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Pungo 100 Description

Great things come in a small package, this easy-to-manage kayak for smaller paddlers is packed with performance that's ideal for both fledgling and advanced users.

Pungo 100 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Wilderness Systems
Pungo 100 Reviews

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I own and old 10ft pungo and…

Submitted by: paddler1567683 on 6/18/2021

I own and old 10ft pungo and the (newer version without dash, with the plastic back hatch). I made a sail for both yaks, outriggers, trolling motors, I put many miles on themevery day I go out. I have 1 in Florida, and 1 in Central NY state. The first thing to break on both yaks was the lifting straps, then the nice seat starts to fray on the edges after 6 seasons. To fix the straps just run new cord thru the rubber handle and use the bolts to fasten eyes put on the ends of new cord.


Absolutely love my line…

Submitted by: paddler1469616 on 6/3/2021

Absolutely love my line green Pungo 100. It moves so smoothly through the water since it has a slight V Hull. It's light weight makes it easy for a senior to lift . I haven't ridden in any other kayak that compares to my sweet limey yak!


A great boat for paddling on…

Submitted by: monroelaw on 7/25/2020
A great boat for paddling on Lake Champlain where the conditions can go from glass to chop in a hurry.

Great, light-weight kayak…

Submitted by: brquinn on 6/7/2018

Great, light-weight kayak that is good on lakes and slow moving water. Overall, it handles well and is easy to turn. I think the Pungo 100 is a little small for people over 6 ft tall. That is my only complaint with it. The adjustable backrest is a nice feature.


We have 5 of these kayaks…

Submitted by: joamazeme on 5/30/2018

We have 5 of these kayaks and we LOVE them. They have proved to be very versatile. I can stand up in mine without tipping over. In fact, I've never been able to tip mine over. I've filled it with water trying but couldn't even fall out. They've been used by a variety of people from children to large adults. Even those who were technically over the rated weight limit found them to be maneuverable and comfortable. The best feature is by far the highly adjustable seat. The ability to raise and lower the back as well as adjust the back angle give the Wilderness boats a huge advantage over other fixed seat boats. The biggest drawback is the weight. A 10' boat weighs in at 48 lbs, which isn't bad but I'd recommend getting the model without a drywell (unless you absolutely need it) since it adds even more weight. Overall, this is an excellent choice for price, durability, comfort, and stability. I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a flat water, family friendly, all around kayak.


There are so many makes,…

Submitted by: meatguy on 4/27/2016
There are so many makes, models, designs & options of kayaks that it was difficult to choose which one to purchase as my first kayak. Prior to this, I had only rented or borrowed one. I decided on a WS Pungo 100 and so far, am completely satisfied. I live a mile from a lake, which is my primary spot to go although I am planning a river trip soon. This boat is stable, easy to maneuver and reasonably fast. Being only a 10-footer, it is easy to transport on top of my car too. No complaints whatsoever.

This is a perfect boat for…

Submitted by: paddler236684 on 4/1/2016
This is a perfect boat for flat water and easy rivers, including multi-day trips. I'm female, 5'4, 120lbs and often go on solo trips, so I needed a boat I could load onto my car and portage by myself. It's light enough and a good size so I don't have any issues handling it, even for longer portages.

It's an entry level boat but I could carry all of my camping equipment and food etc for 5 days without having to strap anything to the bungees on top. Very stable, tracks well, and can handle a bit of turbulence (but I recommend a skirt for open water/anything over class I). Definitely a great boat for the price.


Great kayak for anyone... My…

Submitted by: noahkalan on 9/8/2015
Great kayak for anyone... My 12 year old son had no problems during a 12 mile paddle in North Carolina. Did great in rapid and slow water. I highly recommend this for anyone.

