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Purpose and Install of SUP Fins

Fins come in all shapes and sizes, and what they do is they allow the board to track straighter. Without you…

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Proper Positioning in Your Kayak

To get the best performance from the boat, we need certain things to be in place, and these foundations are ve…

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Kids Life Jackets

Of all the safety gear used by those who enjoy on-water sports, none should be scrutinized more than the famil…

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Basics of a Kayak Paddle

Kayak paddles come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and price ranges. But the decision to buy one doesn't n…

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The J-Stroke and Canadian Stroke

Kyla, my 10-year-old, took position in the stern on our last canoe trip. Her friend, who tagged along, took th…

Tags: Paddles, Canoe, Strokes

The Kayak Reverse Stroke

Sometimes you want to go backwards; maybe because you've explored a narrow creek that's so narrow you can't tu…

Tags: Video, Kayak, basics, Strokes

Golden Rules of Recreational Kayak

The three golden rules are a set of rules that, when followed, will let you paddle the most efficiently and he…

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How to Read a Nautical Chart

This video is about a couple of small, basic points on how to read a nautical chart. Just some stuff that when…

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Lifting & Carrying a Canoe

Lifting and carrying anything 16 feet long is always going to pose some problems. With that said, canoes are s…

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