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The Infusion Kayak Paddle is a paddle brought to you by Bending Branches. Read Infusion Kayak Paddle reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other paddle recommendations below or explore all paddles to find the perfect one for you!

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Infusion Kayak Paddle Reviews

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Fantastic paddle. Would…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/14/2020
Fantastic paddle. Would highly recommend. To bad they discontinued it

I just purchased a used…

Submitted by: jhavey on 7/24/2013
I just purchased a used Tandem Kayak (Wilderness Systems Pamlico 145T) and it came with two paddles. The AquaBound AMT and the BB Infusion (bright green with black shaft). This is my first kayak purchase so I have never used quality paddles before, only the rental stuff. Both paddles function so much better than anything I have used before. After many outings both solo and tandem I find myself grabbing the Infusion every time. What a difference a quality paddle can make. The Infusion just seems to make paddling even more of a joy. See you on the water.

I have owned this paddle for…

Submitted by: dpudim on 7/29/2010
I have owned this paddle for a year and the only issue I have is the foam grips are slowly sliding towards the middle of the paddle. As they slide I noticed that the original location of the grips is very sticky, so I think they are supposed to be glued in place. I wrote Bending Branches an email about the issue and within 2 days they responded by offering to send me new grips. Bending Branches has great customer service and stands behind their products.

I bought my Infusion with the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/19/2007
I bought my Infusion with the white blades and blue handle after reading all the rave reviews on here and I must say I give it a 10 too... I actually ordered a 230 cm first and then realized I needed the 240 but couldn't find one, I called BB and they told me to contact a dealer and they'd order it... I contacted my local outfitter and he ordered it, 4 days later he had it for me and i paid $94 for a new 240 cm Infusion in white blades with blue thin model handle.. no shipping!! I was impressed with BB customer service and I love the look and feel of the paddle...

What an excellent paddle, I…

Submitted by: paddler231725 on 7/31/2006
What an excellent paddle, I had purchased one last April and since then 4 other people who tried out mine bought the same. This great paddle makes even a sloppy kayak work wonders even is choppy bay conditions. Highly recommened.

I own two Infusion Dream…

Submitted by: paddler231491 on 3/22/2006
I own two Infusion Dream Crankshafts. Last Sunday (3-19-06), I paddled 17 miles in 3hrs. 24 mins. (5 mph!) in my necky manitou 14. No wrist problems, no blisters, no aches or pains. I always wear NRS Hydroskin gloves. Thanks BB!!

Infusion Crank 230cm: Good…

Submitted by: Dale194 on 9/7/2005
Infusion Crank 230cm: Good paddle overall. It's got a little weight to it but I kayak for exercise most days so it's good for me but it's not THAT heavy. I like the strong bends in the shaft, it feels good and give a natural wrist angle for me. The black was bleeding out of the foam pad a little yesterday leaving some black on my hand and shirt but it washed off and out okay so no big deal. Good paddle, good price, I'm happy with it.

Great paddle for my needs.…

Submitted by: BoyScout on 7/11/2005
Great paddle for my needs. River and lake, shallow water or deep, I got the 240 with glass shaft. The glass seems to get hotter than the aluminum shaft whispering dream, but not enough to count. The extra 3oz saving on weight is noticeable and the shaft fits my hand very nice. Overall, it’s a good paddle. The great price of made it even better.

Nice paddle if you have a few…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/20/2005
Nice paddle if you have a few boats and can't buy a paddle specific to each one. I use it for mostly for my whitewater SOT personally, and as a loaner when I want to bring someone along to paddle one of my other yaks. Pros: Price, tough blades, adjustable ferrule from 215-230 cm. Cons: The adjustable ferrule after about a month of paddling is starting to need a little more tightening with every trip. There are quides "stickers" on the shaft that will let you know the degree of feathering you want. When new those guides were right on the money. Now I have to go slightly past those guide marks to get the desired feather that I want. I hope it doesn’t loosen any more than what it is now because I can see this as a real problem down the road.

Bending Branches Infusion Glass, from Rutabaga....Great paddle from two great companies! After using…

Submitted by: mdk1812 on 4/27/2005
Bending Branches Infusion Glass, from Rutabaga....Great paddle from two great companies!