For a rec boat, this one…

Submitted by: Medlifer on 7/8/2015
For a rec boat, this one still has enough of an aggressive design to be faster than most. However, it still has the stability and room of a recreational boat. It's worked great on the slow moving rivers and coastal waters of NC. The plastic is thick enough to withstand some abuse, and the weight is about average. WS boats are typically built pretty well, though I have noticed they are beginning to use thinner (cheaper?) plastics. I gave it a seven because I am not a huge fan of rec boats, and personally have a hard time giving it a higher score. Still, for the average entry level kayaker, it would be a very good and stable boat.

A local outfitter sells his…

Submitted by: paddler236073 on 12/4/2014
A local outfitter sells his rentals at the end of the year at reasonable discounts. After viewing about 4-6 online, I picked 2 to take for a test ride and the Pungo 100 was not one of them. Neither my wife nor I liked the 2 I picked and after riding in the Pungo chose it for a 2 mile ride. Needless to say we bought 2 Pungos. It had the biggest cockpit of the 10'ers, tracked & rode nicely, very well made & had a great seat. Plus we found vests that go to the bottom of the shoulder blade & now we can sit in these very comfortably for a long period of time. I would recommend these to my friends.

I've had my Pungo 100 for…

Submitted by: paddler236070 on 12/3/2014
I've had my Pungo 100 for about 8 years and have no plans to replace it; it's a great rec boat! I've had it on calm lakes and rivers with Class III rapids (I prefer to keep it at 3 or below). Very stable boat with comfortable cockpit. I also opted for the removable dashboard for longer trips. The only downside is the weight; it's 47 pounds and a bit unwieldy to carry.
All in all, I would recommend to anyone.

I have had my Pungo 100 for…

Submitted by: Bugbontrager on 8/17/2014
I have had my Pungo 100 for couple of months. I just love it. Gives me plenty of room to sit. And feels like you could stand in it while in water. But I won't try that.

My first kayak and I love it!…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/28/2014
My first kayak and I love it! Bought it used for $275 w/paddle & PFD. Sits low in water, easy to get in and out.

The Pungo is the most…

Submitted by: joamazeme on 7/26/2013
The Pungo is the most impressive recreational kayak I've ever paddled. It is responsive and stable with a large cockpit. The highlight is the AirPro Seating system. Your back will love it! The best kayak you'll ever find at a price that fits your budget. The only downside is the weight. 47lbs of polyethylene makes it a bit cumbersome for small folks like me to carry alone, but is still a great value. I highly recommend the Wilderness System Pungo 100 for beginners or advanced paddlers. You'll fall in love with the water all over again!

When I was introduced to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2013
When I was introduced to kayaking three years ago, it was instant love. It put together two of my favorite things: outdoors and water. My first kayak purchase was a Wilderness Pungo 100. The reason for a ten foot was because I can get it INSIDE my Toyota Prius for easy loading and unloading. It is very comfortable, great maneuverability and tracking, to say nothing about awesome stability. I've had it on Lake Superior and been completely comfortable. I might add, I am not a swimmer. The greatest compliment I can give the Pungo kayak is that more than half of the people I have introduced to kayaking, have purchased the Pungo 100 or 120. And, in some cases, their friends or family have then also purchased a Pungo!

I was deciding what boat to…

Submitted by: trvlrerik on 9/18/2012
I was deciding what boat to trade or sell to make more room in the garage so I took the Pungo out for a spin. (It is the only sub 14' boat in the fleet). I went out on a flatwater creek and a small lake. The Pungo does what it is designed to do well. I have kept it around for a boat that anybody can paddle, it does that quite well, from 100lb. kids to 220lb adults can make the boat work. Yes, it does "plow" water in waves and when attempting to move at its top speed, and the huge cockpit is not skirt friendly, so you will get a little wet. This is a rec boat, in my opinion it is a good rec boat so it will remain in the garage.

