Name: Simon-Dinney

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I have the 220 length of this particular paddle and it has done the trick in both calm and rough conditions. I have a low angle paddle stroke and this paddle performs well for that type of approach. The posi-lok ferrule makes change the blade angle super easy and quick. The carbon shaft and carbon/nylon blades allow the paddle to be light and strong in a good head wind. Little to no vibration. The one con I have noticed after about a year of owning this paddle is that the ferrule is starting to make a clicking noise on some power strokes, but other than that, I have enjoyed this paddle.

This is my first kayak and so far it has been amazing. It is lightweight for it's size and easy for me to lift onto and off of my SUV's kayak carrier. There is ample space in the bulkheads for multi-day trips and the day hatch is a great feature. The thermoform design makes this kayak durable for river use (I don't have to worry about scraping the hull off rocks) and the length allows it to rip through waves on bigger bodies of water. I have the skeg model of this boat, but it also has a rudder option. The skeg is easily lowered and makes tracking effortless. The foot braces are easily adjusted in the cockpit by hand as it has extended levers. I am 6'1" and fit into this boat nicely. A nice feature is that the deck lines are recessed into the body, making the boat more streamlined. One of the best qualities of the Delta 17 is the adjustable seat. The padded seat itself moves forward and back allowing shorter (and taller) paddlers the ease of reaching the foot braces, which is normal for most higher-end boats. However the back rest also moves up and down (and back and forth) so that you can adjust and re-adjust on long trips. I can't wait to see how this feature helps my back on long trips. The Delta 17 is priced higher than a typical recreational kayak, but lower than a composite. So far, I don't have any cons for the Delta 17, but I hope to have a better review once I take it on a few trips. Stay tuned.