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21 Trips That You Should Paddle This Summer

We know you want to have a great summer, so to help you with your planning we put together 21 of our favorite trips from all over the world. No matter your location or if you kayak, canoe, or SUP there is a perfect trip in here for you!

1. Great Bear Rainforest

Great Bear Rainforest

by Spirit of the West Adventures

8-day unique and unspoiled kayaking with passionate expert guides. Moving camp from island to island with gourmet food and high-quality gear included. Paddle the world's largest temperate rainforest and remote BC coastline with amazing wildlife. An unforgettable experience. Start and end is Bella Bella, BC.

2. Discovery Islands Kayaking Expedition, BC

Discovery Islands Kayaking Expedition, BC

by Wildcoast Adventures

This kayaking trip on Canada's remote West Coast begins at a boutique island resort and immerses you in the wilderness for a 6 day adventure. Included in National Geographic Canada’s 50 Places of a Lifetime, the Discovery Islands are a sea kayaking paradise. Humpback whales have made a strong resurgence in the Discovery Islands. You might also find seals, sea lions, dolphins, and orcas.

3. Hess River – Call of the Wild

Hess River – Call of the Wild

by Ruby Range Adventure Ltd.

Imagine yourself where only few people go, where the scenery leads into the remote northern wilderness and where you can prove your canoe skills on one of Yukon’s most exciting rivers. The river valley is rich with moose, lynx, marten and beaver habitat. From the put-in the Hess River sparkles with whitewater almost the entire way down. This section also features some great rapids and beautiful canyons. The current is very good all the way to the Stewart River, at which point it slows down.

4. Boat Assisted Kayak Eco Tour - Everglades

Boat Assisted Kayak Eco Tour

by Everglades Area Tours

Your Florida Master Naturalist guide and US Coast Guard Captain will introduce you to the area's unique ecosystems, its history and its culture. Your final destination will be a remote, uninhabited barrier island.

17 More Trips All Around The World

West Coast:

Islands of Loreto Bay Kayak Tour by ROW Sea Kayak Adventures

Loreto Islands Primer by Sea Kayak Baja Mexico

Jackson Lake Kayaking in Grand Teton National Park by O.A.R.S.

Great Lakes Area:

Crossing Algonquin - A 14 Day Epic Canoe Adventure by Voyageur Quest

Kayak Fishing on Lake Erie by Long Point Eco-Adventures

Sleeping Bear Sampler by Uncommon Adventures

East Coast:

Maine's Offshore Island Paradise by H2Outfitters

Chesapeake Bay Kayak Camping by Burnham Guides

Statue of Liberty Sunset Kayak Tour by Kayak East

Caribbean/Central America:

Epic Belize by Island Expeditions

Costa Rica Surf Ski-Paddle Retreats by Epic Kayaks Costa Rica

Southern Exuma Cays Expedition by Spirit of the West Adventures


Paddling in Odysseus' Wake by Go Kayaking Tours

Kayak the Algarve on the South Coast of Portugal by Douro Kayak Expeditions

Sea kayaking 3 islands - 7 days guided trip by  Malik Adventures

Rest of the World:

Yasawa Islands Fiji Kayak Adventure by Southern Sea Ventures

Paddling to the Angel Fall by Biotrek

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