My boyfriend bought a kayak…

Submitted by: paddler234675 on 7/23/2012
My boyfriend bought a kayak package on sale at Costco, which got me thinking about trying the sport out. I got the chance to try out some larger touring kayaks this year on a vacation and decided I needed to do some research before I purchased. For myself, I am not a thrill seeker nor do I intend to venture out on choppy ocean waters so I knew I needed something that had stability, a comfortable seat, storage space and the ability to perform well on lakes, slow moving rivers and the occasional sheltered ocean bay. After months of research time and time again my search kept leading me back to the Pungo family of kayaks by Wilderness Systems. I lucked out and bought a brand new 2007 Pungo 100 off an older gentleman on Craigslist who'd bought it right before suffering a stroke and had it sitting in his basement for the past 4 years. I picked it up for half of what I'd pay for it at the store (it came with a bunch of other stuff price tags still attached). When I took it out on the water the first time it was instant love. I felt so comfortable in it (the seat is amazingly adjustable and the foot pegs are so easy to adjust even when in the water). I didn't once feel unstable, even when the water started to get really choppy due to the wind. I found it incredibly easy to manouvre and my boyfriend and I swapped kayaks to try eachothers out and although his was nice, I was happy to get back into mine. I find this kayak sits low in the water compared to some other kayaks, but that doesn't bother me, just something to consider if that bothers you. Plenty of room in the cockpit I'm going to try to put my 70lb labrador in with me and see how it goes. Definitely recommend this to anyone new to the sport that wants a stable and comfortable boat. I should also mention it is light enough that I can lift it by myself (I'm female, 5'8" 130lb)

This Kayak is excellent for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/1/2011
This Kayak is excellent for the beginner. The only complaint that I have is that the skirt that was provided was quite insufficient for bodies of water that are subject to whitecaps. The bow plows through waves splashing water over the whole front of the kayak. I would recommend this be used in less than choppy water, other than that it seemed to be great. Oh, I should mention that the seat was surprisingly comfortable.

I am very disappointed with…

Submitted by: paddler233862 on 11/11/2010
I am very disappointed with the Pungo 100. I've had it for 3 years and only used 8 times a year or so. It is a nice kayak to sit in, the seat is great and its' stable and considering it's only 10 ft it tracks pretty well. But I had a defect in the keel (a slight bubble) and it cracked and cause a large hole in the keel. I contacted Wilderness Systems and they say it is caused by using the boat in ponds or rivers that are rocky! Anybody else use their boat in waters that have rocks in them? how insulting. I sent pix to them showing the bubble and they have ignored all my emails to resolve this. BEWARE OF ANY WARRANTY ISSUES YOU HAVE WITH THIS COMPANY. They blamed it on "wear and tear" even though I supplied clear photos of a defect in the keel. I would never buy this product again.

I recently bought a used 2007…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/2/2008
I recently bought a used 2007 version of this kayak to supplement out overtaxed load capacity of my whole family in our one canoe. What a good investement! Everyone in the family loved using the boat on our recent camping trip on a mountain lake. The learning curve is ZERO.

I initially thought the kayak would be used by my ten year old son while myself, wife and his 6 year old brother were in the canoe. The ten year old did fine, paddling 2 hours + on a river trip. His 6 year old brother could easily handle paddling this boat for 40 minutes at a time. In short, both my sons loved the boat for its FUN component.If you are thinking about this boats suitability for children...you can't go wrong. I have also done some solo river paddling including a 4 mile trip upriver against a slow moving current.

This boat handles fine... fast enough, stable, roomy. The seat is comfortable but after the fourth hour my butt is a little sore. Since I have nothing to compare this to, I don't know if there is a sitting limit in most kayak seats. I like the hatch on the Pungo and it certainly can carry your lunch, extra jacket,and some other stuff and does keep it dry! I think that any first time kayaker ( like all the folks in my family) will find the Pungo 100 more fun than they could have imagined!


My husband and I bought…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2008
My husband and I bought matching (except for color) Pungo 100s last December. We didn't demo them first, so weren't entirely sure what to expect, but we bought them because they were recommended by the store owner based on our needs, and they were on sale.

