Name: Dale194

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I've been paddling this boat for a few months now and have fell in love with it. I usually paddle a large river for a few hours but have done some full days on larger lakes. I love the Loon-like stability but the additional speed and storage room is great. The new Extrasport seat is very comfortable once you get it set where you want it. The hatches are completely waterproof and could not be easier to use. If you bend them to far back and they snap off, they snap back on just as easy.

The Polylink 3 hull is almost indestructable. I have it on a couple of rough take outs and put ins and the hull barely got a mark.

The boat is fairly quick (it's wide) and tracks and glides quite well. It's also great for big guys, I'm 6'6" 270 and it's an easy fit and easy to get in and out of.

If you are looking for a longer touring boat on a budget then I would seriously consider this boat. I got it brand new for a little over $800.00

I was torn between two kayaks but after reading the reviews on here I decided to go with the Loon 138. LL Bean said 4 to 5 week shipping and 6 days later it was here. I've spent a few days on a slow moving river and I love this thing. It is comfortable and easy to get in and out of, which was an issue for my size, 6'6" 270. It tracks fairly well and had a descent glide. I can't fit the child seat in it with me but my wife can so the little guy can get some exposure to the water, and he loves it. The Polylink 3 hull is pretty much bulletproof and the cloud color just looks cool. After about 20 hours in the thing, I'm very happy with my purchase and would tell anyone looking for a rec-level kayak to get this one.

Awesome cradle. These things work just as advertised and the price was great. I have a very short drive to the water and started using these on the factory rack for my Jeep Cherokee, which is a horrible factory rack for a kayak. The Malone's did a great job and once I got a good rack system I loved them even more. Secure hold on the kayaks side, which is best for the kayak. I can see that it would be difficult for shorter people to use. I'm 6'6" so it's not a big reach for me but there is no way my short wife could do this. It did leave some small black marks on my hull but they rubbed out easily. I love the cradle and when my next kayak comes in during the spring I'll be another pair of Malone cradles.

Infusion Crank 230cm: Good paddle overall. It's got a little weight to it but I kayak for exercise most days so it's good for me but it's not THAT heavy. I like the strong bends in the shaft, it feels good and give a natural wrist angle for me. The black was bleeding out of the foam pad a little yesterday leaving some black on my hand and shirt but it washed off and out okay so no big deal. Good paddle, good price, I'm happy with it.