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What To Wear

When you're out on the water, you have to take into account two important factors — the temperature of t…

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Eulogy for an Old Friend

A waxed-cotton jacket isn't something to wax nostalgic about. Or is it? Tamia thinks it is, especially when th…

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Footwear for Camp & Trail

American paddler, Cliff Jacobson, and I love to debate about camp tips and gear. It's what we do while hanging…

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Late Season Layering

Kevin Callan offers some tips (and a video!) on layering and suggestions on what to wear, and what to avoi…

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My Immersion Ensemble

Since the number one cause of fatalities in sea kayaking and kayak touring is exposure to cold water I think a…

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Base Layer Basics

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, the ultimate “base” layer of protection.  It only makes sense then …

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Our Readers Write: Part 5

A Note to the Reader We've deferred this month's installment of Trip of a Lifetime, our paddlespo…


I like wearing wool. I always have. Some may think it's because I'm too cheap to buy some of the "fancier" fab…

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The Perfect Camp Hat

I didn't give it much thought at first when my paddling buddy began handing over his sleeping pad, rain jacket…

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