Our first time out on the water in them was not a disappointment. They are incredibly stable on flat, slow water, and are speedy enough for us. We have only used them on small lakes so far, but might try them on a slow river sometime. We are very happy with the way they feel, track and handle, and especially love the Phase 3 seating. My back is finicky about how I sit, but I find the seat extremely comfortable.

Our Pungos came with plastic "dashboards" that bungee around the outside of the cockpit, and while the concept is great (extra storage, another beverage holder, would keep spray out to a certain extent), we never use them because they severely restrict entry/exit from the boat. No biggie, though.

Personally, I find the fit to be fine (5'6", 170 lbs), and love the adjustable foot pegs, but my husband, who's about 2-3" taller than me, can't comfortably bend his legs and use the foot pegs, even at the longest extension. Also, we find the rear hatch to be cumbersome to open and close, so we haven't used it yet.

Overall, though, we find these to be great yaks for beginners such as ourselves, and they are great for leisurely paddles (I would even consider just floating for a few hours on end while reading a book), which is our primary objective at this point. A very worthwhile investment.


This is my first kayak and I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/7/2007
This is my first kayak and I love the Pungo 100. Very easy to maneuver even in choppy water. I fish and do photographer from it and have no complaints.

I wanted a kayak that would…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/30/2007
I wanted a kayak that would be a pleasure to operate on mainly flat water. I test drove the Pamlico 12 ft which felt way too big and cumbersome. The other one I tried was the Perception Prodigy 100. I was initially going to buy this one because its price was very attractive but when I tried it on the water I found that I felt like I was floating in a bubble on top of the water. I felt like I had to constantly move my hips back and forth to keep balance. I tried tipping it and of course it didn't tip but it felt like it was too high in the water. The one I went with was the Pungo 100 because it sat nicely in the water--felt very stable and just felt right. Even though I spent an extra $200 or so, it was worth it because it feels so good on the water.

I've had the oppurtunity to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/16/2006
I've had the oppurtunity to try a variety of kayaks; none of them with more ease of use or comfort than my Pungo 100. It's amazingly stable and tracks very well. The stability come form its width, which means it moves a little slow. The Phase 3 seat, however, is very comfortable.

This was my first boat. I was…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/26/2006
This was my first boat. I was timid going into the sport and wanted a very stable boat (it is), easy to carry (small enough to put in the back of my pickup), some dry storage for long day trips and ok let's be honest, a pretty color (mystic blue)! It was stable to fish from, handled well in chop and tracked amazingly well. There is plenty of room in the cockpit for water bottles, binoculars, jacket etc. If this is enough for you and you are a smaller sized paddler then this maY be the boat for you. I began to get more serious about the sport and was soon to upgrade to something sleeker and faster. This last summer I put this in a river.The Pungo does not handle anything but deep, slow moving rivers well. The brochure says this but it didn't register until I took it in a shallow river with class 2+ rapids - not a good idea. The hull isn't shaped right and won't maneuver well in fast current when you need to control the boat. Cons: the closed cell foam insert they put up front is hokey, doesn't fit well and mine fell out and is now lost. Also they sealed the rear hatch area but didn't move the drain hole. So the drain hole only provides drainage to the small rear hatch area and not where it is needed. (2005 model)

I finally broke down and…

Submitted by: JamesCherry on 7/13/2006
I finally broke down and bought a kayak. In fact I bought two. One was a Dagger Echo 14.0 and the second was the WS Generation 2 Pungo 100. The DAgger floats smooth and straight plus, has a lot of room for my gear. The redesigned Pungo 100 tracks straight, turns great and generally responds very well. With the new hull shape doing a leaning turn is easy. However, the best part is the Phase 3 seat. All I can say is WoW! I can get twice the water time in the Pungo than the Echo due to that super seat. I highly suggest checking out the WS Phase 3 seat in the newly redesigned Pungo line.

