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Basic Paddling Gear in Emergencies

I am a firm believer in the multiple utility of gear – getting the most out of each piece of equipment, partic…

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DIY: Dual Kayak Portage Rig

Practical Portaging Maximizes Paddle Time I’ve been reading and enjoying for about 2 years now a…

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The Pain of Portaging

"Anyone who tells you portaging is fun is either a liar or crazy." Bill Mason - Waterwalker Let's face…

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Tiny Tips for Wilderness Canoe Trips (part 2)

Experienced wilderness canoe trippers know that small errors can cause big problems. In my previous artic…

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Tiny Tips for Wilderness Canoe Trips

In the mid-seventies, I shared an afternoon with the famous woodsman, Calvin Rutstrum, whose flagship book,&nb…

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How to Pack a Kayak for Overnight Trips

 One of the greatest things about sea kayak camping, is that you can fit an amazing amount of gear in you…

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Packing for Extended Canoe Trips

I just got back from a 20-day canoe trip that circumnavigated Algonquin Provincial Park in central Ontario. Wh…

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Packing Your Pack

A few years back I helped lead a group of high-school students on a week long hiking trip. It was their first …

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Defining 'Expertise'

Some years ago at Canocopia in Madison, Wisconsin, I chatted with a young man who had recently completed a can…

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