Name: redyak2

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Great Racks!!! I put them on my F250, as stated earlier, rock solid. One of the best investments I've made. I modified the Mako Saddles and Hulley rollers to accept 3/8" hex head stainless bolts and stop nuts which fit right into the track like the provided "T" bolts. My Prowler and Cabo roll up easily into place. The Hold-downs are solid. When the boats are secured using cam straps, I zip along knowing my boats are safe. Highly recommended!

Just picked up my new 2004 Cabo today. First impressions: big improvement in speed and overall performance over the tandem I just sold to get this boat. The boat looks to be able to carry a lot of gear, which was one of the main points I was looking for. It handled wind chop and stiff tradewinds. I'm thinking of adding a rudder to help in the strong cross currents. All in all a nice boat, even when paddled solo, she's not as fast as my Prowler, as a touring tandem, I'm sure glad a got it. The only drawback IMHO, she is a bear to load up by oneself, on the heavy side. 9-10

I just got the BB Infusion Dream GS. Great paddle! Very light, and efficient. Can't go wrong with these paddles. I paddle a OK Prowler, and she handles the ocean great with the BB.

I've had mine for about a month, and love it. She glides well and handles sloppy water nicely. Very stable with lots of storage. I'm in the process of outfitting her for fishing. I'm leaning toward adding a rudder as well. All in all a great boat!