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A Better Box of Mac & Cheese

Boxed macaroni and cheese makes a memorable camp dinner - for all the wrong reasons. But not all macaroni chee…

Tags: In The Sameboat, camping, food

Break(fast)ing Bad

Camping meals have come a long way from the days of beans, bannock, and bacon. And there's no doubt that we …

Tags: In The Sameboat, camping, food, alimentary

A Paddler’s Spice Rack

Well, in my quiet countryside that is usually covered with a white blanket of snow at this time of year, the p…

Tags: recipes, cooking, camping

Nutty Pasta for the Backcountry

Spaghetti with tomato sauce is familiar camp fare. But it starts to pall after the third night. So Tamia has a…

Tags: In The Sameboat, food, alimentary, recipes

The Sweet of the Year

The sun is returning to Canoe Country, and sweet sap will soon be flowing from the sugar maples. Do you think …

Tags: In The Sameboat, food, cooking, alimentary

Paddle Camping Food Fails

I will always remember when my friend Patrick, a seasoned paddler who thrives on organizing wonderful day-trip…

Tags: food, fail, cooking

The Essential Vegetable Grater

Of all the camp kitchen essentials, the grater is one of the last tools I would want to leave behind at home w…

Tags: food, recipes, cooking

Small Bites for Paddlers

More and more athletes like to eat small meals 5 to 6 times a day for optimal performance. For paddlers, it is…

Tags: food, cooking, beverage

The Perfect Pita Pizza

Fancy stuffed pizza in camp? Think it can't be done? Well, think again. Tamia has been spending time in her te…

Tags: In The Sameboat, food, pizza, recipes, alimentary