Name: BoyScout

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Not the fastest canoe but it moves along nicely for me. Secondary stability is great; have recovered from some hairy circumstances. Primary not too bad either. Turns well when needed and tracks pretty good to. My first choice if I think I might need to get around tight twisty areas. Very happy with it overall. not my first choice if I paddle choppy lake, but that's why I have 3 canoes.

Had a 17 Bell Northwind and Wildfire. The Reflection set up as a solo canoe, offers the best of what I liked about both canoes. It's almost as stable as the Northwind and responsive as the Wildefire. It kept up pretty good with a group of mixed canoes and kayaks without really lagging behind. The Reflection has less flex than either of my other two canoes (Mad River Freedom Solo and Mohawk solo 14). Over all a great canoe.

Having paddled the Northwind more both tandem and solo (loaded for camping and just added wight for trim), I can say it is forgiving canoe. and the learning curve is decent. the more experienced paddler will adapt quicker than i did. the seat i installed for solo paddling is decently placed. but a little more centered would help. as a tandem with a good partner it does great. plenty of room with the solo seat installed, for the normal placed rear seats leg room. moves along nicely and both tracks/and turns nicely. loaded for camping it does well to. skill level and load distribution being the factor in my case. over all a good canoe for my needs that will just improve with more time. for the more skilled paddler a even better canoe. just center the solo seat a bit more than i did.

With limited amount of time in this canoe i can say i love it. using the kneeling thwart to paddle solo it feels pretty nice. with the new seat in the same relative spot it feels real nice. can switch from kneeling to normal sitting pretty well.(that's just with slightly over one hour in it) still need time to get all i can out its abilities. but the learning curve is pretty friendly so far. will update when i have more time but expect mostly good things to say.

I always wanted one and finaly got one this year. the cypress can be a nice fun kayak. for a nice price alll things considered. or a real pain. I have met few who didn't like it. and while it is not my main boat or likly to be. I enjoy the tracking speed, and ease of turning. The only people I have seen that couldn't enjoy it for what it offered had a few common facters: 1) the wrong size to small/big; 2) balance issues, or unable to get over the initial balence of the kayak; 3) expect too much from it and don't except the learning curve that goes with any new boat.( no matter how big/small)

The only reason for a 8 rating is that I prefer more open kayaks or canoes and tend to be picky on the back support. The freind who is keeping it for me loves it. I just hope I can get it back from him the next time I want to cruise the lake with it.

A Nice canoe thats fun and functional.being a primeraly sot paddler this is a interesting change for is stable,fast and tracks good for me. which is no easy feat. the learning curve was pretty friendly. i even sold a mohawk solo 14 since I ended up just paddling the wildefire every canoe outing. the balence is good but does take some geting used to, much like from going from sitting to knelling full time. but well worth the time and money.

Great little kayak at least to me. It tracked way better than I expected, still was stable and turned well too. Very lite which is a big plus. The only complaint Ii have is the deep sides. (the pegesus and torrent, and caymen are more open. these being the ones I am most used to) which to be fair is just a miner thing I am sure I will outgrow quick. A backband is a good idea just use one that does'nt have a seat. Overall a pretty nice short sot. especialy if you consider the wieght and price range.

A pretty nice handling kayak, turns and tracks pretty good and that’s from the back. So no doubt it will do great paddling solo from the center. The only thing that detracts at all is weight. But I new that going in so no big deal. Have help available or keep the distance from the car to river short. Over all I like it a lot.

Great paddle for my needs. River and lake, shallow water or deep, I got the 240 with glass shaft. The glass seems to get hotter than the aluminum shaft whispering dream, but not enough to count. The extra 3oz saving on weight is noticeable and the shaft fits my hand very nice. Overall, it’s a good paddle. The great price of made it even better.

A good little kayak that seems to handle well on smooth water. tracks well and turns well to. with a easily adjustable seat that is padded a very nice ride.