Name: jlopopolo

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I have been using this boat for about three months of two or three times a week short trips on lakes and the Platte river.

Speed and convenience are what I like about the design. It takes about five minutes to set up using the hand pump. Inflated to 9-10PSI it is very rigid and fast. Due to the narrow beam it feels a little tippy but there is plenty of paddle clearance. Because of the way the floor meets the sides and the plastic inserts in the bow and stern it is dificult to get completely dry. The material on keel/ bottom is very tough and has held up to semi-submerged sharp metal fencepost scrapes, rocks and pointy sticks without damage. I started with using the skeg but after several trips I now leave it off, the difference in tracking is minor but the improved draft and manuverability are great. This boat is not rated for any kind of whitewater and has no self bailing capability, when the wind waves get more than a foot or so I get some water over the bow when paddling into or quartering the waves. I have regularrly paddled in 10-15 knot winds with only minor effects on tracking. I am 6ft 245lbs and I max out the boats 250lb capacity. I like the boat and would recomend it for intermediate paddlers on smooth waters.

This is a very strait tracking boat. I am 240 lbs and this boat carries me with stability. The trade off is that it does not turn as well as most of the other kayaks I have used. Happy with purchase!

I have had this Kayak since May 2013. The first time out I managed to get it wrapped around a tree but was able to extricate it without damage. I have had about 10 trips down the Stanislaus river since then and it has been holding up well.

It takes about 10 minutes to inflate and is easy to portage inflated or deflated. A very stable platform with plenty of room for storage. I usually keep it in the trunk of my car for spur-of-the-moment excursions as time allows. I usually paddle it solo but for trips of 5 or six hours it is comfortable for two.