Solid stable kayak with…

Submitted by: SlidesGal on 10/30/2005
Solid stable kayak with plenty of space to carry stuff. I'm an intermediate, this is a beginners boat, but great for introducing friends and for hauling loads, does well paddling upstream in a light current, paddling against wind (get a skirt for spray or you will get wet). Seat is WAY comfortable. At 40 lbs, easily handled by a smaller woman (like me) by herself.

First kayaks. Very…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/9/2005
First kayaks. Very comfortable. Easy to load onto my van roof. Tracks just fine. Very stable. Great value for our flat water kayaking. Recommend it highly.

Update on my earlier review.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/19/2004
Update on my earlier review. I have had my Pungo a year now. Cons - the plastic does seem to scratch up easily, but hull is thick enough to not seem a threat. Speed - I can cruise all day at 3.5 MPH, push it hard to 4.5, then the wall is there (I weigh 170). Pro - Very comfortable, especially if you are paddling, floating, fishing, paddling, etc. Holds a line really well for a 10 foot boat. I added a flush rod holder and more decking bungees. Very good initial stability - you have to tip over on purpose.

Secondary stability is more difficult - first, you ARE NOT locked in, the cockpit is so large that you have minimal contact with it.

Definitely need a spray skirt - at least the mini. The full skirt will keep you dry in the rain and under major waves - but you have a 50/50 chance of it staying on if you roll over (I have the basic nylon full skirt - too much cockpit to cover).

But - this is the perfect small kayak for fishing, knocking around, and FUN. Kids and adults love it for a first time ride.


Recreational kayak for one…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/8/2004
Recreational kayak for one person, light and easy to load.

I have a pungo and i can say…

Submitted by: paddler230744 on 8/16/2004
I have a pungo and i can say for the money it cant be beat it is very stable and as long as you dont want to break any speed records it is great all but the fact it scrathes very easy and the hatch cover is in is hard to close. I do enjoy the large cock pit I have room for my self and take my dog along for a ride.if wilderness systems ever find the need to up grade I hope it is some kind of scuff proof keal cover.

Good starter boat that is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/13/2004
Good starter boat that is stable and tracks well. Although you won't be breaking speed records, I recently found I was able to keep up with two tandem Seaward kayaks on my nearby lake without too much sweat. When I bought my Pungo, I had to paddle it home from the demo and found myself in very rough and windy conditions. Yes, it does take on a fair amount of water from the bow but I never felt unsafe and made it home easily, if a bit tired. Best of all, it's short enough to store easily. Also, I use a cart to transport it to a nearby creek, about 5 blocks from my house. I feel I made a good choice for a first boat and find it great for practicing my strokes and gaining experience.

The Pungo is an acceptable…

Submitted by: paddler230642 on 6/22/2004
The Pungo is an acceptable family/beginnner boat. When I paddle in it, I feel I am in a boat rather that feeling like the boat is part of me. - Not as responsive, + is nice seat. Hull is easily scratched compared to our other kayaks. Hatch is difficult to close properly. Its an ok boat, but our other boats out run and out preform it.

I purchased my Pungo at East…

Submitted by: Burrfish on 4/30/2004
I purchased my Pungo at East Coast Canoe and Kayak Symposium after demoing a number of other boats. My criteria were 1) had to fit in my small apartment, 2) be a reasonable paddle for my size 6 ft 200 lbs, and 3)be roomy enough to fish with. The Pungo best met my criteria.

I was somewhat afraid of a short boat since most of my paddling experience came as a guide using much longer boats (that I didn't have to store). The Pungo won't set speed records but its great for small marsh creeks. I've paddled it in some pretty good chop and it perorms fairly well but you will get wet. At no time did I think I was in any danger of dumping. The stability is a major plus and I like the addition of the bulkhead in the rear of the boat.

