How to SUP Smooth and Efficient

Rob Stehlik from Blue Planet Surf teaches you how to paddle more efficiently with a smooth catch and a clean release.

Tips for a smooth catch

  • At the beginning of the stroke, you want to get a nice smooth catch by spearing your blade forward into the water, getting the whole blade into the water without splashing. Kind of like spearfishing.
  • You want to avoid splashing the paddle down into the water and just pulling the blade down because that creates a lot of the bubbles and is inefficient.
  • Ideally you want to plant your blade by spearing it and pushing it down into the water smoothly. Get the whole blade planted and then pull on it.

Tips for a smooth release

  • End your stroke by your feet and slide the paddle out smoothly without creating a lot of splash.
  • Avoid ending your stroke too far back and throwing water behind you.

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