After using my standard Harmony paddle for a couple of years, and getting out-paddled by my buddy who has the same kayak but a different paddle, a decided shop around for an upgrade. I visited countless sites, and read tons of reviews, and decided to on the Bending Branches Infusion Glass (G) paddle. I was looking for a highly rated paddle with a lighter shaft than my aluminum paddle, and this one was by far the best price, at @$100. I called up Rutabaga, who does Bending Branches online sales, and asked about the paddle, particularly about getting the paddle with the smaller diameter shaft. They gave me the phone number for Bending Branches....when I called I got the guy who runs the company after one ring (not some answering system), and got a lot of good information. They custom built my paddle and had it in my hands within a week!

The paddle performs superbly! Light, good speed, and I love the warm, smaller (diameter) shaft. Thanks to and Bending Branches for an exceptional buying experience!


Great paddle for the money.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/10/2005
Great paddle for the money. This paddle will take a serious beating. It seems to be lighter than other paddles in its class. It certainly feels better. I like the flex of the glass shaft. Blades have no flutter, enter and exit very quietly. My only complaint is the amount of curve blades. If they were flatter this would be my perfect river paddle.

I just got the BB Infusion…

Submitted by: redyak2 on 6/2/2004
I just got the BB Infusion Dream GS. Great paddle! Very light, and efficient. Can't go wrong with these paddles. I paddle a OK Prowler, and she handles the ocean great with the BB.

WOW, Got the Infusion Dream…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/5/2004
WOW, Got the Infusion Dream AC Crank. Took out the yaks last weekend. Had to tow my 9 year old daughter against the current in the Augusta Canal. Then after paddling 4 hours I had to take a rec yak and paddle for two miles up another creek to hunt down some friends who were overdue. Great Paddle. I love it.

I bought an infusion aluminum…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/21/2004
I bought an infusion aluminum ,with dream it. very little water routes down the paddle, great price,paddle sot a great shape for shallow water the 230, love the oval grips, great customer service dept,immediate delivery,,a 10.

Got an aluminum infusion…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/21/2004
Got an aluminum infusion crank and like it all most as much as the infusion.just a hair heavier and doesn't have the ovalized grip.this is the only reason it got a 9 instead of a 10. practically paddled by itself,the grips were a little too fat for me and I have long fingers.dream blade is extremly if I can get it back from my wife,she really liked it and thought the grips were great and she has little hands.?either one the infusion or the crank,are the paddle you will pick up first and put down last.

I had previously used a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/5/2003
I had previously used a Bending Branches Tailwind (wood), which I really liked. When I got my Tarpon 120 I wanted to go with something different. I looked at numerous models and tried a few at my local boat shop's demo day. I liked some of the more expensive ones (Werner, etc), but the BB Infusion Dream blew me away. I used the AS (aluminum shaft) that day, but ordered the Infusion GS. The glass shaft is a lot more comfortable and a little lighter. There is virtually no flutter and the power is great. For the types of paddling I do the Bending Branches Infusion Dream GS is p-e-r-f-e-c-t! Some people will tell you that you won't be happy unless you spend at least $300 on a paddle... don't believe them! Look in the classified section of this site and see how many BB paddles you see for sale as opposed to the other, more expensive brands. There's a reason for that. Great job, Bending Branches... again!

I have a BB crank and love…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/26/2003
I have a BB crank and love it. I bought my lady a Werner carbon fiber small shaft crank at the same time and wouldn't swap except for the weight difference. An excellent and rugged paddle at a reasonable price.

Ergonomics; The applied…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/25/2003
Ergonomics; The applied science of relating bio-mechanics into the design of tools and working positions.

Something was missing from my paddling stuff when I awoke this morning. Where's the pain? I paddled my Loon 138 several miles through various levels of power boat chop yesterday and I don't hurt. Could it be that my new Bending Branches Infusion Dream AC paddle with it's bent shaft took away my aches? Try this; hold your paddle (or any straight rod) palm up and looking at your forearm. Now torque your wrist over until the shaft is at a right angle to your arm. Does that feel good? ("Nuff said.") This paddle positions me in a manner that actually makes each stroke more efficient. Why don't I rate such a nice paddle as a 10? The foam grip is a bit too fat and it makes my palms black. I may try using some polypro glove liners and/or replace the foam with handlebar tape. I'm for sure not getting rid of the paddle anytime soon.