Boat is extremely comfortable. If I have a complaint it is pretty picky and that is I would like a little more deck rigging (I'll add my own later) since I'll use it for fishing. Otherwise a solid little boat for having fun in the marsh.


Fabulous kayak! I just…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/19/2004
Fabulous kayak! I just purchased the Pungo 100 on 4/14/04 after first considering the Old Towne series. However, this Pungo has a fabulous seat system. Being a first time kayaker, I had no problems getting into the boat, stearing, or paddling. Being 5'8'', 145 lbs, and female, I have no problems putting it on my Suzuki alone (using Yakima Lowriders and bars). I especially love how roomy the cockpit is! I went out on the river near me and absolutely love it. I will be getting more accessories to supplement my kayaking desire!!!

Bought a Pungo 100 recently…

Submitted by: driddle on 3/22/2004
Bought a Pungo 100 recently and took it for a weekend outing to Smith Mountain Lake in Virginia. We also took a Riot Stealth. First day out the wind was calm and the water flat. The Pungo clearly was a bit plodding compared to the longer (12.5 ft) Stealth, but the primary stability was great and it was very easy for adults or kids to hop into the big cockpit and paddle away. The Pungo seemed to want to track to the right, however, requiring frequent correction. That may have just been poor technique by novice paddlers, but two adults noticed the same tendency in the Pungo and neither had any problem in the Stealth. On the second day out the wind was up and the water was choppy. On that day the Pungo clearly was not much fun, really being pushed around by wind and waves. With the short length and large cockpit we also were getting quite a bit of bow splash into the Pungo. Perhaps not surprisingly, given its length, width and hull design, the Pungo just did not seem to be the boat for the more challenging conditions. Bottom line, there is a lot to like about the Pungo as a first kayak, particularly if you don't mind working a bit harder, going a bit slower, and limiting your paddling to calm water. After paddling it in a bit of wind and swell, however, we decided to exchange the Pungo for another Stealth.

Got my Pungo beginning of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/18/2004
Got my Pungo beginning of March. My criteria was I had to fit it in my enclosed trailer (with all my windsurfing gear) - so had to be 11 feet or shorter. The Pungo is VERY comfortable - seating and stability make you want to stay in the boat. My GPS says I go 3.7 MPH with smooth curising stroke, and top out close to 5 MPH if I beat up the water. Enough speed to get back up river in current. The boat tracks well - so even if your stroke is not technically sound you can hold a line. Turning is improved with leaning. My biggest criticism would be that even small wind driven waves are coming in the cockpit - a spray skirt (even the mini-skirt) is a good idea. I added bungie cord to secure the rear hatch. Doesn't have the effortless curise and glide of a sea kayak - but it is so comfortable and easy to use. Great family boat for a wide variety and size of user.

Excellent boat for the…

Submitted by: paddler229867 on 3/17/2004
Excellent boat for the beginner or varied recreationalists. I would have to ditto everything Mr. Hughes said in his review. This boat makes for a terrific all around kayak. My wife and I had no experience at all, and we purchased them in Fall of '04, we could stay off the water. Every weekend we raced out to go explore some new lake. It's fantastic where these boats will fit in to. We pile them on to our car (2003 Hyundai Elantra) using a Yakima rack and two sets of Yakima Hull Raisers. a great way to go!

This has to be one of the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/30/2004
This has to be one of the best little kayaks out there. I had a 14 foot Old Town canoe before buying the Pungo and this thing is much better in every way! More stable, FASTER, much more manuverable. I live on a lake and also have a 19 foot pontoon boat for the family but when I want to get a quick fish in I grab the Pungo. I routinely take my 3 year old daughter out cruising and fishing in it and we have more than enough room. I have rigged mine for fishing and it is perfect for our 230 acre lake. I thought it might be a little hard to paddle in the wind and current but it cuts thru smoothly and without having to struggle. Highly recommended.

Purchased my Pungo 100 after…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/29/2003
Purchased my Pungo 100 after a lot of research of other similiar type boats. The overall quality construction and Phase 3 seating really made this boat stand out over all others in its class.

