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I ordered the Delta 17 & the 15s for my wife. I'm giving them both a 5 star rating based on bang for the buck. This is a thermoformed high end touring kayak, thousands of $$ less than a composite. Build quality is top notch, rugged and beautiful. I dropped the 17'
nose first onto my drive way from the top of my SUV-- a 5 feet fall-- NO crack! Some minor surface damage that buffed out. Try that with a composite. Love the shape and proportions of the hall, as they suit a North American style of paddling. In my case the Great Lakes. This boat just pushes through the rough water and is rock solid at full load. There can be a tiny bit more flex than a composite but, I'm willing to trade that for a much superior impact resistant design. For the record I'm comparing this kayak to my 15' kevlar/fiberglass Current Designs. This is a better boat and it is a lot cheaper.

I squeezed into the 15s to give it a spin and it is an entirely different craft even though it has the identical hull design. The Delta 15s is deceptively fast as there is so much less wetted surface in the water. It is more nimble and more fun to paddle because I can overpower the craft. This boat is quite a bit smaller than the 17. Perfect for my 130lb wife as she doesn't have to work so hard to keep up with me.