12' 3"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Avalon 120 Description

The Avalon 120 sit-on-top fishing kayak is just what an angler needs. The affordable, lightweight kayak tracks well on any lake, stream or river. Built for maximum back support, the exceptional seating system features a no slip bottom and plush upper back cushioning. The Avalon 120 offers a range of must have features that all come standard such as, two round storage hatches with removable bags, a rear storage well with integrated tie-down bungee cords, recessed tackle holders, two convenient ditty trays and YakAttack mounts to mount all your gear. Accessories also include three rod holders - one swivel and two flush mounts, adjustable foot braces, carrying handles, paddle holders and a self-bailing system.

Avalon 120 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Deluxe seat back
  • Fishing rod holder
  • Bungee & rear storage well
  • Side handle & Paddle holder
  • Ditty trays
  • YakAttack mounts
  • Cushioned carrying handles
  • Adjustable Foot Brace System
  • Adjustable rod holder
  • Two 9" round clamshell hatches with removable bags
  • Adjustable seat with pull straps

Where to Buy the Avalon 120

Third Coast Paddlesports
Avalon 120 Reviews

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I have had this kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler2346334 on 9/6/2022

I have had this kayak for over four years now. I absolutely love it. I have taken it down a river and across several lakes. What do you have storage and great for fishing. The storage container right in the center is perfect for dropping a small angling bag in. I have also taken this on a three day river trip while packing 75 pounds of gear in the back and front compartments. This kayak tracks well and cuts down on excessive need for paddling. I highly recommend. You can also take a whoopin from rocks. Times on those low river beds it’s unavoidable. It really doesn’t show much sign of wear.


I bought this kayak last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/2/2022

I bought this kayak last year from a friend. I installed an anchor trolley on each side and extra shock cord straps over the front and back hatches for multi-day trips, and I Jimmy-rigged a more comfortable seat. I absolutely love it! But, I'm 6'3" and I can barely reach the cup holder and rod/accessory holder that's in front of my feet. Also, the rod holders behind the seat are a little too far back and at an odd angle to grab them. Other than that it's a great yak. Faster and more maneuverable than most of my friends yaks!


This is a heavy solid kayak…

Submitted by: paddler1602446 on 7/21/2021

This is a heavy solid kayak and well suited for setting up with new fishing gear with all of the money you saved on this great deal. My only complaint, and it is a major complaint, I cant go out on a lake, or river, even on a smooth quiet day, with out taking on a lot ( and I do mean alot) of water in one or more of the hatches I presume. That water then causes the kayak to ride very low in the water and it becomes much less maneuverable. I would not want to be several miles out on the lake, or ocean and have water filled holding areas. I suppose I can take each hatch off, and reseal with silicone. It really seems nearly impossible for that much water to accumulate. I actually checked the bottom for a crack, but found nothing. Other reviews have complained about the same issue. I sure it is fixable. Still ranked it 4 stars, beacuse for the money, its still a well made yak.


I bought mine at Walmart 3…

Submitted by: paddler793986 on 6/8/2020
I bought mine at Walmart 3 years ago and i just love it I’ve had it out with my friends every other day during the summer and fall it’s the best thing I’ve spent money on yet

I bought this Kayak about 2…

Submitted by: paddler531512 on 7/22/2019

I bought this Kayak about 2 months ago. I am brand new to the sport, and wanted to try it out. Being over 300 lbs, I was worried that I was too heavy for the sport. To my amazement, the Avalon 120 fits me perfectly. I have taken it out several times in the Connecticut river, which is known for having a deadly current. I cut through the river with ease. Have gone up the river several miles and back with no problems. I haven't fished with it yet, but it has several rod holders and rails on each side for various attachments. Overall, it is a great kayak for a great price. You can find them at Walmart for about $530.


I got this kayak at Walmart…

Submitted by: paddler462781 on 8/24/2018

I got this kayak at Walmart for under $500. I have had cheap fishing kayaks before, this one is incredible by comparison. I use it for trolling trout on Deep Mountain Lakes. It tracks well, has plenty of room for all of my gear, lots of room on the gear tracks, and is light enough to move around by myself. Outfitted with a downrigger, fish locator, anchor trolley, battery, aux power outlet, nav lights, and 6 rod holders I still came in at less money than buying a big name fishing kayak with no gear. At the end of a four hour trip I have to empty out about a gallon of water. I have been unable to find the leak, it may just be water coming through a top hatch from my paddle.


I was surprised to get this…

Submitted by: paddler435342 on 5/29/2018

I was surprised to get this quality of kayak at Wal-Mart but I am sure glad they had them. I have been very pleased with the quality and performance of the kayak. Very good storage, accessory rail, rod holder and the seat is sturdy enough for my 255lb load. I would recommend this kayak to anyone. My friends with the high end, high dollar kayaks have been impressed by how much quality I got for the money. It holds up to the abuse of sharp rocks shallow creeks.


So far, its been a great…

Submitted by: NCKayakian on 5/29/2018

So far, its been a great experience. Bought mine as a floor model at a local Wal-Mart. Reduced price because of missing cat bags. Contacted Third Coast and for free they shipped the replacements.

I've taken my kayak out on a few fishing expeditions so far. It tracks really well. Very good maneuverability. Pretty stable and durable.

Ample Storage. No leaks. Zero water in chamber at the end of the day. Just a drop or two from getting in and out via lids in the rain. So no real issues as far as waterproofing. Happy so far.

Been enjoyable and I think it does a great job. You hear a lot of people saying not to buy these Wal-Mart brand Kayaks. I disagree. This has been a great purchase so far. The company was extremely helpful. The quality is great. No complaints. So when people talk about spending 1,200.00 on a fishing Kayak, I look at my floor model from Third Coast and think... Man your dumb. $1,200.00!?!?!?!

Lol. Seriously. Very happy. Thanks 3rd Coast.


Avalon 120

Submitted by: Rick-Snowden on 6/20/2017

Bought this kayak a few days ago at Walmart, this was not their usual brand. I have a SunDolphin Excursion 12' fishing kayak, it was the reason for buying the Avalon by 3rd Coast. Sundolphin was not a good fishing experience, nothing convenient for fishing, the Avalon however was different, much more storage space and very stable, fast and tracks 5 to 1 better than the SunDolphin. I will add a fish finder, anchor trolly and a few more accessories and should be about all I need for enjoyable river fishing. Three waterproof compartments and adequate space in the rear for cooler are a major plus. Cup holder is also well placed, overall very pleased so far with quality and usability.

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