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I bought this boat from Frontenac Outfitters in June 2021 with the skeg. I already had a 17' Formula Serenity Kevlar/glass sea kayak, but wanted a lighter, plastic boat I could scratch up on Georgian Bay rocks. Eric helped install the Delta hip pad kit, 2 foam pads on each side for more of a "whitewater" fit. I am 6'2" , 195 lbs.

This Delta 17 has harder chines, than my other sea kayak, so it is much more stable up on edge. Cockpit fit is better, with my hips I can precisely lean the the boat, to carve. Seat is comfortable, with adjustment fore and aft, and backrest up and down. Footpeg adjustment seated in cockpit works great. I did add a foam pad where my heels sit on the bottom of hull. Large hatch covers have been dry so far, though I haven't camped overnight with gear in the boat yet. Day hatch great for GPS, camera, sunscreen, though not dry. Open day hatch and it's useful as hand hold, to stand up in kayak for high docks too !

Easy to launch, alongside a dock, and finish seems to hold up well to small scratches. Really a nice tracking boat, with skeg up, or down. Most of the time I paddle it with skeg up unless taking pictures. I like the narrow waist on the boat, (22 inches) easy to use a more vertical paddle stroke, with a shorter paddle I like sometimes.

Seems to be ok paddling in say 2 foot waves, the largest I have paddled it in for now. Seals 1.7 neoprene skirt fits perfectly. Dry boat without the skirt too. Tight deck rigging, and flat deck behind cockpit work great to hold down a longer paddle blade (Werner Camano) for self rescue with paddle float. I haven't tried rolling it yet, though that should work with a sweep roll.

Minor complaints,

I wish it had a recess in front deck for mounting a Brunton 70P compass. Noticed a bit of water in my rear compartment, even with no rolling. May be leaking in from cockpit, or skeg housing ?

Skeg control is just a nylon cord, with jam cleat; hard to judge intermediate skeg positions but lighter. I am used to a tactile slider in a recessed slot; easy to see control position in skeg slider slot.

Wish I could give the boat 4 1/2 stars.