I have an Infusion Dream. We…

Submitted by: string on 7/2/2003
I have an Infusion Dream. We were at the store in January and the guy says " These are new; try them." Good sales move - my little group has bought 5 so far. I have a glass paddle , a carbon fiber, and a wood Greenland style paddle but this is my favorite. I also like the padded grips (no slipping) and the bent shaft is very kind to my tennis elbows.

I bought the Infusion AC to…

Submitted by: mickjetblue on 6/30/2003
I bought the Infusion AC to use in our tandem canoe from the stern, as I do 95% of the paddling. My wife and dog are along "for the ride", and that's ok. I already had 8 or 9 canoe paddles, and 3 of them are bent-shaft. Trying out the new paddle, my wife remarked, we're going faster! And, from my viewpoint of usage, I was not exerting as much effort with the Infusion Ac, as with a canoe paddle. I now wonder what a tandem team with Infusions could do, but... Oh, and my wrists were not sore at all, thanks to the bent crank shafts. The Infusion AC is Highly recommended!

I've had my Infusion Dream…

Submitted by: paddler230224 on 6/30/2003
I've had my Infusion Dream for over a year now and have no complaints what-so-ever. In fact several people I ride with have them now. Before my purchase, I used a decent fiberglass paddle and tried at least five other brandname paddles that friends or family owned. Knowing all along that I wanted something better, I happened to see the Bending Branches paddles at our local boat shop. The graphics caught my eye at first, but then I picked one up. The light weight, quality, and comfortable grips sold me on it. This one is by far the "Cream of the Crop" for paddles in the $100 range (maybe even higher priced paddles). Although it wasn't a selling factor, they offered a free t-shirt with my purchase. When I hadn't received the shirt for several months, I made a phone call to test their service. My call prompted several apologies and they promised to send a shirt right away. They not only sent one shirt, but two shirts and an apology note within a week. The reviews below mentioned glue coming apart, but none of us have had problems of any kind with ours. Try one-you'll like it...

I'm upgrading my rating due…

Submitted by: paddler208092 on 9/6/2002
I'm upgrading my rating due to excellent service from the company. I wrote an e-mail to Bending Branches from their website. They are now making arrangements for me to ship my paddles to them (no charge to me) and they will reglue the blade into the shaft. They were very quick in responding to my e-mail and offering their help. I appreciate a company that stands behind their product. The paddle is a very good paddle for distance paddling. I will continue to use it for lakes but will retire it from rocky river use.

I bought the aluminum shaft…

Submitted by: paddler208092 on 9/3/2002
I bought the aluminum shaft as a second paddle (first is a Seaquel) after my boyfriend raved about his being so wonderful. It is a very good paddle but both of us have had problems with the glue holding the paddle into the shaft coming loose. Both paddles had to be reglued. His came apart on the 4th or 5th outing and mine did it on the second. We both paddle Dagger recreational boats and do run some pretty rocky rivers in addition to paddling on lakes. I don't think the paddles are designed to hold up to the rocks.

I got an aluminum infusion…

Submitted by: paddler229801 on 7/22/2002
I got an aluminum infusion paddle and love it. It is light and I really like the built in grips. The paddle does not flutter and I liked it so well I bought a second paddle.

This is a sweet paddle. I…

Submitted by: paddler229674 on 5/6/2002
This is a sweet paddle. I bought a Glass Shaft Infusion at the Midwest Mountaineering show for $99, and I love it! It is lighter (and cheaper!) than my Seaclude (Aquabound) by quite a bit, but the blade is the best. First, you don't get wet at all even when the drip rings are out of place. Second, there is no flutter and you can feather and back-paddle very easily. I beat the heck out of this thing, and it took it all. It comes with grips, but I don't use them so I cut them off, and they come off pretty easily. I would recommend this paddle to anyone that wants some high performance without paying a ton of money.
Infusion Kayak Paddle