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Eat your insects!

The world of food and nutrition is constantly evolving and changing. This week, food columnist Anne-Louise Des…

Fish from a Can - from Bland to Fabulous!

Let’s admit it: even if angling is a favorite pastime for many kayakers or canoeists, it is certainly not a do…

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A Paddler’s Spice Rack

Well, in my quiet countryside that is usually covered with a white blanket of snow at this time of year, the p…

Tags: recipes, cooking, camping

Paddle Camping Food Fails

I will always remember when my friend Patrick, a seasoned paddler who thrives on organizing wonderful day-trip…

Tags: food, fail, cooking

The Essential Vegetable Grater

Of all the camp kitchen essentials, the grater is one of the last tools I would want to leave behind at home w…

Tags: food, recipes, cooking

Small Bites for Paddlers

More and more athletes like to eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day for optimal performance. For paddlers, it is…

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Granola Bars: the good, the bad and the ugly

Many outdoors enthusiasts, students and busy office workers have turned to granola bars in their quest for a h…

Tags: recipes, food

Cool Summer Cocktails for Paddlers

This article provides some recipes and instruction on how to fix easy and delicious cocktails that will impres…

Tags: recipes, beverage

Seafood & Wild Edible Foraging

I have many fond memories of wandering along the North Eastern sea coast of Maine and Massachusetts with my ol…

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