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Camping & Survival

Escape the Summer Heat and Hit the Water with This Great Paddling Gear

We paddlers tend to reach for a boat, life jacket, and paddle as opposed to cranking up the A/C as a way to es…

2018 Canoecopia Round-up

Like kids in a candy shop, we geek out every year at Canoecopia in Madison, WI. One of the few chances to see …

7 Cold-Weather Paddling Products

The weather is changing and even if the air feels warm, the water might not be. Best to be prepared for the wo…

A Kayaker’s Spring Checklist

I remember the anticipation of the spring thaw when I could finally get out on the water again after a long, c…

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What To Wear

Tags: Video, Kayak, Clothing, Canoe, basics

Footwear for Camp & Trail

American paddler, Cliff Jacobson, and I love to debate about camp tips and gear. It's what we do while hanging…

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Late Season Layering

Kevin Callan offers some tips (and a video!) on layering and suggestions on what to wear, and what to avoi…

Tags: Clothing, Canoe, Kayak, Safety

My Immersion Ensemble

Since the number one cause of fatalities in sea kayaking and kayak touring is exposure to cold water I think a…

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