Name: koradogger

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I bought this as my first paddle board to see if it was something I would like. I have had it for almost a year and really like it. I use it on ponds and lakes in both calm and choppy water. It is very stable and easy to stand up on. Pros Large padded area to stand on. Bungee cords for storage. Stable enough to take my dog along. Cons It's a bit heavy and cumbersome to carry long distances, but not too bad if you don't have to carry it far. Usage I use it for exercise and touring around local lakes.

I have had this board for a few months and have used it on flat water. I got it for a great price at a close out store. It is lightweight, but not as stable as my Pelican Flow. Pros Very lightweight and easy to carry. Faster than my other board. Cons Not as stable as some other boards I have used. Usage I use it for touring around local lakes.

I purchased my Old Town Dirigo 106 in July 2013 and have used it through the winter. I have used in on ponds, lakes, and slow moving rivers. I love this kayak and have nothing bad to say about it. I find it to be comfortable and very stable, even in windy conditions on the lake. It does very well in the waves.

I think one of my favorite things about the kayak is the storage hatches. There is a small hatch to put keys, phone, and smaller items. There is also a larger stern hatch I am able to access while in the kayak. Both of these are watertight. I think price is very reasonable and the quality is outstanding.

I just purchased a Wilderness Systems Ride 135. I bought is used and it is several years old, so it doesn't have the high/low seat that the newer version has. I upgraded from a Pelican Castaway. This kayak is very comfortable and stable.

One of the main features I wanted was lots of dry storage, which this kayak has. There is a large compartment in the bow that is easy to access while on the kayak. There is also a small hatch in front of the seat and another one behind the seat. I haven't done much fishing out of it yet, but I expect I will love all the room that I have in this kayak. It is stable enough to stand on as well.

I believe this model weighs approx. 70 lbs. I am a 45 year old woman and am able to load it on my SUV by myself. (However it is a bit easier if someone is there to help.) This kayak maneuvers well and moves quickly once you get it going. After about 3 strokes it starts to really glide. I am very happy with this kayak.

I purchased my Pelican Castaway a little under 1 year ago. It was on a hot deal sale at academy for $200.00 and I was looking for an inexpensive way to try kayaking. I have really enjoyed this kayak and it was a great way for me to find out that I love kayaking.

I have used it on ponds and slow moving rivers. It handles well for what I do with it. I haven't done much fishing out of it, and have since bought a larger kayak that I fish out of.

The only complaint I have about this kayak is that there are not any dry storage hatches. It is stable, but I have never tried to stand up in it. It is also light weight (40-50lbs I think) and easy for me to load on my SUV.

I purchased the tandem Dirigo plus in December 2013 and have had it out on lakes, ponds, and rivers. The seats are comfortable and easy to move forward or back. This was a demo model that a local kayak shop had, so it is in used condition and did not come with the child seat. There is an optional rudder, but mine does not have the rudder.

I haven't paddled any other tandem kayaks so I don't really have anything to compare it to. Some others have said that it is slow, but to me it doesn't seem slow. I have paddled with my husband on the river and we have not had any problems paddling upstream. I have also paddled it solo with the rear seat in the forward position, and have not had any problems with it. I have not had any problems controlling it on the lake in slightly windy conditions paddling solo. There is one watertight stern hatch and a small hatch in the front cockpit.