position in skeg slider slot.

Wish I could give the boat 4 1/2 stars.


I purchased my Delta 17 last…

Submitted by: francoisarchiviste on 7/31/2018

I purchased my Delta 17 last summer. After one year using it, I'm still very happy with this kayak. Its 17 feet lenght and moderate rocker gives it very good directional stability. Even without the skeg down, it shoots straight like an arrow. At 22.5 inches wide, it offers good balance between stability and speed. This makes it a very good choice for day trips. I didn't get the chance yet to test it in heavy swells, but it handles well in choppy waters. The front deck rises slightly and offers room to move my legs when they get sore.

Being made of a mix of ABS and acrylic, it is fairly light at arounf 50 pounds. I have a 14.5 plastic kayak whichs weights more! I'm no strongman, but I have no problem lifting it on the roof of my car.

As far as gear goes, the seat is confortable and easily adjustable. You can move it forward or back in a second. This is really useful when you need a more snug fit in rough waters. You can also adjust the foot pedals without getting out of the boat, which is also convenient. The skeg is released with a simple lock/unlock cable on the left side of the cockpit. No knobs or sliding plastic systems. Keeping it simple is the best way to avoid unnecessary repairs.

Both front and rear storage compartments are very roomy. I didn't see any water in them yet, although I usually don't flip the boat on the water. My only complain is the strong glue odor which is still the after a year, even if I leave the hatches open when in storage in my garage (thus the minus one star). The day pod is well located on the front deck and is easy to access (and relatively big). Finally, the recessed bungee lines are a nice feature that keeps the deck's surface smooth.

As far as appearance goes, it's a lovely boat to look at. Graceful lines and great colors (mine is orange/white). The Solarkote used on the deck gives it a high gloss finish. This may not be an essential feature, but it sure gives the boat some sex appeal!


This is my first kayak and…

Submitted by: Simon-Dinney on 6/7/2018

This is my first kayak and so far it has been amazing. It is lightweight for it's size and easy for me to lift onto and off of my SUV's kayak carrier. There is ample space in the bulkheads for multi-day trips and the day hatch is a great feature. The thermoform design makes this kayak durable for river use (I don't have to worry about scraping the hull off rocks) and the length allows it to rip through waves on bigger bodies of water. I have the skeg model of this boat, but it also has a rudder option. The skeg is easily lowered and makes tracking effortless. The foot braces are easily adjusted in the cockpit by hand as it has extended levers. I am 6'1" and fit into this boat nicely. A nice feature is that the deck lines are recessed into the body, making the boat more streamlined. One of the best qualities of the Delta 17 is the adjustable seat. The padded seat itself moves forward and back allowing shorter (and taller) paddlers the ease of reaching the foot braces, which is normal for most higher-end boats. However the back rest also moves up and down (and back and forth) so that you can adjust and re-adjust on long trips. I can't wait to see how this feature helps my back on long trips. The Delta 17 is priced higher than a typical recreational kayak, but lower than a composite. So far, I don't have any cons for the Delta 17, but I hope to have a better review once I take it on a few trips. Stay tuned.


The boat is well made with…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/20/2018

The boat is well made with enough thickness of the material to be quite sturdy. The rudder, hatches, footpegs, seat, etc. are thought out and function quite well. Its carrying capacity is commodious. It's very stable and the rudder does a good job of keeping you on course in adverse conditions. Everything is a trade-off and, in this case, you give up a little speed compared to a kayak with performance as a priority. If you're looking for a boat that will haul a load and take good care of you, definitely test this one.


2017 Delta 17

Submitted by: paddler385489 on 8/21/2017

We bought two delta kayaks in July of 2017 from Frontenac Outfitters north of Kingston Ontario, the Delta 17 and Delta 15.5GT with rudders. They are both great. This is our first time owning kayaks. We have taken them on two, one week trips (and about 5 day trips) and there is nothing to complain about or that I can think of improving. Love the tight dry hatch seals, lots of room for gear, like the day hatch for my camera and binoculars. Everything on the kayaks works well and is properly designed, good comfy seat. Having rudders leaves more room for gear inside. Very happy with them. The 15.5GT has a slightly higher cockpit and does not need a sprayskirt as soon as the 17 in windy wavy conditions (or waves from not so bright power boaters who don't slow down). I strongly recommend these kayaks.

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