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Name: meatguy

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I purchased my first kayak last summer. Prior to that, I had only rented or borrowed one. I never paid much attention to the paddles I used with them. I needed to decide on what paddles to use with my new kayak and these are what I chose. The longest outing I've done so far is about 3+ hours. My arms & hands haven't been the least bit fatigued using these paddles. They are very light, easy to grip and power me along in the water just fine. They are far superior to anything I had ever used before. Would highly recommend them.

There are so many makes, models, designs & options of kayaks that it was difficult to choose which one to purchase as my first kayak. Prior to this, I had only rented or borrowed one. I decided on a WS Pungo 100 and so far, am completely satisfied. I live a mile from a lake, which is my primary spot to go although I am planning a river trip soon. This boat is stable, easy to maneuver and reasonably fast. Being only a 10-footer, it is easy to transport on top of my car too. No complaints whatsoever.

I looked at several brands of PFD's for kayaking. I wanted one with sufficient pockets, a zippered front, and was comfortable. I decided on the MTI Voyager and have no regrets. It has everything I wanted and was reasonably priced. Used it last weekend for the first time for about 3 hours and never knew I had it on. Very happy with it.