Initial and secondary stability was excellent. Tracking is great and winds have litte effect. Boat is a flat bottom multi-chine design for use primarily in Lakes and mild streams/rivers. I have taken out in the Puget Sound and it does just fine as long as the water is mild. Would definitely stay close to shore and use a spray skirt!

I am 6'0" and 190 lbs and have no problem fitting into this boat. The seat has numerous adjustments for comfort and actually reclines too! For its purpose as a small and stable, mild water boat at a reasonable price, I dont think Wilderness Systems could have it designed any better than they have so I have given it a 10.


After months of research I…

Submitted by: Suzanne10 on 7/23/2003
After months of research I chose the Pungo 100 for my first boat. Although I was worried about being able to load it onto my car top myself , the dealer had me practice load a floor model onto a Yakima rack system set up in the store, using the "boatloader" accessory. worked like a charm. Also had good feedback from the paddler.net message boards. I was looking for a stable boat with roomy cockpit to take a grandchild with me, as well as a durable construction that could take a few knocks. Phase 3 seating is SO comfortable, and there's a good size hatch. Foot pegs adjust easily. for a short boat, she cruises! Even if I "move up" as they say, I'll keep my Pungo in the family! I demo'd a bunch of boats and took my time deciding; am very happy!

Did lots of research, trying…

Submitted by: paddler230231 on 7/3/2003
Did lots of research, trying to find what would be best for someone like me who likes to kayak on her own, has kayaked a few times, but didn't want to spend a fortune. Voila. The Pungo 100 is perfect for me. The pluses - Really, really comfortable seat, lots of storage space in the hatch, extremely stable. The minuses - not the world's fastest boat (but then again, I'm not looking to race anyone) and just wish it was a wee bit lighter. I'm going to get a kayak cart to help me lug it across the sand! Overall, great for a beginner like me.

My wife and I were looking…

Submitted by: paddler230174 on 6/9/2003
My wife and I were looking for an entry level kayak to get us into the sport. We weren't looking to hop into white-water right away, and live right next to a lake, with slow-moving rivers and creeks throughout the area. After a great deal of comparison shopping we chose the Pungo 100 because of the Phase 3 seating (I have lower back problems) and the fact that it looked like it struck a good balance between weight, tracking, and handling. After using them for about 4 months now, I have to say that we both love these boats. We just got in them and started paddling, and have used them in a fairly wide variety of conditions already. They track well, turn quickly when necessary, and are extremely stable, even in heavy swells and waves. The seating is fantastic, and my wife can even put hers on top of our van by herself if she wants to do some solo paddling. The only weakness I can detect so far is than on a river, the current can sometimes grab the rear rudder and slew the boat around if you're not careful to protect against it. Otherwise, they're awesome!

I have been looking for a…

Submitted by: paddler230115 on 5/12/2003
I have been looking for a short kayak I could put on the back of my SeaRay 27 so I could fish and mess around when we take the SeaRay out and anchor. After looking at almost everything, I purchased a Pungo 10. It is the perfect size and weight which allows me to pick it up and put it on my SeaRay. The Phase 3 seat is very comfortable and the quality of the kayak is better than others I looked at in this size and price range.

I took my 8 year old daughter with me to buy the kayak and she decided it was for her rather than for me. When we got home and put it in the water, she took it out first and I was amazed how well she could paddle it. I have found it to be a nice boat, it tracks well, and is about as fast as you can expect for a 10 footer.

I have the feeling I'm going to be buying another one as the first one now goes by the name "Girls Express", fortunately, I already measured and I can put 2 of them on the SeaRay if I stack them sideways.

This is a fun little boat, I wouldn't recommend it for long, overnight trips, but for just getting in and having fun, it is great. We use it on a S.W. Florida bay to tour the mangroves or go out to watch dolphins and sunsets.